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Star Wars: Uprising by Kabam

Below you’ll find Part 2 of tips, tricks and cheats for the App Star Wars: Uprising for Android and iOS. Because this game is a Free2Play game, it makes sense to acquire some tips to progress as quickly and good as possible.

In our preview we had already presented Star Wars: Uprising in detail. So we had already described that you always have a limited moves in the game and thus the gameplay is limited. You can find Part 1 of our Star Wars: Uprising Guide here, where we presented notes for the first few levels and how gear works in the game.

Star Wars: Uprising Guide Part 2 – How you should level your Character

From levels 1-20, farm Burnin Konn. Get all of the bodyguard items in the white and green drop sets, and upgrade them to at least the next tier. Feel free to move on to the Mataou storyline while doing this but steer clear of Hoth for the time being. Credits aren’t really hard to come by in this stage, your main resource trouble will probably be crystals, but if you are running assault missions you should eventually start getting duplicate gear.
Upgrade the basic “street punk” set to max, then just start salvaging them (at gray, white, or green, whatever you choose and/or need) for more crystals. Make sure your bodyguard armor is up to par, and then move on to Hoth. Start farming Mataou, make sure you get the blaster. Upgrade the Hutt Guard set here, and don’t move on to Anoat until you have the Weathered and Stock Enforcer sets completed. Take some time, farm the repeatables for desh, sell the desh if you need credits. Don’t move on to Anoat, though, until you have a full set of blue Enforcer gear and a DL20A Assault Rifle. After this it’s up to you whether you want to farm Hoth for Smuggler gear (a lot of people say it “looks” the best) or keep upgrading your Enforcer gear. As long as you have a couple of purples you should be hitting your tier 3 mission rewards in your story (level up if you’re close, it’s worth it to hold off on story missions so you get better loot). Smuggler gear will increase your player rating.


Upgrade the right gear sets in Star Wars: Uprising

What should you pick?

Our personal recommendation? Bodyguard – Enforcer – Guerrilla. Just skip Smuggler unless you want the blueprint unlock for your character. We just use the survivalist blueprint because we think it looks cool, but it’s up to you. If you’re hitting tier 3 rewards in your story missions you’ll get blue, 4 star Guerrilla drops and should have a full set by the time the storyline is over. You can then focus on Anoat assault missions for the crystals to upgrade these to purple and have a full Guerrilla set before moving on to the final level 40 story missions!

Armor Types

Smuggler set is not about Utility, even though it has a lot of it. Every armor type (and weapon) has 3 more percentage-based stats that are not improved by levelling up (but are improved by upgrading), and Smuggler set has very good combination of Attack Speed, Critical Chance and Critical Damage (the only set with all 3 extra stats devoted to Offense).
Your overall damage with Smuggler set will be higher than with Guerilla set, even though its Attack value is lower unless you fight heavily armored enemies. This is especially true if you use a pistol (high Attack Speed already) and Holdout Blaster Rank 2+ (increased Critical Chance) – all your gear synergies, and extra Utility helps regenerating your energy to use Holdout even more often. Guerilla set is better used with Rifles, increasing the overall Armor Penetration. It is also more defense-oriented set than Smuggler, but not as lacking offense as Bodyguard. It’s a really balanced set, useful always, and having high PR helps when levelling (though is rather useless at end game).


Armor Types and Weapons are very important in Star Wars: Uprising

It will take some time

Will this take a bit longer to level up? Absolutely. But what rush do you have? We’ll explain a bit below why this is the correct path, but just don’t be in a rush to finish the storyline. Think of any MMO – it usually takes months to reach max level. Following this path it may take you, what? Two weeks? Maybe three? Just be patient. You’ll have a large part of your armory unlocked, you’ll have the best tier set in the game, and most importantly – your crew won’t be behind. One important thing to note: if you don’t have a “Basic” (blue dropped) DL20A Assault Rifle, go back to Mataou and get it. You’ll want to be able to upgrade this to Orange eventually. Weapons provide the largest PR for your character, and are harder and a bit different to upgrade, as you can’t “reliably” get agrocite crystals from anything except Bespin (which drops utility weapons exclusively, no armor), so you want to start this process as early as humanly possible.

Why you should do this

Okay, so on our first character we took a similar approach. However, we skipped bodyguard, used the crane for hopeful grabs and obtained a purple enforcer backpack item. This was actually a helpful grab, but the other grabs we had were mostly green, and some were things like Smuggler. Why is this bad? Because you can’t reliably farm the crystals needed to upgrade these items further until you’ve finished that planet’s storyline! You’ll be stuck with green smuggler headgear while your Bodyguard chest is blue, and your enforcer gloves are blue, but your guerrilla legs are likewise max green until Anoat. Here’s the thing, most people are lazy, and when you aren’t thinking strategically, laziness can easily take over without you noticing it. You’ll see a Weathered Enforcer Legs and think to yourself, “This only upgrades to blue while my Guerrilla legs upgrade to purple, so I won’t wear these.” Then you won’t upgrade them. Then you’ll miss out on Enforcer blueprints.
Then your crew gets behind, so your crew missions will be rewarding you with level 2 crystals when you need level 4, or whatever. Circumvent your laziness by not using the crane. Will you miss out on potentially great grabs? Yes. However in over 20 uses of the crane we have received 1 purple item, 0 blue items, and about 12 green items, the rest were crew members, all green. That was 2400 chromium I could have used on sector battles to hopefully obtain some awesome trooper gear or something.

Another reason this is bad is you’ll have different gear from all planets, meaning you have to farm all the planets to upgrade this gear. If, instead, you have all enforcer gear, you know you need to run assaults on Mataou and it benefits every set piece you have!

Resist the temptation to “move on” with the story, and resist that crane. It’s a trap! Use the crane if you wish, it’s not going to absolutely ruin your experience, but it’s deceptively crippling, be aware of that.

How to Catch Up if You’re Crew is behind

So this section is likely why most of you are here. You’ve gone through the game, hit level 20, and all of a sudden you feel like you are very behind. You might have a blue piece of gear or even a purple from the crane, all your green gear is maxed, and you may even have some white gear. You read the above and are thinking “but I keep leveling up and it keeps getting harder and harder to obtain good gear, and I don’t have the crystals to upgrade my current gear.” Fret not. The journey will be a bit harder than if you had just created good habits from the beginning, but you can make it back.

Here’s what you do

First, stop doing story missions. Do not progress these at all. The reason why will become clear. Second, look at your gear, and look at your armory. Is your gear a mish-mash of 3 or 4 different planets? Yes? Okay let’s take some steps to change that. Would it be feasible to get the blueprints for bodyguard so you can upgrade a few crew members? If you’re only missing, say, the “backpack” item for the blueprint, farm Burnin Konn (at that item drop level, so if you need to downplay your assaults to obtain the weathered bodyguard gear, do so) for it.
Are you instead missing like 3 items with nothing maxed or upgraded? Okay, sad day, let’s move on to step two. Getting your blueprints up for your crew is essential to success. If your crew gets behind you will be tempted to keep running assaults at higher tiers to upgrade your personal gear (By way of example: our Tryken is still a max white character because we are missing two or three items from the Bodyguard set, and like mentioned above, we are working on getting our orange gear so we can never justify downplaying Burnin Konn to get the blueprint!), but if you can’t reasonably do it there’s nothing for it, and crew runs aren’t as important as keeping your gear current.


Stop doing mission, if you’re behind with your cream.

Next Step

Start farming for Enforcer gear, run assaults until all you have is Enforcer everything (unless you have a max Hoth or Anoat item and can reliable farm crystals for it), with a DL20A assault rifle (We can’t stress this enough – swords are fun, and maybe upgrade one for your off-spec, but for PR purposes make sure you have a DL20A), keep running assaults until all of this gear is blue, keep running repeatables until it’s all maxed.
Now move on to story missions, you should be hitting tier 3 rewards, especially because, since you likely took a 3 or 4 day hiatus from story missions, your level will be like 5 or 6 higher than the story mission itself. Tier 3 will start rewarding “blue” gear (the highest dropping gear at the moment), which you can then start salvaging to obtain crystals (and selling these crystals, if say, you’re on Hoth and don’t care about smuggler gear) if you don’t plan on using this gear, or if you are planning on using it (say you’re on the Anoat storyline), then you can start salvaging the duplicates to get your Guerrilla gear to Purple. Always salvage gear you don’t plan on using at all, never sell it.
The crystals themselves sell for much more than the gear does. If you can reasonably upgrade that gear to the next level for needed crystals, do that instead. As mentioned above it’s cheaper to level up a piece of gear to purple and salvage it, than it is to salvage it at blue and upgrade those crystals to purple. However say you only need one more agrocite crystal for your weapon, it might be a better idea to salvage the blues because if you spend crystals to upgrade your weapon and it drops you an aurodium crystal instead, you might start seeing red. Agrocite, in our experience, drops about 1/3 of the time, so it’s more worthwhile to upgrade the crystals, even if you have a plethora of aurodium or whatever to use.

More tips and tricks

Do you know more tricks in this role-playing game, to progress more quickly? Then post your Star Wars: Uprising tips and tricks simply in the comments. We will then steadily expand this guide. Don’t forget to visit our first part of this guide series for Star Wars: Uprising.

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