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Jurassic World by Ludia Inc.

Today we present you a Quest Guide for Jurassic World, so if you just started the game and you don’t want to do the any mistakes, this is the best for guide for you. We kept track of quests since we don’t think there is a list out there that explains them.We started grouping the quest by episode. The quest guide is obviously incomplete, so if you want to keep track of missing episodes and post them, we’ll add them in the future. We’ll update as we level, but here is a start for the Jurassic World – Quest Guide.

Quest Guide – Jurassic World

Level 5-15

Hatch dinosaur (carnivore?) Place 2 dino 1000 coin from coffee shop Place generator Have. A bird 15 or higher Collect from building with 4% bonus and dino w/3%. Level up 2 different dinos Place a newly hatched dino. Have a dino 21+ level. Feed herbivore 10 times. Place another power gen and collect 40,000 from dinos. Move 3 carnivores and move carnivore by herbivore. Have 2 dinos 25+. Place velociraptor statue and feed carnivore 7 times.

Episode 8, Level 15

Have 5 carnivore 11+. Have 10 decorations and move 5 dinos. Collect 3k from building, 50k from dinos, and complete battle 15. Have 5 carnivores 15+. Have triceratops 31+.

Episode 9, Level 17

Obtain card pack. Feed carnivore 10 times. Collect from bird and amphibian 10 times. Level up 5 dinos. Have 2 dinos 31+.

Episode 10

Place crown hotel and have 10 herbivores. Place velociraptor statue Collect 5k coins from carnivores with 7% + bonus and complete battle 18. Move an amber pedestal by a triple crown hotel. Have 2 hotels w/ 4% + bonus and place 2 fountains.

Episode 11, Level 20

Collect 60,000 from dinos and have 10 carnivores. Collect 50,000 food. Collect from a triple crown hotel w/ 5% + bonus. Have 15 herbivores and complete battle 20. Place a geyser.

Episode 12, Level 22

Place velociraptor statue and have 5 decorations around a dino. Collect from coffee shop w/ 8% bonus +. Move 3 velociraptor sculptures and collect 80k from dinos. Move 3 ACU security offices around triple crown hotel. Have 3 dinos level 40.

Episode 13, Level 23

Move 3 power generators, move 5 decorations around amphibians, and complete battle 23. Move 2 geysers around carnivore. Feed 4 herbivores, feed 3 amphibians with bonus of 2%, and have 25 k food. Collect from coffee shop.w/ 3% bonus and collect 40k from herbivores. Move a power generator by ACU security office and have 5 power generators.

Episode 14, Level 25

Have an amphibian with bonus of 10% + and have 3 decorations around same amphibian. Collect 5k from solar tracker and collect from carnivore w/ 16% bonus. Place a solar tracker and collect 3k from alanqa. Have 2 solar trackers around a security office, move a building beside carnotaurus, and collect 15k from buildings.

Episode 15, Level 26

Complete battle 25, have 4 decorations around herbivore and collect 100k from dinos.

Episode 28, Level 54

Have 10 birds 21+, collect 1.5 mil from birds, complete battle 51 Have 25 carnivores 11+ and collect 3 mil from carnivores 11+ Have 10 ACU security offices and collect 100k from them. Place 5 buildings and 6 decorations. Have 2 carnivores 31+ w/ a bonus of 30% and collect 2 mil from 31+ carn w/ 30% w/ bonus. Have 25 herbivores at 11+ and collect 3 mil from herbivores. Have 4 tar pits around a building and have 6, 11+ majungasaurus. Collect 50k from navigator blimp ride and 100k from power generators.

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