Beginners Guide – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival


The Walking Dead: Road to Survival by Scopely

You just started to play The Walking Dead: Road to Survival and don’t know what’s important in the game? In this Beginners Guide for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival we show you everything you need to know to be successful in the game.

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Beginners Guide – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

What should you focus your buildings on?

  • You will always, always, be short on food. Keep your farms at maximum production as you highest priority.
  • Generally it will be:
    1. Level Town Hall
    2. Level Farms
    3. Level Material Storage (to be able to upgrade town hall)
    4. Repeat
  • You will need to invest in training grounds along the way, they will be become important in farming trash to feed to your heroes
  • Workshops haven’t proved to be relevant for our level of play so far, the only item we needed to use on a regular basis was bloody

What you should spend your money on

  • Energy refresh for missions (ideally you can pick up sales or specials on the cans rather than the flat 100 gold cost)
  • Premier Epic Packs

Note: Not all these epic packs are created equal. The ones to really watch out for include a guaranteed bonus on purchase (e.g. 4* weapon or 5* toon). Additionally, the chances of pulling the ‘featured’ toon are supposedly in the 1-3% range – unless you have very deep pockets and no remorse, it’s not a good idea to keep rolling till you hit the featured guy. Some people have gone $400 before they pulled ANY 5* from these packs so buyer beware.

What you shouldn’t spend your money on

  • Epic weapon packs (you can get more than enough 4* weapons farming here later)
  • Elite Characters (you really want to take advantage of the Premier pack bonuses and specials)

Should you keep x or y character?

  • Rule of thumb is if its 5* keep it
  • Depending on how hard you whale, you’ll likely need to field a 4* squad for a while, so think twice before selling 4* you don’t know the benefits of yet

Should you feed duplicate characters to each other?

No. Later you can farm 2* heroes from your training ground which have a (small) chance to raise the AR. Given that food is an unlimited resource that you get for free, you should always sell any 3* or 4* you won’t use for Supply Depot points.

How should I use the Supply Depot?

This is one of the most efficient ways for you to gain 4* weapons, 5* characters and raid/mission refills.

You need to be level 30 to buy the last slot which is 5* character, but they do occasionally put 5* in other slots and you can buy those without needing to be 30. We haven’t seen those on sale, so be prepared to pay 55,000 points for one if you want a head start.

Do not buy trainers or 4* characters from here – they are plentiful late game and you’ll regret it when you want to buy the shiny 5*.

Note: The rotation of the 5* is locked to a small line up, Tyrese, Rick (Alert), Glenn (Alert). Morgan (Fast) and a few others we can’t recall now.

You should only buy the 5* when they are on sale, the cheapest price is 38,500 points. You can cycle the depot by paying 200 gold, which is likely a better use of your gold than trying to pull a 5* from a premier pack if you have the puppy points and level ready to go.

What stages should I spend my energy on?

In the beginning your first goal should be to get to 30, so whenever the XP roadmap comes up you want to hit that as hard as you can. You can make 4-5 levels in the mid 20’s by spamming that stage hard in one day.

Once you hit 30 you’re basically now farming for 4* weapons, most people like to do the walker stages without any traits (e.g. 12-4) but there is a longer list of stages. I’ve settled in 12-4 and haven’t bothered progressing the main story yet.

What heroes should I focus on?

There is no perfect answer for this as there are wide variety of viable team compositions. That said, we would give the following guiding principles:

  • Go for guys with low AR cost when they are maxed
  • Find synergy where you can, try to avoid stacking random guys together (e.g. use melee guys under a melee lead)

You can find the AR cost on the wiki here:

Unfortunately the site is no longer maintained well but there is a formula you can use to get to it too which we can share if you need.


What hero is the best in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival? There is no perfect answer for this.

What Weapons should I equip?

Walker stages stack +Crit items to do head shots (which ignore armour and health and kill outright)

Raiding and human stages we prefer going with AR boost weapons to get heals, nukes etc off sooner and more often.

Thanks to user ‘gauss_00’ for help creating this guide.

We hope this little beginners guide for Beginners Guide – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment.

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