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We’ve suspected that the current PTW arena meta is just a transitional phase because it’s fairly easy to get a lot of tank and support characters to Gear 9 or higher, but thanks to attackers needing more esoteric gear like droid callers and scanners they were at least temporarily forced out of the meta.

Sure enough, Gear 10 Reys are starting to show up behind Royal Guards and the attacker class is once again one shooting our beloved Rex. But Leia and Rey are special. Is there any hope for the other attackers?

Enter stage left, Luke Skywalker, who can reach gear eleven with only two fusion furnaces! Luke gives us a peek a the arena a month from now when the attacker’s armor is on par with the tanks and support, and in doing so he gives us “A New Hope” so to speak.

Here are Luke’s stats:

Luke Skywalker Review

Our Luke is maxed save for the fact that he has no omega, although we are strongly considering placing an omega on his special for speed down which would be very useful in the raid.

Luke Skywalker in the Arena

In Arena, luke fares surprisingly well when replacing Rey. Although he tends to do less damage, his stun and higher health and protection tend to give him similar DPS. Don’t misunderstand, the battles fared worse with Luke instead of Rey, but only marginally and we still pulled out auto victories. All told, if you don’t have access to Leia, Luke is a nice additional DPS to pair with Rey.

In each of the battles Luke is used once as a support position and once as a leader position. Although his leadership tenacity is nice, it is not a panacea. In almost every case, the team with Luke as a leader fared worse than with a Rex lead.

Luke Skywalker in Raids

In raids, a g11 luke is borderline A team material, and in certain teams may be A team. Given his survivability, DOT, Stun, and possible slow, as well as consistent damage on par with all other attackers, he is a solid choice for q raid team. The following is a clip from the guard (phase 1) battle. This is only a clip since we prefer not to have to worry about videos while we are doing raid. Also we may experiment on over 50% phases, but we only conclude under 50% battles since that gives the padawan members a chance to do more damage with their Yodas.

We’ve decided to stop including challenges data in these reviews since challenges are not even useful for showing comparison data at level 80. Here’s hoping CG puts in level 80 challenges geared to make them actual challenges (Yes, we are asking for a new tier of un-nerfed challenges).


Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an attacker that can boost his own Critical Rate, then disable enemies with Critical Hits

Conclusion: At present, Luke is Arena meta viable if you don’t have a Leia or Rey available. Being relatively easy to get to g11 with only two fusion furnaces, expect to see more of him for his constant damage, somewhat unreliable but useful debuffs, and overall survivability. At least until other attackers start breaking through the raid gear barrier.

In Raids, luke is a solid addition to any lineup, and his omega for speed down on his special may give him A team status. His DOTs are useful bonus damage and its always good to keep a debuff up on the rancor itself. Although relatively slow, since damage gives the rancor turn meter, this actually is somewhat of an asset to DPS since it allows for more even turn meter control on the sub heroic raids.

For the mere price of two fusion furnaces, this is definitely a worthwhile upgrade as the arena metas continue to shift and guilds work toward solid DPS for the heroic rancor.

Thanks to user The Consulars for creating this review for Luke Skywalker.

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