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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – FAQ

Q: Is it worth it to buy hero shards from regular Shipments?

A: Eh, probably not. Unless you’re within 1 or 2 of a promotion and absolutely don’t have the patience to wait out the farm. Just buy the gear items with credits to complete the daily.

Q: How is my Arena defensive team and/or leader chosen?

A: It is the team and/or leader that you last used offensively in Squad Arena. The last team that you brought.

Q: DOT damage and Thermal Detonators don’t do finishing blow damage. What gives?

A: This is a known bug and will be fixed soon.

Q: HELP! I loaded the app and all my progress is lost! It takes me back to the tutorial! What do I do?

A: Finish the tutorial, and you will be able to log into your old Google Play or Gamecenter account once you’ve finished it. Essentially, every time you lose your progress, the solution is to simply log back into Gamecenter or Google Play. Note: Make sure you log in initially when you start, so your progress gets saved.

Q: I have enough mats to upgrade this ability, but the game won’t let me upgrade it. What gives?

A: Scroll down in the required materials portion of that window. You likely are missing a higher-tiered mat for that ability.

Q: I’m switching phones, will my game information transfer to the new account?

A: Only if your new phone is the same platform. iOS > iOS or android > android. Currently, you cannot transfer account information across platform.

Q: What does promoting a hero do?

A: Promoting a hero increases their star level. Star level affects the primary stat (Strength, Agility, and Intelligence) gains per level-up of the character. So for example, if Hero A gains 1 Agility per level-up at 1*, they might get 1.5 Agility per level-up at 2* (hypothetical example). These gains are retroactively applied when you promote a leveled character. So, in my example, if Hero A is level 21 when you promote him from 1* to 2*, he would get the increased stat gain for all 20 of the levels you’ve gained with him retroactively applied on promotion, or 10 Agility, PLUS, an additional .5 agility for every future level-up.


Q: Does promoting a character after leveling them up affect their final stats?

A: No. All stat gains from promoting are retroactively applied the second you promote. There is no advantage to waiting. To add to this, there is no reason to wait to do any upgrade to a hero. The end result will always be the same. Whether it’s gear upgrades, hero level upgrades, star promotions, whatever. Order does not matter.

Q: Is there anything other than Bronzium packs to spend Social points on?

A: Not currently. Spend them all on Bronziums for now.

Q: Who is Mol Eliza and why is he everywhere?

A: Mol Eliza is the default name the game gives you if you don’t change it. It’s not the same person, it’s just any given person who didn’t set their own name.

Q: What battles should I use my sim tickets on?

A: That’s really up to you and how much time you have to play. There’s no set rule. You get quite a few of them from the daily and your refills, so just use them however works best for you. Personally, I try not to use them on any battle that I can auto in a minute or two, if time allows.

Q: I’ve pulled 1-2 (or more) 4-star heroes from Bronziums! Is this a bug?

A: No, it is not a bug despite what the description on the Bronzium says, and you are very lucky. All farmable heroes are available to be pulled from a Bronzium Pack. As best as we can tell, Premium Heroes (unfarmable heroes from Chromiums) cannot be pulled from Bronziums, but this is not confirmed.

Also, to our knowledge, 4* is the maximum you can pull from a pack.

Q: Does getting less than 3 stars at the end of a battle affect my rewards?

A: No, currently, a lower star rating does not affect the rewards gained from that mission. It will be the same if you 3* it as if you 1* it.

Q: Why do some heroes I see have different colored borders around their name?

A: The border color is based on gear level. At gear lvl II, they get a green border, at gear level IV, they get a blue border, and at gear level VII, they get a purple border.

Q: Why does a red number appear over my Characters button and/or over individual heroes when there’s nothing more I can do for them?

A: This number appears not only when you can level/promote/equip a character, but also when you can craft any component within an equippable item on a hero. This means, that even if you can only “craft” one component on a piece, but can’t finish it, this number will appear. So, you’ll either have to go through each hero piece by piece, or learn to live with that number there. You will eventually start ignoring it anyway, because at a certain point, you’ll have things you can do to the lower heroes that you never use. So it’s not a bad idea to just start getting used to that now.

Q: My achievement for allies isn’t working correctly. I cannot invite any more, but it says I only have XX allies. What do I do?

A: Go to your allies list, tap “Request Status” in the bottom right, and delete all Expired requests. This will free up slots for you to send/receive more ally requests.

Q: I’m not being awarded my GW tokens correctly. I only get half of what it shows in the crate.

A: If you complete GW you’ll receive 1200 tokens for the day. Sometimes there’s a display bug that will make it appear like you received double for a given stage, but your total will always be correct, indicating it’s a bug on the display side.

Q: Do I need to focus on what stats are on the gear pieces I give to each hero?

A: All of the gear for each hero is completely predetermined with no variance. All you need to do is complete each piece for each slot. You do not need to worry about what you’re equipping on whom.

Q: Do the stats and attributes gained from gear pieces disappear or reset every time I level up my hero’s gear level?

A: No. All stats and attributes gained from gear are permanently applied to the hero once you “equip” the piece. To add to this, there is currently no reason to delay upgrading the gear level of a hero. If you have enough pieces unlocked to do it, then go ahead and do it.

Q: Do tribal passives like Geo’s Hive Tactics also apply to that hero, or just OTHER allies?

A: While haven’t had official confirmation, we are fairly certain these passives apply to that hero as well as all other allies of that type.

Q: MY Arena squad roster isn’t saving between battles. What’s going on? Does this affect my Defensive team?

A: It’s a recent bug. It has been reported many times here and the official forums, so it’s logical to assume the Devs know about it. We don’t have confirmation either way about whether or not it affects your defensive team, but logic indicates that it wouldn’t. We don’t have any hard evidence that it resets your defense, and defense has always been your last-used offense team. So, since the bug doesn’t change that in any way, your defense should be fine.

Q: I see people playing this game on PC. How do they do this?

A: Droid4x and Bluestacks are android emulators for PC.

Q: Sometimes when I use an “assist attack”, the attack goes off, but no ally will come to attack afterward. Is this a bug?

A: It has never been officially labeled as a bug, but what happens is that the assist attack can call a stunned ally, and is rumored to sometimes also attempt to call a dead ally for the assist. Stunned or dead allies can’t assist.


Q: Why does my target sometimes change randomly when I’m autoing (and sometimes when not on auto) during a battle?

A: Assuming you’re not overlooking a taunt, this is currently a known bug and will (hopefully) be fixed soon.

Q: What happens when I get shards for a hero I’ve already maxed at 7?

A: Currently, they will just stockpile as excess shards. The Devs have stated that they are working on a use for these and that we can expect it in a future update. But for now, there is nothing to do with them.

Q: Barriss’ heal goes through healing immunity. Is this a bug?

A: No, it is not a bug, and is fully intended.

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