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This is our recommended list of the best characters and teams in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Some of them are good for the Arena and some of them are very strong for PvE and some are really good for both. These are the characters you should invest in, that means: promote them with shards and equip the best items.
Please keep in mind, that from patch to patch characters in this list could be changed and they will be not so strong as they are now. The other way around, it could be that now bad characters will be get stronger and could be added to this list as the best characters.

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The best Free2Play Teams and Characters

These teams below can be constructed by p2p players as well but for all intents and purposes to be considered to be free2play, every character must be farmable without expending many crystals (this rules out Rey, Barriss, FOTP etc.) however since most of the player base already has Dooku we’ll be including him.


AoE Teams: These teams have a lot of combinations and is close to impossible to list them all however these are the contenders,

  • Vader: The big bad villain from SW universe, his HP allows him to put out his DoTs and if left alive, his culling blade makes sure that one of the DoT’d characters is dead.
  • Datcha: Good speed, good damage, built-in stealth& ability block makes him a good addition to any AoE-based team.
  • IG-88: Only useful when paired with DoT-based AoEs.
  • Boba: His AoE damage is minuscule however his leadership ability when paired with high crit rating-based characters make short work of any team.
  • Sid: He provides AoE damage, speed and DoTs. A solid choice for any AoE team.
  • Kylo: His AoE damage without advantage or sub-50% health is incredibly weak, he is simply put not cut for the job.
  • HK-47: Don’t use it without droids, period.
  • Jawa: A worse Datcha, no point in using him unless you’re up against droids.
  • Poe: This guy’s explanation is given above but his turn-meter removal and expose debuff work wonders in AoE teams.
  • Lumi: Solid healer choice for an AoE-based team as she does high amounts of damage.
  • Poggle: Buffing your whole AoE damage? Yes please, bonus points if you also have IG88.

Droid Teams: We might be a bit biased as we believe this team composition is the most competitive out of all the f2p squads can place in top10 in any given shard.
Typical team composition looks like: HK-47(L), IG86, IG88 with a few options for the last two spots,

  • Poggle: Poggle is one of the fastest characters (136 speed), has decent HP, and a buff that can be easily summed up as steroid for droids. It gives speed (15%) and ‘Offense Up’ to all the droids for 3 turns, increasing their damage output by a lot.
  • Poe: Poe is a relatively new character and has been seen in many team compositions, he is the fastest tank character (138), has a 2-turn taunt, which removes 25% turn meter (expect this to be nerfed) and ‘Expose’ which can be resisted. Since he is fast, he protects your backline, he is incredibly useful against many team compositions however AoE teams render him useless.
  • Geonosian Soldier: Similar to IG86 pretty much in every aspect however has a lower damage output but also synergises well with Poggle. However his self-buff does not stack with Poggle’s hence perhaps not the wisest decision.
  • Dooku: Provides control to the team against Jedi as well as Poe teams. His superior speed and potency will make sure that you’ll be using lightning on someone however whether the stun sticks or not is an entirely different question.
  • Daka: The only healer I’d run with a droid team due to her superior speed which allows her to heal the damage that is caused by the opponent AoE or fast characters, also has a stun which provides control and a stun on 2 characters mean an automatic win.
    Lobot could be mentioned here however him requiring 50 shards to unlock and another 30 for 4 stars and only dropping from nodes render his farm speed sub-optimal.

Nightsister Teams: This team composition is seldom seen however it balances both offense and defense in a fair manner hence it can be potent in certain servers, however at the current iteration it is not going to be top10 material.

  • Ventress: Staple of the Nightsister team, horrid speed however comes close to decent when leading. Has good basic attack as well as huge crit when she gains the buff.
  • Daka: Healer of the Nightsisters, she gains incredible speed with Asajj leading hence increasing her stun chance also has a heal and revive.
  • Nightsister Initiate: One of the tankiest characters in the game that also has huge damage on her special, she brings DPS to the team.
  • Talia: Another healer that couples self-heal, DoTs and mediocre hits.
  • Ahsoka: Your last piece of the puzzle, highest crit rating in the game, self-heal and crit-based heal as well. Also has evasion when leading.

There really aren’t many options regarding this team however you can choose between Asajj and Ahsoka leading, we favour Asajj as I find dodge too RNG-based but each to their own.

Phasma Teams: These teams have a lot variance however there are 2 staple characters, Phasma (L) and Kylo Ren. Your other options depend on how you want to shape rest of your team.

  • FO Officer: A character that moves in the same turn as Poe and one of the best counters that a Phasma team can field against Poe teams, also provides buffs on FO characters with decent damage and hp even when unbuffed.
  • Dooku: Dooku is one of the best characters that can be fielded in a Phasma team as counters and his multiple attacks have a chance to proc ‘Fire-at-Will’, also a good character to assist since he can ability block/stun Jedi.
  • Fives: Works similar to a Dooku in offensive capabilities, one of the tankiest characters in the game makes sure that he is most of the time the last man standing even when you’re losing.
  • Geonosian Soldier: As mentioned above with Droid teams, he has incredible speed and damage output and his assist also works wonders in Phasma teams, one of the least utilised but perhaps the best characters to be included in one.
  • Sid: This guy needs no explanation, does mediocre AoE damage, has healing immunity, he overlaps with Kylo in many areas ergo I’m not a fan.
  • Poe: What this guy provides is the same regardless of the team but his turn meter removal when combined with Phasma’s AoE+turn meter gain allow for deadly combinations.
  • Lumi: Only viable healer in a Phasma team, hits hard which makes use of assist, has incredible heal and special damage. One of the best healers in the game.
  • Vader: Tanky, clunky and AoE damage. Don’t use him with Phasma as he does not complement the team composition.
  • IG88: See above but think incredibly fragile.
  • IG86: It is worse than Geonosian in every team except when it is a droid one, don’t use it.

We run a Phasma (L), Poe, Kylo, Geo, Dooku or a Phasma (L), FOO, Lumi, Kylo, Geo team. FOTP is not mentioned as he is not useful at 2 stars and cannot be considered f2p as he requires either huge amounts of time or crystals to be viable.

Rebel Teams: These teams work with disrupting the field via turn-meters, juggling taunts and buffs hence can be quite tricky both on offense and and on defense.

  • Han: Master manipulator of turn-meter, also has a taunt however his low survivability also is a detriment to his other abilities and hence this weakness must be reinforced via other support characters or healers.
  • Ackbar: Gains turn-meter crazy fast and provides turn-meter and advantage with special, also is a direct counter to any DoT-based team with his dispel, lastly has speed leadership thus one of the best rebel characters.
  • Luke: Gains turn-meter and buffs upon critical hit and also dishes out enough damage to be relevant, this guy is the DPS for any rebel team.
  • Hoth Rebel Scout: Another turn-meter based character that can stun with his special however his low potency (44%) almost makes sure that he can never stun, not really a good character.
  • Lumi: A good healer that can keep Han alive meanwhile also dishing enough damage to be considered as a threat.
  • Barriss: The ultimate healer that can heal through the healing immunity however once her heal is gone she is ignored till the rest of the battle BUT, the increased turn-meter gain also drastically reduces her CD.
  • Poe: A tank that is similar to Han where he can decrease the turn-meters of opponents can be quite potent when combined with Han.
  • Hoth Rebel Soldier: Another tank that buffs the whole team however should not be fielded when there are better options.
  • Biggs: A DPS that benefits from rebel synergies, can be used to replace Luke.

There a lot of combinations here but our favorite is, Ackbar (L), Han, Poe, Luke, Lumi which balances enough DPS, tankiness and tun-meter control.

Stun Teams: These teams are not really used and can be considered a niche pick however has potential.

  • Phasma: Lead position, the extra attacks substantially increase the stun chance hence is perfect for the team.
  • Dooku: Stun on basics and special against Jedi, with counters and good synergy with Phasma render him one of the best choices.
  • Daka: Stun on basic attacks up to 2 characters makes every assist from her dangerous.
  • CUP: Stun with special coupled with debuffs also render him a good choice for this team.
  • Luke: Has a chance to stun with his special but also provides solid DPS which the team lacks.
  • Ventress: 35% chance to stun on basic attacks makes her viable in addition to having AoE damage and a purge, consider her a strong contender, only problem is she will be moving last.


The best P2P Teams and Characters

These team can rely on any characters hence will have many different compositions. We’ll not be re-listing every character there but will rather add some different ones to each team composition.

AoE Teams:

  • Lando: This guy has an incredible special that resets the CD when it crits, pair him with a certain character and you may have found the stairway to heaven. Also not too bad when leading.
  • Leia: Now she doesn’t have an AoE, but who needs one when you’re jsut a better Poggle, a must have in any AoE team.

Team combinations for AoEs widely differ but one that we’ve seen in GW was particularly good, Boba (L), Leia, Lando, Poe, IG88. Try this team if you have the characters and you can destroy those pesky FOTP/Leia teams.

Droid Teams: Not so different than its F2P counterpart with addition of few characters.

  • Lobot: This guy brings heals and speed buff when leading to droids, could lead when paired with the following team.
  • Leia: Now this gal is a tad different as she is not a droid nor does she have any synergy with droids but her currently bugged crit and ‘Offense Up’ buff alter how team works entirely hence an incredibly good addition. If you have her she’s a better Poggle in her current state.

Nothing else to add, you could run Lobot (L), IG86, IG88, Leia, Poe; Lobot (L), IG86, IG88, HK-47, Poggle; Lobot(L), IG86, IG88, Leia, HK-47 as well as HK-47(L), IG86, IG88, Leia, Lobot. Our favorite out of all these is the first one tho we’ve never seen one or had to chance to play with one.

Jedi Teams: This is the only team combination that can be achieved via P2P only however it is not as strong after Order 66.

  • QGJ: Incredible damage, speed buff when leader, assist and dispel. This guy is a must-have for ANY Jedi team and must be in leader spot.
  • Aayla: One of the best attacking Jedi, has counter, self-heal and assist with QGJ leading also reaches respectable speed.
  • Old Ben: This guy without QGJ is a bit hard to implement so I’d advise not to use him without QGJ. His ability block contrary to popular opinion is not that important, ‘Offense Down’ and turn-meter removal is what makes him incredibly good. His buff on death is not important as he is almost always killed the last.
  • Anakin: He has healing immunity but that’s about it, his AoE doesn’t do that much damage and requires a kill for the buff, his self-buff on ally death however is good but not potent enough to warrant a place.
  • Eeth Koth: Only good against droids, even then his place is questionable.
  • Barriss: Doesn’t have a place in current meta since she is a non-factor without the heal and makes a fight 4v5 after the heal.
  • Lumi: Only healer choice for Jedi teams, good speed and huge damage with special. Can be however paired with Poe.
  • Poe: Provides the same bonus for Jedi as well, good at what he does and nothing else.
  • FOTP: Huge damage and simply that, has high HP when 7-starred so doesn’t require that much protection.
  • Leia: Buff, stealth, damage, in her current state she is simply the best character, if you have her use her.

We did not mention Fisto, Ima Gun Di or Ahsoka as we believe they are not good enough to warrant a place in a Jedi team in the current meta.

These teams also have a lot combination however QGJ (L), Poe, Ben, Leia, FOTP/Aayla seem to be the most potent.

Nightsister Teams: Similar to stun teams, as of now there aren’t any better options.

Phasma Teams:

  • FOTP: Sole addition to a Phasma team, he occupies the DPS spot and is possibly the best at that. Use him if you have him.

Rebel Teams: Only one more character to mention here,

  • Leia: One of the best characters in the game, use her to replace Biggs/Luke or even a tank as she will be increasing the damage output of the team by a huge margin.

Stun Teams: There is no better P2P we can think of hence this is empty.

More good characters and teams

If you know more good characters and teams that should be added to the list as the best ones, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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Character Reviews

45 Comments on "Best Characters and Teams – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes"

  1. Chill out with all the acronyms. I spent more time trying to figure out what they meant than actually reading the article. If you want to use acronyms, define the acronym and don’t just assume your reader is as big of a nerd as you are.

  2. I agreed with kevin ^

  3. damn that ORDER 66 joke caught me lmao

  4. Who synergises best with Lando? I have him at 5* but still expermenting with best synergy.

    • I’d suggest Lando leader, Chewbacca, Greedo, Luminara (for healing), and one more attacker with high dps. I use Lando (6 star), Chewbacca (6 star), Greedo(7 star), Luminara (7 star) and Yoda (5 star). Thjs scoundrel based team completely destroys the arena. Lando’s speed boost for the team and constant AoE come in handy, Chewbacca has a decent taunt and is practically invulnerable, Greedo does MASSIVE damage on crits, Luminara heals, and Yoda is my best other attacker that I’m using as a filler until I upgrade Geonosian soldier. Anyway, overall Lando synergizes really well with scoundrels.

  5. Ok so I have:
    7 star Sidious
    7 star Luminara
    6 star Jedi Consular
    6 star Qui-Gon Jinn
    5 star Maul
    5 star Finn
    5 star Phasma
    5 star Ahsoka

    so what team would be the best with these players?

    • I’d suggest:

      Qui Gon leader
      Jedi Consular

      This team would be really strong in arena

      • I’m not top in PvP and I’m f2p, but I found this team works really well. With occasional substitutions. Phasma ldr, Sid, kylo or AV or talia, lumi. Or replace kylo with AT. Works nicely with them all. Even boba when need group skill lock.try it let me know plz.ty

  6. @moneymike1425 Sid is as lead, Lumi heals, QGJ, Phasma, Ahsoka… Or Maul in last slot

  7. What does DPS and DoT stand for? I would normally think Damage Per Second, but this is a turn-based game…

  8. aw man im still farming for dooku and opress. they any good?

  9. Dooku has Flawless Riposte (100% counter attack rate). I’ve witnessed him take out a full team on his own, and I avoid going against him in the Arena – I’m still farming for him. Opress is helpful in the campaign and part of my Arena team at the moment until I build a synergistic team like the ones described above.

    I’m still trying to figure out what DPS/DoT mean!!

  10. Michael S Castellano | March 7, 2016 at 2:39 am | Reply

    DPS – Damage per second
    DoT – Damage over Time; it’s a debuff

  11. Damage over Time, makes sense. I don’t understand Damage Per Second in the context of this game since it’s a turn based game…?

  12. The Nightsister team. You Ashoka is not a nightsister. You might want to change that to the Nightsister Acolyte instead.

  13. AoE somebody?

  14. Regarding the Jedi team: it seems a little weird that your recommended setup contains 2, maybe 3 jedi, which kind of nerfs QGJ as leader. No mention of Yoda, Windu, or Plo Koon?

  15. You appear to know a lot more about the game than me as a newbie. Looking for a quick list of all the characters that is very similar to how you did it here. IE: best at x, not good at x, pairs with x, etc. Also, a newbie/starter and easily farm list would be great.

    • This is a wiki containing all the information you seek.

    • Early and mid heck I still use Jedi team sends to be ok so far with what I hv anyway. Anakin or ima-gundi, QGJ, AT, Daka & lumi. Or baris and whoever healer that’s works good. Sometimes I put fives or kylo or aayla or dooku in as pairs for the ima-gundi counter, for Jedi. Rest hv own counter skill these guys work great with phasma as lead as well. Extra turn procs their extra turn so most toons get 3-5 turns.

  16. So, my current team that dominates anyone I have really faced is as follows:
    Chewbacca/royal guard/sidious/talia/luminara.

    Juggle the taunts while healing extremely useful amounts of health to sustain yourself.
    The leader switches for me depending on who I am facing or what I am doing between sidious, luminara, and chewy.
    If they have a super squishy team, throw out sidious leader. If they have a hard hitting team, throw out chewy, if you want to have more sustain throw out luminara.
    I am level 50 as of current and with luminara leader I can beat lv 57+ in the galactic wars section and maybe lose 1 person so I can continue and finish the whole board for lots of luminara shards. This team allows you to heal completely before finishing a fight in galactic wars so every fight is like a new one.

    • I’ve been using Phasma (L), Lumi, Jedi Consular, Talia, and Dooku. I’m level 58 now, and all of my team are 4-star, except Lumi is 5 as of today. They are also all gear level 7, except Phasma is 6. I’m in top 200 in Arena, and beat Galactic Wars daily. My team increased dramatically by specifically trying to gear them up. My power is ~16,000, and I can beat some teams that are way stronger than mine. In GW I rarely lose a guy, even if the opposing team is 10+ levels higher than me. However, the correct juggle of taunts and heals wrecked me once before. But only once. :p

  17. Any help with building a team? I’m looking to build a team based around Darth Maul but don’t know who to use. If anybody has any suggestions of people who work well with Maul please comment. Some of the characters I have are Chewy, Luminara, Sideous, Tailia, Old Daka, Dooku, Phasma, Savage, Luke, etc or suggest some characters I should work towards getting
    Cheers 🙂

  18. How do I make the best team out of
    5 star Darth sid
    4 star chewy
    4 star poggle
    4 star talia
    4 star dakka
    3 star IG 88
    4 star Ashoka
    And a 3 star luke

  19. I am also open to working towards characters

  20. Very good lists, but I have one change. On a Phasma team, I’d substitute First Order Storm Trooper for FOO. Perhaps you didn’t mention him for same reasons as FOTP, but You get him at the beginning of the game. I’ve been farming him since then, and he synergies well with phasma. He has a huge HP pool and hits hard.

  21. My team is poggle as leader, ig86, ig 88, geo soldier and poe.

    While crushing with droids and soldier, poe takes damage.

    Very fast and good team for me.

    One shot of ig or soldier kills any character.

    I dont understand those counselor and sid teams, they dont fit good together.

  22. Been building a team:
    Jedi consular

    Thinking of switching. Talia for phasma and the consular for lumi… Any other recommendations?

  23. I got a 5 Jedi team
    Quin jinn 4 star gear level 4
    Ani gl 4
    Seth koth gl 4
    Lumi gl4
    Jedi C gl 5

    Geno soldier at 4star,gl 5 great damage,love him
    Grand off,not impressed,but okay,good support,gl 5 and almost 2300 damage at 43.dont think its possible to farm him

    And I got 2star Royal guard,jawa,Thalia etc etc.i hate my shit team.

    Any suggestions whom I should farm next? And also about the shit team.

  24. Alright, I am a relatively new player, and this is my first time looking at a forum, but I’m familiar with a lot of terms and much if not all of the characters described here. My comment is not a question, but rather a suggestion for the writers of this page: Please explain your shorthand. DPS, DoT, AoE, Sid, the list goes on and on of people who don’t play a lot of other games but want the leg up on this one using strategy and understanding. I’m sorry it’ll take an extra ten minutes to add a glossary of terms, but there’s simply too much ‘inferred to be understood without any reference’ shorthand that is confusing to a lot of people. It took me until the end of this page and all of the comments to understand that when you say Sid you are talking about Darth Sidious, was the shorthand worth the vast majority of people having no clue at all what you were talking about? People will just go to a place that explains their messages, I’m not trying to be rude, I’m actually trying to help you.

  25. I would like to know who the 5 best characters are in the game to have the fastest and most reinsurance of winning.

    My elite team consists of:

    (Leader) Darth Sidious
    Grand Master Yoda
    Captain Phasma
    General Greivous
    Luminara Unduli

    I picked this team for massive AoE Damage within first round but I found using Captain Phasma advantage up first before using any of the characters AoE attacks makes for an easy game and allowing for each characters AoE attacks to crit 3 out of 5 enemy’s on the field at a time.

    I wanted to know if this is a good fit for an OP team or if I should drop the healer (Luminara) and pick up Darth Vader or someone else.


  26. Rell the Underlord | May 10, 2016 at 1:43 am | Reply

    As much of a monster as he is Maul is a glass cannon. This is the team I’ve built around him and why.
    You MUST MUST MUST have a healer and the best choice in this regard is Old Daka. She’s hella fast, can stun opponents and may even bring Maul back if he dies.
    Savage Opress’ leader ability grants all Sith allies (up to) 55 Defense and other allies half that, which helps keep Maul and Daka from dying really quickly.
    Captain Phasma’s Fire at Will may get some extra attacks in from Maul (which may kill and grant him 100% turn meter). More importantly, her specials grant advantage and inflict speed down on enemy teams giving healers or other support characters a chance to keep Maul up or soften the teams up for him.
    Last on the list, Chewbacca or Royal Guard. At high levels, these tanks take FOREVER to bring down, but most importantly, can shift the focus of enemy attacks AWAY from Maul. I prefer Royal Guard because the taunt procs automatically when an allied unit drops below 50% health, he can grant defense to the team and can slow/stun enemy units for added support time/attacks for Maul.

  27. 7 star Lumi
    7 star Sid
    7 star Phasma
    6 star Savage
    6 star Kylo
    6 star Qui-gon
    6 star IG-86
    5 star Ima-Gun-Di
    4 star JC
    4 star Darth Vader
    4 star Asajj

    Which team would be the best for the Arena?

    I use Lumi, Sid, Phasma, Savage, Kylo team.

    Which character should i get to be better?

    Maybe First Order Officer or Poe or Fives?

  28. when spending real money who or what should i spend it on?

    • When spending my money, I always went for the cards that contained actual guaranteed characters. Like, currently, there is a pack that has all droids for about $25. Otherwise you’re looking at buying crystals to then purchase chromium cards. And those offer no guarantee on what characters you’ll get.

  29. Does general greivous fit in a droid team? like: poggle leader, ig-86, hk, ig-88 nd general gr.??!

  30. my team in almost every battle is

    lumi – sid – gs – vader – talia or leia or nightsister iniciate

    all 54lvl
    all 5 star
    equips lvl 7

    i find this team very fun to play with

    any suggestions?

  31. I have a 20k power at lvl 63, chewie as leader then qui-gon, Akbar, opress and Jedi healer that you start with whatever his name is again and I easily win over someone with 24k power no matter units. Though those teams who debuff(sidious, vader, phasma) are incredibly easy targets thanks to Akbar who fully heales my team after his second turn.

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