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Greetings, Avengers Academy community today we have a Guide for you on how to defeat Madame Hydra, which is very valuable and filled with interesting information.

First off: To unlock the Madame Hydra portion of this event, you no longer need to have unlocked the Capbuster outfit in Marvel’s Avengers Academy. There is a a 30 second Black Widow mission that will unlock the beginning of this event.

Please note: Any info here is pretty preliminary; if it turns out to be untrue or adjusted we’ll modify as necessary.

So, how does Madame Hydra work?

Good question. There’s three stages of beating Madame Hydra, all the same but progressively more difficult. Once you’ve beaten all three stages, she’ll come and stand in your quad to be unlocked once you have a pretty straightforward list of items.

How do I fight her?

Before you can fight Madame Hyrda in Avengers Academy, you’ll have to take down her guards. She’s protected by a number of Hydra Guards – 3 to start, then more. These can be fought with your normal Agents and Robots, but they’re colour-coded so you need specific types to do it. (At this stage it’s not clear if this is random or if all players need the same kind each stage.) They mostly have 1000 health, so they’re easy take-downs.

Once you beat the first guard, you have a limited amount of time to defeat the remaining guards and take out all her health – 48 hours for her first stage, 30 hours for her second, and only 20 hours for her third.

Notably, between these stages, there’s no time limit beyond the usual event time limit – that means you can stockpile Arc Reactors, Battle Plans, and Gold Plating for each stage until you’re ready to go.

How do I damage Madage Hydra?

You’re going to need special soldiers.


Special soldiers?

Yup. Resistant Agents and Resistant Robots can be trained like the normal Agents and Robots, with a couple of notable differences. First, you need Gold Plating instead of Armor Plating; this drops pretty easily from the Mission Board and can drop from non-Heroics. Secondly, Resistant Agents only take one plan instead of two. Hallelujah. Thirdly, they can’t be upgraded, at least at this time.

Other than that, Resistant Agents and Robots take two hours to build, count towards your capacity, and otherwise act like regular Agents and Robots. They do 1000 damage, and all of Madame Hydra’s forms have clean multiples of 1000 health so you’ll know exactly how many you need.

How much health does Madame Hydra have?

4000 in the first stage, 10,000 in the second stage, and 15,000 in the third and final stage.

How do I do it?

Keep in mind: if you’re producing a robot and an agent simultaneously, you have the ability to do 2000 damage per two hours, or 1000 damage per hour. That’s the magic number here.

The first stage is easy. Build 2 Robots and an Agent to defeat her henchmen (look for the coloured backgrounds behind them in the portraits along the bottom), then build four more Resistants across Robots and Agents. Now you can take out her henchmen and then Madame Hydra instantly.

YOU WILL NEED: 4 Gold Plating, 3 Armor Plating, 2 Arc Reactors, 2 Battle Plan, and 4 more Arc Reactors or Battle Plans.

Second stage requires 3 Agents and 3 Robots for her henchmen, so create 3 Robots and 3 Agents, then fill your remaining capacity with Resistant Agents and Robots. You can now take down all of her guards and 6000 of her HP, which leaves you 30 hours to create 4 more Agents or Robots and take her out.

YOU WILL NEED: 10 Gold Plating, 6 Armor Plating, 6 Arc Reactors, 6 Battle Plans, and 10 more Arc Reactors or Battle Plans.

Third stage seems to have the same breakdown of henchmen, so create Robots and Resistant Agents as above and again fill your capacity with Resistants. You can take down all her Henchmen and 6000 of her 15000 HP, so you now have 20 hours to create 9 Resistants and defeat her.

YOU WILL NEED: 15 Gold Plating, 6 Armor Plating, 3 Arc Reactors, 6 Battle Plans, and 15 more Arc Reactors or Battle Plans.

That sounds doable.
It’ll take some grinding to make sure you have the necessary materials, but if you focus on it for the next few days it’s pretty straightforward. I wouldn’t use Robots or Agents for anything other than this while you’re doing it if you can help it.

Thanks to user m1911pap for creating this Madame Hydra Guide for Marvel Avengers Academy.

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