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Most synergy teams in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has a burst damage character. For resistance this is obviously Rey. For first order this is TIE pilot. For Ewoks it’s the Ewok Scout combined with the Ewok synergy turn meter manipulation. For Rebels this comes from Luke and Leia. For Jedi the burst damage comes from QGJ.

Once you get past the burst damage characters you end up with a pretty cookie cutter set of characters that all do between 4-6k crits and 2.5k-4k base damage. And here you will find Jedi Knight Anakin; An average attacker on par with Hoth Rebel Scout, Resistance Trooper, and Resistance Pilot. And you can throw in on par with most support class characters as well.

Capital Games/EA announced that Jedi Knight Anakin in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes was the going to receive a rework. The following changes are in the game:

  • His basic does around 3-4k damage on a basic and crits around 5k. That’s only a little more than he was doing before. But that little more seemed a little more substantial this time around compared to the previous review.
  • Anakin’s AOE now does around 3k per hit with crits nearing 5k. That’s a potential 25k of damage on an enemy team and very handy for a nearly dead toon hiding behind a RG taunt. The extra damage is also useful for triggering offense up since you have a little extra leeway. It’s useful to note that an omega here will increase the damage another 15% which, is going to be pretty nifty. His increased AOE power now comes with a price — Anakin gets exposed when he uses it so make sure you have a taunter or cleanser.
  • Anakin used to have a 55% chance to apply his debuffs with an omega fitted. Now 55% is the level 7 chance and an omega will give you a 70% chance.
  • His leader ability now applies to both clones and Jedi giving a max of 30% offense and 20% critical damage.
  • His unique now gives him turn meter and bonus damage whenever an ally falls below 50% health in addition to the previous “defeated”. When activated Anakin will hit for around 6k and crit for around 10k.

That’s a lot of little upgrades, but the question is: do a lot of little safe changes make a meta character? Lets find out!

Jedi Knight Anakin Stats

Anakin’s Stats can be found here:

Our Jedi Knight Anakin in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is fully gear maxed — no missing gear — with all abilities at level 7 with no omegas fitted. And Anakin still only needs two fusion furnaces to reach his final form.

Jedi Knight Anakin in the Arena

While we were unimpressed with the first Jedi Knight Anakin in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, the new and improved Anakin we were a lot more happy with. It’s too early to tell if we’ll leave him in our hybrid meta team but we will say that he seems to be doing as much damage overall as Leia and bringing a few extra debuffs and buffs along for the ride.

What we can say right now is that Anakin is one of the very, very few attacker class characters that we would even consider making a permanent part of our arena team. Sure he’s no Rey but he seems to be doing better than Leia, and living longer than TIE pilot.

In most of the videos below we led with a manual battle to try and show off buff immunity but that remains highly situational since it does not interfere with existing buffs (only buffs applied after the debuff gets applied).

The following battles show Anakin leading a full clone synergy squad and every character is maxed save for the following exceptions…

  1. Jedi Knight Anakin in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has no omegas.
  2. Fives is missing a security scanner (extra potency for slow) & an omega on his assist (75% extra damage when calling a clone)
  3. Echo is missing design tech which will not take him to the next level (pretty much no effect).

On the first team Anakin as the leader did a very good job, but the team was unable to beat a more offensive oriented team until Anakin was replaced by Rex as the leader (last battle in Arena 4).

We would like to show Anakin off in a Jedi squad but Jedi are already unable to compete effectively in arena and mine aren’t really geared and leveled so we feel it would be unfair and unhelpful to show such a squad going up against arena super-max teams.

Screenshot Highlights:


Jedi Knight Anakin AOE Damage


Jedi Knight Anakin in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes doing Crit Damage after a team mate died.

There was a lot of worry about Anakin being exposed with his AOE (And we were one of those people) but between Rex and Taunters Anakin only got hit with expose once in the videos and he survived well so we are no longer concerned about his expose being a liability in the arena, it’s still going to be rough on defense but Jedi Kngiht Anakin does have the health and protection to ride out being hit with an expose on him.

In Arena its a bit too early to say if Anakin is arena meta or not. we can say that he’s close and omegas on his basic, special and leader may tip the balance. It’s hard to find a good fifth character in an arena hybrid team, no one has really claimed that position yet but we’d say Anakin is a contender.

For now we’re tentatively giving Anakin a rating of 8 out of 10 meaning he’s not going to be your first choice for arena, but he might still have a place in it.

Jedi Knight Anakin in the Galactic War

In Galactic War the more reliable debuff will help control Royal Guards, especially if fitted with an omega. The extra damage from his AOE, easier to proc offense up, and high health and protection means he’s going to serve you pretty well.

As in Arena we’re going to give him an eight here.

Jedi Knight Anakin in Events and Challenges

In challenges Jedi Knight Anakin probably isn’t going to dislodge any of our regular team attackers (Leia for 2x crit, Luke for stun and damage, FOTP for damage, Rey for Damage, Hoth Rebel Scout for TM). So he will remain a bench warmer here.

In the Yoda Event Anakin’s debuff on basic is a liability when Yoda has tenacity up as that will give yoda turn meter when his debuff is resisted. This makes Anakin a liability and he should be used here only if you are out leveled for the event already or you just don’t have any other Jedi to fill the slot.

We’re leaving his score at 4 since you will probably not use him here.

Missions & Cantina

As a high health/protection attacker with a useful debuff, Anakin can certainly help you get that third star and with the extra damage and the better reliability of his debuff we’re raisin his score here to 8. Again, maybe not your first choice but he’s not going to disappoint you if you do take him along.

Jedi Knight Anakin in Raids

Thanks to the better reliability of his debuff (with an omega fitted — an assumption we’re making), Anakin can do pretty well in phase one of a raid in controlling the guards and 105% potency is good for them, if not the Rancor. He will be a respectable B team player on phase two and phase three and one of the more survivable damage characters for phase four where you will be taking very heavy damage.

Thanks to his improved debuff, moderately better damage, free turns when allies die or fall below 50% (which the Rancor will supply in droves) we’re raising Anakin’s raid score to 8. Again, maybe not a first choice (which a 9 or 10 would indicate) but still good and solid.


The changes to Jedi Knight Anakin in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, while minor, added up to a big improvement. When we last looked at Jedi Knight Anakin he was a merely average toon scoring fours across the board. While his damage hasn’t been increased all that much, the extra turns when allies get low on health or die, the more powerful AOE (making it easier to get the buff), and most importantly of all, the more reliable healing and buff immunity debuffs all in tandem with his high health and protection make Anakin worth a second look.

With his improvements he’s just on the edge of being Arena meta, and may be in some configurations. We weren’t impressed with him as leader of a clone team, but he did synergize very well with the team with Rex as the lead.

All in all, Anakin may not be Rey or Rex or RG or QGJ overpowered, but he is now above average and a worthwhile character that can now make deciding which characters to take along just a little more challenging.

Section Score
Arena 8.0
Missions 8.0
Raids 8.0
Galactic War 8.0
Challenges 4.0

Thanks to user pcx99 for creating this review for the Jedi Knight Anakin Review.

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What do you think of the Jedi Knight Anakin in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Is he good or bad? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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