Best Heroes and Angels in League of Angels – Fire Raiders

In this article you find a little guide for the Best Heroes in League of Angels – Fire Raiders. These guide is especially for the arena but also helps in the PvE content in League of Angels – Fire Raiders. You will find the 5 best Heroes until you level 50 and then 6 more you should focus on after you’re level 50. Additionally, you will find the best Angels in League of Angels – Fire Raiders for Arena in an order you should level them up and invest in them. Moreover I added the skills for the best Heroes and Angels, so you can compare them and see what will change in your team setup.

The Best Arena Heroes until level 50

Here is a list for the 5 best Heroes in League of Angels – Fire Raiders for the Arena until Level 50. After that you should switch to the Heroes you see below to climb higher in the Arena ranking.

Rose Night

  • Rosesoul Blade:Royal swordsmanship that spreads rose petals when used. Can cause damage and may dizzy enemies in a row.
  • Rosemary:Rose Knight summons a Light Sword to deal damage to a random enemy.
  • The Royal Guardian:Increases the parry and defense of the hero.
  • Knights Spirit:The unyielding knight will increase MAX HP for himself.

Berserker Claw

  • Berserker Claw: With bloodmoon power, the raged claw will deal 5 attacks of increasing damage to an enemy.
  • Boomerang: The probability of back throwing is doubled, damage and stun for 2 rounds.
  • Fury: The rage of Berserker Claw will increase the hero’s crit
  • Bloodmoon Oath: Sign a contract with the Cursed Moon to exchange reason for attack.


Nether Night

  • Judgment of Light:Infuses divine light into his sword to deal extra damage and cause enemies to bleed.
  • Spirit Hero Guardian:Normal attacks have a chance to create a light barrier that can convert damage to HP.
  • Swift:Grants Nether Knight great agility to increase his dodge rate.
  • Swordsage:Nether Knight becomes one with his holy blade to increase his Max HP.


  • Aurora Sword: High-speed charge will lead to six-fold damage on all enemies.
  • Double Strike: High-speed sword may cause two-fold extra damage to enemies.
  • Royal Fencing: Lightning swordsmanship can increase the hero’s release speed.
  • Mind’s Eye: Using the heart as a sword can increase the hero’s crit.


  • Fiery Blast:Release fire ball to cause damage, which is determined by the magic attack of both sides.
  • Polymorph:Have you seen the princess’ black sheep before? Normal attack may cause extra damage and turn the targets to a black sheep for 1 round.
  • Flame Mastery:Flame magic long studied by Sorcerer can increase the damage of Fiery Blast.
  • Gift of Magic:Talented mages will regain a certain amount of rage for releasing Fiery Blast.

The Best Arena Heroes after level 50

After reaching level 50 you should focus on the following Heroes and switch them in. These Heroes are some “luxury” Heroes and I would recommend invest in them. These are one of the best Heroes in League of Angels – Fire Raiders, but you can still remain some of the basic Heroes like the Rose Night oder Pyrona they are also good Heroes and perform well in the higher Levels.

Elder Dwarf replaces Rose Night
Best tank in League of Angels Fire Raiders work on him! You can also mix him with the Rose Night or replace him with the Rose Night.

  • Force Majeure: Damages the enemies in the front row, reduces the damage caused by them and restores a certain percentage of HP.
  • Thunder Axe: Has a chance to damage and stun enemies in a horizontal line each round.
  • Indefectable: Gains a shield that absorbs damage every 3 rounds (lasting for 2 rounds); the shield can absorb a damage when it exceeds a certain percentage of max HP.
  • Full Body: Increase HP and physical defense.

Good Off-Tank and Mage, but drops of later because gets easly one hitted by Night Sentinal.

  • Summon Dragon: Awaken Dragon’s Power to deal great damage to enemies in the rear line.
  • Torrent: Release a global flood by Dragon’s Power to cause great damage to an enemy and dizzy him.
  • Dragon Soul: The inheritance of the dragon has strong defense, which is formidable.
  • Dragon Heart: The inheritance of the dragon has strong HP, which is endless.

Night Sentinal replaces Demon Hunter
If you used the Demon Hunter before, switch him with the Night Sentinal he is a way better.

  • Spiral Arrow: Concentrate power to a point to cause great damage to the targets when casting a spiral arrow.
  • Double Shot Range: Each arrow containing terrific power has a chance to cause extra damage.
  • Find Weakness: The vital shot will ignore part of enemies’ defense.
  • Heart Strike: Killer’s instincts will increase crit and critical damage of the hero.


Snow Queen replaces Atalanta
Snow Queen is really effective and can give you a head start.

  • Frost Ball: Summon powerful absolute zero to deal great damage to enemies in the rear line and decrease their attack.
  • Cold Cone: Chant spells each 2 rounds to summon sharp icicle to damage enemies in the front line and decrease their defense.
  • Dropdead Gorgeous: Enchant enemies with absolute beauty to increase her agility and dodge.
  • Advent Queen: The beauty of the queen subdues all enemies. It increases the hero’s damage to females and decrease damage from males.

Amazon Hunter replaces Pyrona

  • Spear Throwing: The inescapable penetrating dart will cause damage to enemies in a row.
  • Poison Dagger: The sharp blade with poison will decrease an enemies’ defense and poison him (continuous bleeding) with normal attack for 2 rounds.
  • Mind-numbing Dagger: Use poison to paralyze an enemy and decrease his attack.
  • Forest Eyes: Damage the target’s eyes to deal vital damage. Increase the hero’s crit.

The Best Angels for Arena in League of Angels – Fire Raiders

In this order below, you should level up your angels. This is only a suggestion, but it worked well for me, especially in the Arena at League of Angels – Fire Raiders. At the high levels you could really choose what ever Angel you want and you think is the best Angel for you. I choose Athena as the best Angel for my team in League of Angels – Fire Raiders her support is really awesome, the healing spells often saved a lost game for me.


  • Lunaria Advent: The moonlight will cure the teammate with the lowest HP.
  • Moonlight: Chant Lunaria’s Spell to cure teammates in the front line for 2 rounds and increase their defense.


  • Nyssa Guard: Summon Tidal Power to cure the teammate with the lowest HP and grant him a shield for 2 rounds (Deduct certain damage).
  • Nyssa Prayer: Chant Neptune’s Spell to cure 3 friendly units with the lowest HP and grant them 2 rage.


  • Retaliation Strike: Raise the Reaper of Vengeance to the enemy with the lowest HP and cause damage equal to the hero’s lost HP to him.
  • Desperate Power: Cast revenge curse on all enemies, which can ignore defense and has a chance to grant bleeding effect (-11% HP/round) for 2 rounds.


  • Divine Light: Heals, upgrades and enhances attack power of all friendly heroes.
  • Guard Prayer: Heals and increases heroes rage.


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