Fallout Shelter – How to defend against Raider Attacks

Below we have summarized numerous tips on how to defend against Raider attacks in the App Fallout Shelter. Having already explained different tips and tricks for your vault, we now take a closer look on the Raider attacks.

Especially at the beginning this Raider attacks can be quite difficult, if the appropriate weapons and residents are missing. After this guide for Fallout Shelter, they should not be a problem anymore.

Raider attacks occur at random in Fallout Shelter and only when you are actively involved, playing the game. If an attack is about the happen, we recommend to stay in the game and to be able to fend off this attack successfully.

First Steps on how to defend against Raider Attacks

Should a Raider attack occur in Fallout Shelter, we recommend to send your dwellers with the best weapons to the entrance at first. For this you touch corresponding dweller and pull him upwards to the left in the Vault Gate.

Although dwellers without weapons also attack the raiders, dwellers with weapons are much better to kill the raiders as quickly as possible.


Equip your dwellers with the best gear to fight against the Raiders.

Tips for a successful defense

After you have sent the dwellers to the entrance, they should already attack the Raiders. However, the Raiders will also run in other rooms of the first level. Accordingly, you should pull the dwellers with weapons from the entrance now also to the other rooms, where the Raiders will attack. Alone with this tip (the steady repositioning) the attack should be successfully defended.

Nevertheless, you should pay attention to your dwellers in Fallout Shelter. If one hardly has life points, you should as soon as possible use a Stimpak.

Upgrade your Fallout Shelter – Vault Door

Alone with the first two tips you should know how to fight off Fallout Shelter Raider attacks without any problems. For the future, it makes sense to upgrade the vault door, because the attackers then take longer to break into your vault. Your dwellers can then also be sent from the lower levels to the first level and you will also have much more time to react.

Use the first level for your guards

We know that the Raider attacks go from top to bottom, you should equip your dwellers in the first levels with the best weapons and gear. These, you should also send directly to the vault door, because they do not need to take the elevator and may arrive to late at the door.

Furthermore, your dwellers are also best protected and able to defend themselves directly when it comes to a Raider attack. Pregnant women run away, however, and will not aid you in the battle. This you should also consider.


Equip your dwellers with outfits that increase their strength, for more fire power.

More tips on how to defend against Raider attacks

If you use the tips from above, a raider attack in Fallout Shelter should no risk for your vault anymore. Therefore here again summarized:

  • Equip the dwellers at the top level with good weapons
  • Send the dweller from the first level (also the underlying later) to the Vault door to fight the Raiders
  • Upgrade the Vault door to allow more dwellers to gather behind the door

Incidentally, you should also pay attention to the dwellers level. The higher the level and the more strength, the gun, the faster the Raider attacks can be successfully be defended.

If you have more tips for Raider attack in Fallout Shelter, so please leave a comment.

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