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Need for Speed No Limits by EA

Below you’ll find lots of tips, tricks and cheats for the app Need for Speed No Limits for Android and iOS. Because this game is a Free2Play game, it makes sense to acquire some tips to progress as quickly as possible.

Today we present you a guide for Need for Speed No Limits in detail In the game you always have a limited energy and thus the gameplay is also limited. Need for Speed No Limits was also published in other countries, which is why we can now share our tips for the game to everybody.

Need for Speed No Limits Tips and tricks

First, we now have at hand several Need for Speed No Limits Tips and tricks on how to get money faster, how to level up and much more. Then we go again to the problem, on the Need for Speed No Limits cheats and hacks. At the end of the article you can find the download links for the game.

The Start into Need for Speed No Limits

When you play Need for Speed No Limits for the first time, the controls will briefly introduced to you. If you haven’t read something about that,  we have here again a short guide to get you started:

  • Control: Tap the left or right to steer in the appropriate direction. Accelerated will be automatically
  • Nitro: Wipe up (center) to activate the nitro. You can activate Nitro as soon as the bar is bright blue. He does not have to be full by the end
  • Drift: Wipe downwards (centered) to start the drift mode. This you should always make in front of curves to take these as quickly as possible.
  • Reputation: You receive Reputation for successfully completing a mission, but only the first time. If you have enough reputation, you level up and additional game content will be unlocked.

On the city map with a higher reputation, more and more stations will be unlocked. You should regularly visit the loading ramps, because there is every 10 minutes a free box. Daily you can cash in for free up to 5 of such boxes. The premium box is possible to collect every 3 days.

At the start, it is also important that you’re in the green zone when the time switches to zero. Only then you catch the so-called perfect start, which gives not only bonuses, but also important seconds at the beginning.


Need for Speed No Limits: A perfect start happens only when the pointer is in the green zone

Tips for more money: Repeat Nitro-Level Zones:

Most importantly in Need for Speed No Limits is the currency of the game app, because with money you can rebuild parts and open crates. There are some tips that will gain you very quickly a lot of money.

One of the most lucrative opportunities, is to repeat must be Level with nitro-zones. Important here is only, that you always take along the nitro zone. This alone can earn you from 1000 to 1500 money at the beginning of each race.

Since in this case, also energy (tank) is consumed, its advisable to make this always when you have only one more race until you level up. That way you can again collect really good money.

Use drifts and slipstreamwhenever possible

Two other possibilities to get to money are drifts and to use the slipstream in the race. Drifting is a good way to take corners faster. Furthermore, you get even money (credits) credited. Therefore, we always recommend before a curve in Need for Speed No Limits to activate the drifts.

If you have a strong car, then you should also take advantage of the slipstream and stay behind your enemy. So sometimes collide and not simply pass by. The longer you are behind the opponent in the slipstream, the more money you collect in Need for Speed No Limits subsequently.

Collect reputation in Need for Speed No Limits to level up – Tips

In order to level up in Need for Speed ​​No Limits reputation is required. Reputation is collected by the successful completion of missions. If you have a mission that you have already successfully completed and repeat this, there is no more reputation. But there are great tips for that.

If you’re in a higher level just before the level up, but still some energy is available, then you should repeat already mastered missions to earn extra money. If you still have energy, then you can start a mission and if you then complete this successfully, then you level up.
The big advantage: The energy is replenished at a level up again. In short, you get reputation always through doing new missions, whether in Underground or Car Series. If you repeat an already completed Level, however, there is no reputation.

Another way to get reputation (as well as money) , is to collect the daily tasks.

Blueprints and materials for cars

If you want to unlock new cars in Need for Speed No Limits, then you have to collect blueprints. This you get through the Car Series, as a reward for missions and on the loading dock in crates. The more rare a vehicle is, the more you have to collect for blueprints. Furthermore blueprints needed to upgrade a car to a higher level.


To unlock a car in Need for Speed No Limits, you have to collect only the specified amount of blueprints

In addition to the blueprints, there are materials, with which you can improve gear, tires and Co. If you have all the materials together, then you can rebuild the part, thereby improving it again. If you want to know where to find the necessary equipment, just tap it and some localities will be a displayed. Partial collecting is of course connected to happiness, that you get the desired material.

More tips and tricks for Need for Speed No Limits

Do you have more Tips and Tricks for Need for Speed No Limits? Then please get in touch in the comments. We will then steadily expand this article, to offer a comprehensive guide to the game.

Are there cheat codes for Need for Speed No Limits?

Let’s talk about cheats for Need for Speed No Limits. Many players are wondering if you can get to extra money or reputation by certain inputs. However, this is not possible, because there are In-app purchases at Need for Speed No Limits, with which you can buy benefits. Thus one gets gold for real money, with which you can then buy all sorts of things.

There are hacks on the Internet even for Need for Speed No Limits, that promise unlimited money and reputation. This we do not recommend, because often these are offered as an APK file, which then turn out to be virus or trojan and can cause much damage on your device.

That’s what Need for Speed No Limits is all about

Need for Speed No Limits is a Free2Play racing game, which is funded through in-app purchases. Different game modes are available, race against the computer, tracking and more. In most cases, it goes against the time, so you have to upgrade the cars constantly, in order to have a chance against stronger opponents and the scarcity of time.

Need for Speed No Limits for iOS

Need for Speed No Limits is available in the iTunes App Store for free download. Here, the App can be loaded for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (iOS).


Download Need for Speed No Limits for Android

In the Google Play Store Need for Speed No Limits can be downloaded for Android. To the Google Play Store:


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  2. Another cheat or trick is when u have enough “skips” and u have to race to get a “mystery surprise” if u click on one of the boxes to flip and u don’t get the material u wanted to upgrade ur car then do a repeat again and make sure to click on the same box every time e.ventually by ur third skip u would get what u wanted from the surprise to upgrade the car if u haven’t already got it by the first try

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