Heroes Charge: Best Arena Heroes Level 1-90

In this Heroes Charge guide we cover the best arena heroes for you, from level 1 to early level 90. Heroes Charge is out for around 8 months and in 2015 the game changed a bit and new heroes shine as the best arena heroes.
These top arena heroes for 2015 can all be mixed up to make one of the best arena teams. You can make very different arena teams out of them, but keep in mind, that some roles in an arena fight must be filled, like having a tank, otherwise you will fail. You can also use this guide to the best arena heroes for the grand arena in Heroes Charge.
There are more top heroes for Heroes Charge, but they will be added in an advanced guide for level 90 arena and higher. If you think a hero is missing, please leave a reply in the comment section below.

Best Arena Heroes for Level 1-50

best-arena-heroes-01Death Knight

At the early levels in Heroes Charge you don’t have that many choices, that’s why we only have one hero here as the best arena hero. If you get the Death Knight as your first Gold Chest Hero you will be undefeatable in the Arena for a long time.
All of his skills are very good in the early game, especially the heal. He also starts at 3 Stars and has so has already good Stats to be one of the best tanks in the arena.
The Death Knights initial skill damage and is heal is huge, but the growth is not that good, so he falls of after level 50. You may can use him as a healer and protector for an aggressive melee damage dealer team, with a hero like the Arcane Sapper.

Best Arena Heroes for Level 51-80

best-arena-heroes-4Arcane Sapper

With a healer in the back, the Arcane Sapper is a top arena hero even in 2015. With his Blue skill he will target the highest intellect enemy hero and jump to him. He will hit him hard and all the enemies around him, if you don’t stop the Arcane Sapper, he will eventually kill a whole back line alone, especially with his ultimate skill.
The Arcane Sapper is a top damage dealer and a high treat for magic teams in the arena even after level 80.


Her green skill will give you a huge advantage, your team will attack faster than the enemies, which is a huge advantage in heroes charge. The Commando’s purple skill hits all the enemies, the blue skill stuns an enemy and the green skill boost the attack power and critical hit chance of your team. All the skills are very strong and makes the Commando to one of the top heroes in heroes charge, especially in the arena.
After level 80, the teams get stronger and have more HP, so the early advantage of the green skill doesn’t matter that much anymore, nevertheless the Commando is one of the the best arena heroes in heroes charge even in 2015 over a half year after release.

best-arena-heroes-8Drunken Master

The Drunken Master has 3 crowd control skills, blind, stun and his ultimate skill can stun any enemy. The Drunken Master is very tanky, has a lot of HP and deals a good amount of damage. He is the best one of the best arena heroes in the game from level 51-80.

best-arena-heroes-10Lunar Guardian

She is the perfect hero for a physical team, her purple skill stacks with the purple skill of the Shadowleaf. The Ultimate Skill does magic damage, so her normal attacks do in general more damage than the ultimate. She is kind of a decent hero, but also a good support hero so you should stick with her.


The Machinist is a very simple Hero, he just does a lot of damage. In Particular his ultimate skill does very much damage and can hit targets everywhere behind him, far in the back and even close in front, one of the best damage ultimates in Heroes Charge. In late game you can still use him as top hero, because of his very good magic damage.

 best-arena-heroes-5Old Curse

The Old Curse is your best mid line damage dealer in the arena, if you have someone who protects him. His group stun and the high amount of damage he deals, make him to one of the best arena heroes. He is even very useful in the non arena content in the late game, like the outland portal.


He is the perfect Arcane Sapper counter, he can kill him instantly with 2 hits, if they critical hit. Still, his attacks can miss or not critical hit, but if you have problems against an Arcane Sapper team, you should take him. The Rifleman is also a good damage dealer in the later non arena content of Heroes Charge.


The Shadowleaf is more like a support hero and doesn’t have that much damage. She gains your team an attack buff and her silence skill can interrupt enemy ultimates. Her slow arrow is also very useful in late game raids and against melee damage dealer like the Arcane Sapper. She is one of the best arena heroes for the back line and is often used as a low damage dealing but high control hero.


The Warchief needs his purple skill because it gives him a huge advantage, which is a huge HP buff. Sometimes he will resurrect in the middle of the enemy team and will cleave the enemies with his very high damage green skill. Don’t forget his blue skill, which will life steal HP from the enemies while the Warchief attacks, not only for him also for his team.
After level 80, his stats are fairly low, but you still can use him as one of the best arena heroes. His attack power will be lower than the Drunken Master and his defense stats are lower than the Shadow Keeper or Brute.


The Windmaster can also stun enemies and her ultimate skill is very strong. The ultimate does a lot of damage and pushes the enemies backwards. The damage will kill, if not almost kill all the enemies. She  starts with 3 Stars in Heroes Charge, which is also a good advantage and makes her a top arena hero.

Best Arena Heroes for Level 80- early 90

best-arena-heroes-19Cloud Walker

The Cloud Walker is here, because his illusions are very awesome. They tank, deal damage and absorb a lot of damage for the team. Sometimes they even able to make the enemies facing backwards, if you’re a lucky and some skills of the enemies wont hit your team at all. His ultimate is also very strong, it does a lot of damage to the enemy front line, you can also take the Cloud Walker as a very good damage dealer in late game PvE.

best-arena-heroes-16Ember Blade

The Ember Blade is one of the top damage dealer in the game, but you need a tank to protect him, because he is very weak in defense. He is a very good at dealing a lot of damage to every enemy, but if it comes down to an 1vs1 he is a bit behind.


The Emberstar is their to do burst damage and a lot of damage overall. The Emberstar can one shot an enemy with just her ultimate, which makes her a very dangerous and one of the best arena heroes.

best-arena-heroes-12Fallen Dominion

The Fallen Dominion is the best hero in the arena, he has both, great offensive and defensive stats. His ultimate skill increases his physical damage be a lot and makes him immune to the most crowd control skills. His green skill, illusions, often absorb a lot of damage, because the enemies will attack them, instead of the team. The Fallen Dominions purple skill will also increase his HP by a lot, if you looking for a top arena hero and also for PvE content you should definitely choose him.


He is one of the favorite support, which does not deal a lot of damage but disables the enemy a lot. If the battle takes a longer time he and his ultimate start to shine, because it does a lot of damage but needs to be charged up. His green skill is also very strong, it will blind all the enemies and will make it harder to gain energy for the enemies. He is definitely a top counter against physical teams and is one of the best support heroes in Heroes Charge.


Silencer is pure damage because of his purple skill, which lets his damage not critical hit, can’t be reduced or missed. In theory he can permanently silence the enemies, because his blue skill reduces the energy of the enemies and his blue skill is a silence for all of them. Sometimes this doesn’t work, because most of the intellect heroes have a resist silence stat. Nevertheless he is one of the best arena heroes in heroes charge and counters many dangerous setups and heroes.

best-arena-heroes-17Vanguard Warrior

The Vanguard Warrior has only one job, which is piling up the enemies. If he does this, your team is able to smash all their area damage skills at every enemy. He has also a stun skill, and his ultimate skill can also skill, but often he dies before he can use it. He doesn’t have that much HP, he runs in, pushes the enemies together, he tanks and normally dies fast. But he is very useful to bring trouble to the enemy lines, he is a very unusual but still one of the best arena heroes.

best-arena-heroes-13Vengeance Spirit

She starts to shine at level 80+, her green skill reduces her damage, but makes it possible for her to hit multiple enemies at the same time. That will gain her a lot of energy, so you can use her ultimate faster, which is a group stun.

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