Deer Hunter 2016 Guide with Tips, Tricks and Cheats for Android and iOS


Deer Hunter 2016 by Glu Games Inc

In this Guide, we have plenty of tips, tricks and cheats for Deer Hunter 2016 prepared for you. So you should get more quickly through the various regions of the game. In our review we have already presented Deer Hunter 2016.

So, your task is to fulfill the various tasks and missions of the different regions. You must kill the animals by a shot in the body, lungs or heart to collect the reward. So again you can buy and upgrade new weapons. Deer Hunter 2016 is free to download for Android, iPhone and iPad available.


Deer Hunter 2016 Tips and Tricks

Now let’s start with the tips and tricks about Deer Hunter 2016. There is a lot to consider to move ahead as quickly as possible and without waiting periods. Quickly you can sometimes make a mistake and must thus repeat the mission, which is very annoying since you thereby lose energy.

It’s worth mentioning that Deer Hunter 2016 is only playable with an Internet connection. The problem arises when in the middle of a hunt and the Internet connection is interrupted, because the energy is gone and the task is not completed. You should absolutely take care of your connection while playing.

Guide for the missions in Deer Hunter 2016

At first we have a few tips for the Deer Hunter 2016 missions. Missions are either in the rifle, shotgun or trophy hunting series. The rifle series is limited, while it takes the shotgun hunting, in order to reach additional hunting money.

When you start a mission, you should pay attention to the exact objective. This contains:

  • Number of animals
  • What’s the exact task (shot in the lungs, heart, …)
  • Which animal do you have to kill

If you have to kill more than one animal, then you should take look where the next animal is. Shy animals run away, while predators converge on you. If you not responding fast enough, you will be killed. The shy animals simply leave the hunting area.

In the further course of Deer Hunter 2016 also different species appear in the hunting area. Here you have to pay close attention to kill the right animals, as required by the task.


Precisely stick to the task of a mission at Deer Hunter 2016

Not every weapon upgrade is required

There are weapon upgrades in Deer Hunter 2016 that are not absolutely necessary. Among them infrared and ammunition are included. With the upgrades you can indeed bring more ammunition or increase the duration of the infrared, but this is not absolutely necessary.

The other weapon upgrades you should only extend as far as it is required for the Mission. We particularly recommend to perform the upgrades, which are mandatory for trophy hunting in Deer Hunter 2016, because this is a must. In the rifle series the information is only a recommendation in order to successfully complete the mission.

Get free energy at Deer Hunter 2016

Energy is imperative to go hunting in the app Deer Hunter 2016. But there are some tips to get free energy. So once in awhile free energy is offered, when you look at a promotional video.

Furthermore you get 5 Energy credited at certain times . If you level up, you will also get 5 energy. The good in Deer Hunter 2016: Energy can also go beyond the maximum, so you do not have to make sure to spend the energy on time.

How to get Hunt Money in Deer Hunter 2016

To be able to buy weapon upgrades or new weapons in Deer Hunter 2016 you need money. Hunt Money you get for the successful completion of the individual missions. We do have a few tips to earn more hunt money, too.

Once you’ve unlocked a rifle, you should always use the infrared. For shots into the lungs, there are additional five hunt money for a shot in the heart 10 hunt money. It’s worth mentioning that this is only possible, if the mission requires nothing else. Do you have to kill an animal with a shot into the lungs, you are of course not allowed to shoot into the heart.

With the infrared brain, lungs and heart (usually below the lungs) are displayed to you. That way you can shot the organs relatively unerringly. At the end yet another tip: If you lack hunt money for the rifle in Region 2, then you do not necessarily need to buy the shotgun of Region 2 in order to go to shotgun hunting, but you can go back easily to Region 1 and collect the necessary hunt money.


To easly hit the lungs or the heart you should always use the infrared, if possible

How to unlock the next region in Deer Hunter 2016

To unlock the next region in Deer Hunter 2016, you have to go on trophy hunting. In contrast to other missions in the app your weapon must meet the required specification. Therefore, our recommendation to always upgrade these weapons at first, in order to quickly complete the trophy hunting. Furthermore, you can not use your weapon from the first region it in the second region, which is why any further upgrade is not useful.


Once you have successfully completed the trophy hunting, the next region of Deer Hunter 2016 is unlocked

More tips and tricks

If you have more tips and tricks for Deer Hunter 2016, simply log in and write a comment. We will expand this guide from time to time.

Are there cheats for Deer Hunter 2016?

Frequently the question is asked, whether there are Cheats for Deer Hunter 2016 to progress more quickly. Since Deer Hunter 2016 is a Free2Play game there are no cheats. Anyone who wants to gain an advantage, can of course access the in-app purchase to move progress more quickly on. Therefore, the developers have not integrated any cheats in the app.

On the Internet, however, you will find so-called Deer Hunter 2016 Hacks. In general, an APK is available for Android, which promise an unlimited hunt money and more. But beware, we do not recommend this, since you will usually dealing with viruses and Trojans that can cause enormous damage to your smart phone or tablet.

What is Deer Hunter 2016 all about?

Want to know what is Deer Hunter 2016 all about? Read our review about the app, where you can also find the download links for Android and iOS:
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