Apple Watch: Users use the clock 80 times a day

The average Apple Watch users use the digital display dedicated to his wrist between four and five times per hour. Assuming that Apple Watch is worn 14 to 18 hours per day, it can be assumed that the users use their computer clock 60 to 80 per day.
Figures who presented by Wristly statisticians and are based on a survey of almost 1500 users.


Accordingly the average interaction with the Apple Watch takes 3.9 seconds – the brief check of the current time and in the dial stored complications typical operations significantly lead in the ranking.
Other functions, such as the introduced with watchOS 2 “Time Travel” feature or the ability to call acceptance are almost never used. The use of third-party applications is rather low. From 10 surveyed Apple Watch customer only 2 use one or more additional applications daily.

For now, the Watch is not used for gaming. […] Finally, we can state that the new watchOS 2.0 has failed thus far to improve the usage of third party apps with Apple Watch. Close to 80% of the panel reports not using any on a daily basis.

A final note: While 72% of Apple Watch users have no problem with it, to use its clock in the general public, many users are surprisingly active against the use.
9% say they classify the use of Apple Watch as rude – 19% feel uncomfortable using the clock activate the public.


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