2018 Ranked Guide – Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor - 2018 Ranked Guide

Arena of Valor by Tencent Games

This is base on our personal experience in Arena of Valor and might not be the perfect guide. We’re not a pro but we’re ranked Master with only 59% overall win rate. We hope this ranked guide for Arena of Arena will help you to improve in 2018, as there are only a few masters now, it takes at times 10 minutes to be matched in rank. Feel free to add more tips in the comments and we will add-on to the list. Also let us know if this ranked guide for the game was useful.

Arena of Valor – 2018 Ranked Guide

Hero choice

Focus on using 1 hero all the way to diamond in Arena of Valor. Play around with your team comp as much as you can, this should be a given but you definitely don’t want 5 carry heroes on the same team. If you manage to get a character/role that you like still be aware of what your teammates picks are. Another helpful tip is to look at your win-rates… don’t play your favorite character “Zill the assassin” that you have 100 games played and a 20% win-rate. It may not matter too much to you but ranked isn’t where you practice your heroes, casual games are.

Before Diamond: Choose a hero that doesn’t die easily, can jungle, high mobility, decent damage. Our choice is Lubu or violet.

Diamond onwards: Your team mates are still stupid but less stupid now. Choose a tank/control that can protect your carry. Our choice is Chaugnar.


Learn when to poke, stay under tower or Roam. There’s always something to do at all the times in Arena of Valor. We can’t give specifics on this because it varies with each hero but you’ll have to practice to know in the first place.


Farming is literally the most important thing in Arena of Valor. The best part about this game is that you don’t even have to last hit the minions to get exp/gold like other mobas. Please for the love of god, farm up! We see a lot of people play and lose and ask “what hero is good to carry a game”… EVERY HERO. If you farm well, most-likely you’ll out-level the enemy team and carry anyways. But lets just say you had a rough lane, how do you get back into the game? There’s actually a ping in the game that lets you say “Don’t overextend and get back to farming” it’s actually one of the most beautiful pings we’ve ever seen in a moba. Farming gives you gold/exp that could flip a game on our side in no time. If you don’t believe me, play a few games and see for yourself.


Many people don’t want to believe this but… patience is definitely a virtue. You want to make it to Diamond in Arena of Valor by the end of the season but you give up because you’re still in Bronze? Don’t. This all takes time and its easy to forget that. Play every game to the best of your abilities and eventually it will pay off. For example we play League of Legends as well, it’s very different and the ranking system is tough, we’re so bad that we accepted our fate and renamed our account after some variation of “Bronze” but we practiced and practiced and we made it up-to Gold. We may still suck as a Gold player but are we still Bronze? No. So take your time and you should be fine. Also… Its called a “Climb” for a reason, but it’s an uphill battle worth partaking in.


Uhh where do we begin? We made this separate from “Patience” because this involves real anger that we all go through and not all the time will patience stop this from happening. We sat and watched this one Arena of Valor streamer yell and yell for hours because he was losing games but we didn’t say anything to him… we watched him make mistake after mistake and blame other people… Don’t blame anyone but yourself for you ranking up or down or around town because you’ll always have an excuse to not reflect on yourself as a player. Just do what we do, if you’re climbing and it’s not working out just play some casual games if it’s not working out, they tend to help us when we’re stressed because the matches don’t hold merit to them. If there’s still a problem and you’re as we like to call “beyond tilted” just put the game away for a few hours or the rest of the day but don’t put the game away for more than like 2 days. If you’re serious about climbing the ranks you’re gonna need to play every damn day and get your practice in. The last thing you need is to be rusty as fuck in a ranked game the second you come back from a break.

2018 Ranked Guide - Arena of Valor

Tips before Diamond

  1. It is normal to have stupid team mates (even conquerors/top 50). Stop complaining. You need to carry.
  2. Invade enemy jungle at the start of the game. If their hero are dependent on blue (batman, violet, etc) invade blue. If not go for red. Focus on the buff, don’t chase hero.
  3. Jungler have more exp and gold than middle lane. Let your team mate mid.
  4. Before the game start, ask your team mate to give you first wave of jungle experience. After 2 buff + 3 small camp you will get to level 4 with upgraded jungle item. Next small camp will give you your boots.
  5. After you get your boots and level 4 + frost punish, find an opportunity to gang. If you use lubu, this is very easy. After successful gang go for DR. If you can’t contest DR, push enemy tower at the DS lane. Tower gives you gold and experience as well. It also makes ganging easier after that.
  6. Make sure your punish is ready when you DR. Unless you are 100% sure enemy will not contest.
  7. Clear lane, jungle, gang, repeat.
  8. Keep ganging their carry. Each death makes him lose 200-300 gold. You stupid team mates will snowball gold till it doesn’t matter that they are stupid anymore. If they have violet, always wait for her to roll before you jump on her to gang.
  9. After each successful gang, always push tower before getting DR. If you have spare time, clear the enemy jungle before they respawn.
  10. Don’t bother typing. Every second is important. Use customised quick chat to lead your team: “Follow me”, “Hang on i’m on my way”, “I need backup”, “Don’t over extend get back to farming”, “Focus on towers”.
  11. If you are violet and you don’t have blue, just buy 1-2 mana regen.
  12. If you are using lubu, use your ult for towers will increase damage as well as gives you life steal.
  13. Don’t leave a lane without clear creeps before you gang/dr
  14. When your team have more than 5000 gold each, and enemy heroes have at least 3 dead, go for DS.
  15. Kill the bat for hp regen and more exp.
  16. Walk in the bushes when moving so you can have advantage to spot enemy first also some enemy hide in bush.
  17. Don’t tower dive. period.
  18. After creep wave is cleared, there is still 1 second visibility so enemy knows where u are walking to. You can either wait 1 second or trick them by walking in different direction.
  19. When in lane, if you need to regen, clear the incoming creep wave within 3 second and teleport back to base. You will have enough time to walk back for the next creep wave.
  20. Focus on their carry in team fight. That is why we prefer lubu over violet. Since you are not the target and its easier for you to go for their carry.
  21. The jungler’s responsibility is ganging and leading the team. Successful jungler will lead it’s team to victory easily.
  22. Remember to check on enemy hero’s skill cooldown before you initiate.
  23. Treat losing a normal, winning as bonus.
  24. You don’t really need to know about items at this stage.
  25. It doesn’t really matter if your DR lane has 2 heroes or not. As long as that hero can withstand 1v2 and your team gather for gang 20s before DR.

2018 Ranked Guide - Arena of Valor

Tips in Diamond

  1. Everything we said before diamond still applies except for carrying the game .
  2. Always invade enemy jungle at the start of the game. The best lineup now is 2 damager, 3 tanks with control ability and heal skill. Buy boots if you are invading jungle. Encourage you team mates to change hero (don’t demand). For damager, best not to be mage.
  3. Since you are a tank/support, go for DR lane, so its easier(nearer) for u to help when DR is spawning. Just farm up till lvl 4 without leaving lane. If there is an opportunity, go for side creep (gives visibility) or enemy small camp.
  4. Initiate for your team then fall back and protect your carry. Save your ultimate for your carry only.
  5. Position yourself such that you can see the entire team and heal when necessary.
  6. Try not to heal when invading jungle as the cool down won’t be in time for DR. If you have no choice, heal as early as possible.
  7. Always focus on towers before jungle or DR.
  8. If your jungler is doing better than your carry in early game, support your jungler instead of your carry. As we mention, jungler’s successful gang will usually determine the winning of the game.
  9. It is important to look for opportunity to clear enemy jungle. Especially when they are dead or they are all on other lane.
  10. Minimap is your best friend. Look at it every second and predict enemy movement.
  11. Buy magic defense only if they have Raz or a strong mage. If not go for more physical defense.
  12. If enemy have a lot of hp regen, go for the item that reduces hp regen (Tome of the Reaper).
  13. Buying Pheonix Tear as first item (Restore 20% hp and mana when hero gains a level). This is very useful to stay in lane and also turn around fights.
  14. Level 1 laning, damage their enemy hero while damaging the creep. Bait the hero to you such that when you level up (level 2) with the creep you can spam both skills on the level 1 enemy. Reducing his hp now can be crucial for DR opportunity.
  15. Before first DR, try not to lose too much hp and watch your mana. Get as much exp and gold as possible.
  16. If enemy invade your jungle, you have 2 options: ping your team mate to invade their jungle instead or fight them if you out number their control abilities and damage. Don’t try to steal the last hit when you are outnumbered, unless you have punish or a high damage ability.
  17. Remember to use quick chat to remind your team mate to focus on the tower or don’t overextend.
  18. While using Chuagnar, you want to save your ultimate for the most deadly control spell casted on your team. So knowing all the heroes spell and what they do is important.
  19. If you see a carry that knows his shit: when to defend, when to attack, clear enemy jungle when enemy is far away or dead, etc add him after the game and play together. Don’t bother asking in game, because if you are doing well, you are either MVP or second MVP, or you saved his ass many times. so he will definitely accept your friend request.
  20. If your kills + assist is not 80% of total team kills, means you are doing something really wrong as a tank/support.
  21. Ask your team mate winrate for reference (not to call them noob) on which carry to support more. They might tell you winrate doesn’t matter but it’s bullshit. Usually if their winrates below 55%(100+ matches) they probably suck. 60% is decent, 65-70% is great. 75% and above is godly. You can judge yourself with this too.
  22. If you overall rank winrate is more than 60%, you will get to masters eventually, just play more while improving your winrate.
  23. If your team mate start scolding you, use the mute button or just ignore them and do your job well. Unless it’s a good feedback. Still don’t waste time typing. Use quick chat.

2018 Ranked Guide - Arena of Valor

Thanks to user Fonseyfoo and Apyrexial for help creating this 2018 Arena of Valor ranked guide.

Well, we really hoped that this helped in one shape or form for you in Arena of Valor. This wasn’t really a complete ranked guide, it was also just an advice on things you need to focus on when playing to help yourself rank up. These tips worked for us and we know they’ll work for anyone else as well in Arena of Valor.  If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment below.

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