Web-Slinger Challenge Guide – Marvel Contest of Champions

Web-Slinger Challenge Guide - Marvel Contest of Champions

Marvel’s Contest of Champions by Kabam

We’ve played the Web-Slinger Challenge in Marvel’s Contest of Champions and we want to give you a little guide on what we learn in the game!  This guide is for new players but also for advanced players, which can possibly learn something new.

Disclaimer: this is not for gods of Contest of Champions, you can enjoy the reading though. Only for bottom dwellers like us who need a new title with worthless champs.

When we became minister of punishment, we weren’t too proud of that accomplishment, no, too many revives and health pots spent. All that was saved with the potions event, gone. But of course, there was no life transfer.

Marvel Contest of Champions – Web-Slinger Challenge Guide

Yes! what an amazing feature! Our dear friends with rank 3 4*s and maxed 3 stars, you too can become web-slinger! And we’ll tell you how, and no, you won’t be needing any revives, but you will need to have the following though

  1. powerful power lock champ like magik
  2. high health champ to take block damage
  3. bleed champ to end the fight sooner
  4. good mastery setup
  5. brain
  6. patience

You all know the layout, we’ll just get into the details. We will only talk about round 4, which is the toughest

The single most unique feature in this event, if you don’t know already, is life transfer. It basically gives you heath back for your every hit, if you crit, more the health, if you perform a special, chances are you will get your full health back. So, leverage this to maximum.

opponent takedown

1: Og Spiderman – parry. m-l-l-l combo. there is a chance he will evade on the last l, so be ready to parry or evade. Block all the sp1, evade sp2, sp3 you are dead so exit and restart the event..

2: Symbiote Spidey – This guy’s got unblockable sp1, so magik or a power lock champ is must, unless you can 100% of times can evade his sp1. after the first power lock, you need to go all the way, i.e. make sure he does not get to his sp1

3: Spider gwen – Total bad. Do what you do best.

4: Miles Spidey – Same drill as og Spidey. But, don’t use specials, make sure he spends all his evade charges. Once the charges are exhausted, he is worse than spider gwen.

6: Stun immune enemy stark Spidey – sigh. What can we say, it’s not gonna be easy for you. You need entry level interception skills. Else you will have to block and wait for his heavy. Use a high health bleed champ here. Always bait sp1. The guy evades randomly, so 3 or 4 hit combo only. Always use sp3 on him right after he uses his sp1.

5: Boss, vulture – This is one of the weakest bosses ever on mcoc. Yes, he is stun immune, but all u need to do is bait his sp1, which due to his power gain, will always be fired. the node has a sp3 bias on it, but looks like he is sp1 bias instead. This is a great advantage for you. All you need to do is during the start of fight, block until he throws his heavy, then combo, will be a 3-4-5 combo depending on when he reaches 1 bar of power. Then bait! As the sp1 animation starts, double dash back. His wings will just miss you. Then charge and repeat for half n hour till he is down. Bleed champ recommended.

Some tips to remember

  • only fire specials if you go down below 40% of health
  • do not fire sp1 and sp2 against stark Spidey, he will just evade it
  • don’t get hit by specials, it will put a heal block on path d and f.
  • don’t be greedy. complete one path at a time, the boss vulture is total shit and with patience can be taken down pretty easily
  • max limber, 1 in parry and 3 in stupefy. this will make you stun immune to symbiote Spidey’s 6 hit stun and will make your parry effective for a 3 hit combo
  • max precision and cruelty

We spent 15 days trying to beat this event and today we’re immensely satisfied and proud of the title! All the best to you too!

Our team

  • 4 stars – 4/40 Black Panther, 4/20 Guillotine (useless imo)
  • 3 stars – 4/40 magik, 4/40 Gwenpool, 4/40 crossbones

We hope you enjoyed this Web-Slinger Guide for Marvel Contest of Champions, if you have any questions or feedback, feel free to leave comment.

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