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We’ve played several seasons of Madden NFL Mobile and we want to give you a little guide on what we learn in the game, especially with stats and positioning for the year 2018! We hear and read question about this topic almost everyday. Before you read on, we would like to say we believe awareness does more than what everyone thinks. We believe it affects good throws, better kicks, better defensive skills (not being juked, stiff-armed, etc).

The stats that are listed as important are also what affect the positions overall the most. (For example, for FB BCV doesn’t affect overall as much as impact blocking)

Madden NFL Mobile – Ultimate Stats and Positioning Guide

Let us say that height is important for every position in Madden NFL Mobile 2018, even QB. Shorter receivers are less likely to come down with the ball than taller receivers, same goes for every position. If you’re wondering why height matters for QB, it’s because if you’re short you’re gonna throw the ball at your offensive lines back (Yes, it does actually happen).

Along with that here’s the ideal height for every receiving/defensive back, anything less is not recommended:

WR’S: 75+ inches

TE’S: 77+ inches

CB’S: 71+ inches

S’S: 73+ inches

QB: 73+ inches

Yes, we know the defensive positions in Madden NFL Mobile 2018 are less tall than offensive, but there’s a lot of good CB’s/S’s that are 71+ inches. (Jalen Ramsey, Anthony Brown, Johnathan Cyprien, etc)

Offense in Madden NFL Mobile 2018

QB: All about that THP and THA

Important Stats: THP, THA

Possible Important Stats: AWR,SPD,PAC

Not that Important Stats: TOTR, AGI, ACC


HB: Speed to hit holes is very important. Carry very beneficial for fewer fumbles. Strength benefits HB with better truck/blocking. Agility benefits HB with agility trucks as well as quick joystick reactions.

Important Stats: SPD, CAR, BCV (BCV Because we believe it helps not getting tripped so yea)

Possible Important Stats: ELS,TRK,AWR,ACC,AGI

Not that Important Stats: RTE, CIT, STR, SFA

FB: Awareness is the key attribute for making good blocks.

Important Stats: IMB, RBK, PBK, AWR

Possible Important Stats: CAR, TRK, SPD, ACC, CAT

Not that Important Stats: BCV, SFA, ELS, STR,


WR1 (deep): Relies on height, great route running, and speed/accel

Important Stats: RTE, CAT, AWR, SPD

Possible Important Stats: CIT,ACC,REL,AGI

Not that Important Stats: STR, JMP, SPC, and all the after the catch attributes like stiff arms, spin moves, trucking, etc.


WR2 (short): Basically your wr1, except height doesn’t matter that much.

Important Stats: RTE, CAT, AWR, SPD

Possible Important Stats: CIT,ACC,REL,AGO

Not that Important Stats: STR, JMP, SPC, AFCA


TE: Needs to get off the line quickly and depends on CIT and Height

Important Stats: RBK, AWR, CIT, CAT, SPD

Possible Important Stats: AGI,ACC,STR,CAR

Not that Important Stats: SPC, JMP, AFCA


OT/OG/C: Awareness determines block effectiveness and RBK/PBK determines how well they can hold run/pass blocks (Speed is very important when it comes to the run game, and pass game in order to keep up with the defensive line.) Impact block is probably the most important of the 3, pancaking people gives you more time to throw the ball.

Important Stats: STR, AWR, PBK, RBK

Possible Important Stats: IMB, ACC, SPD

Not that Important Stats: AGI


Defense (PLR and AWR are a must for every defensive position, PLR should be valued more than AWR)

CB1: The Shutdown corner

Important Stats: MAN,ZON,PLR,ACC,SPD

Possible Important Stats: AWR, AGI, JMP

Not that Important Stats: PRS, TKL, CAT, STR


CB2: Covers WR2 and needs good run stuffing stats.

Important Stats: PUR, BKS, PLR, MAN, ZON, SPD, ACC

Possible Important Stats: TKL

Not that Important Stats: PRS, STR, CAT


NICKEL: Needs coverage and run stuffing stats. Responsible for covering the slot. Nickel is vulnerable to runs so yea. Tackle is a priority for run stuffing, so it should be valued as well.

Important Stats: PLR, SPD, ACC, PUR, TKL

Possible Important Stats: STR

Not that Important Stats: STR, CAT, PRS


FS: Will cover slot WR when not in nickel.

Important Stats: ZON, PLR, AWR, SPD, TKL

Possible Important Stats: MAN,JMP, PUR, ACC, AGI

Not that Important Stats: STR, CAT, HTP


SS: Will cover slot te, the bigger the better.

Important Stats: HTP, ZON, PLR, AWR

Possible Important Stats: STR, PUR, MAN

Not that Important Stats: AGI


Dime: Bearly on the field and will cover TE. The bigger the better, strong safety preferred, basically SS but different position.

Important Stats: HTP, ZON, PLR, AWR

Possible Important Stats: STR, PUR, MAN

Not that Important Stats: AGI


Defensive Line


In charge of disrupting guts (inside runs) blocking o-line

Key stats: strength, power moves, block shed, tackle, and pursuit

Warning: do not use DE/DT’s with high finesse moves

A 4-3 DT should be run in the flex spot for Nickel and Dime formations* (courtesy of Bouncer014)


DE’s primary pass rushers and in charge of stopping outside runs

DT’s run stuffers, stopping the inside run and rushing the passer

Key stats: speed, acceleration, power/finesse moves, tackle, block shed

Note: DE/DT’s with higher finesse moves don’t need higher block shed

Which is better you ask? We would say 4-3. The reason is there are more pass rush and more zone coverage. More pass rush = more pressure on QB More zone coverage = more area covered meaning more picks/swats

Power vs Finesse Moves

Finesse moves consist of spin and swim moves used to get around the block

Power moves use strength to essentially knock down or bull rush the blocker

Finesse moves are exclusively for pass rush and are vulnerable against the run

Power moves are perfect for run stuffing, but power DE’s can be great pass rushers as well (e.g. Clowney)

Block shed is very important for power DE’s, although not as important for finesse DE’s

Finesse DE’s should mainly be used in 4-3 schemes, although some DE’s may do well in a 3-4 (see Boss Taylor)

Power DE’s can be used in both schemes

If you use one of each, it is better to have your power DE in at RE as most run to the left


DE: Responsible for stopping runs to the outside and sacking the QB.

Important Stats: PWM/FNM, AWR, PLR, BKS, ACC, SPD

Possible Important Stats: STR, AGI

DT: Responsible for stopping guts (runs through the middle) and possibly sacking the QB.

Important Stats: STR, PWM, BKS, PLR, AWR

Possible Important Stats: ACC,SPD,TKL

Outside Linebackers

3-4 Defense

These are your edge rushers and are responsible for the pass rush and stopping outside runs

Key stats: PLR,AWR,SPD,BKS

Note: coverage stats are important for LOLB, however, pass rushing and run stuffing stats should be valued more for both but particularly ROLB

OLB’s will enter into coverage occasionally and should be considered when selecting an OLB, but more for the LOLB (courtesy of Bouncer014)


These guys provide additional coverage in the flats as well as assist in run stuffing

Pass rushing and run stuffing stats need to be considered, but coverage is more valued

Key stats: speed, acceleration, zone coverage, tackle, pursuit, play recognition

4-3 OLB: (coverage):

Likely: ACC, SPD, height, AWR, PUR
Maybe: PLR Unlikely: ZON, MAN (our opinion, not all agree)

3-4 OLB: (rush):

Maybe: PLR, TAK Unlikely: ZON, MAN (our opinion, not all agree)

Inner Linebackers(MLB)

For either scheme, these guys are responsible for a little bit of everything

For coverage: zone, play recognition, speed, and acceleration

For pass rush: power/finesse moves, strength, speed, and acceleration

For run stuff: tackle, pursuit, block shed, hit power and strength

In a 4-3, you only have 1 MLB, so we generally prefer a coverage one with solid run stuffing stats

In a 3-4, you have 2 ILB, so we generally prefer one coverage and one run stuff, both with decent pass rush stats

Note: 3-4 LB can either be an MLB or LB

MLB: Responsible for either blitzing or covering.

Important Stats: TKL, AWR, PLR, BKS

Possible Important Stats: PUR, SPD

Special Teams

K:/P: Awareness, Kick Power, Kick Accuracy



Offense Positioning

HB: Basically your best HB

FB: Your best blocker

WR1: Better receiver

WR2: Worst receiver.

FLEX: Depends on playstyle, generally 2 TE’s is better than 3 WR’s

LT: Tackle with the most pass block

LG: Guard with the most pass block

RG: Guard with the most run block

RT: Tackle with the most run block

Defense Positioning in Madden NFL Mobile – 2018

LE: End with the most power move (For run stuffing, since most runs are to the left)

RE: End with the most finesse move (For stopping the QB scramble to the right, and fewer runs go to the right)

DT: Better DT

Flex: Worst DT

LOLB: Better pass rusher LB

ROLB: Better coverage LB

MLB/Flex: Depending on your team, see here if 4-3 you have 1 MLB if 3-4 you have 2 MLB. 3-4 is generally a pass rusher.

CB1: Your best corner (best stats)

CB2: Your best run stuffer (if it’s also your best corner, then don’t put your best corner in there)

NICKEL: Balance of both CB1 and CB2, good run stuffing and coverage stats.

FS: Your faster safety

SS: Your stronger safety

DIME: Your biggest defensive back (In terms of size, dime covers the tight end, so you want someone tall e.g. Mel Blount and OOP Evans)

Also, game plans are very important in Madden NFL Mobile 2018. You could have the best team in the world but if you don’t have a gameplan to counter it, you’re screwed.High overall teams will only get you so far. Players that know how to play call can easily beat a higher overall team that doesn’t have gameplan(s).

Thanks to user Blighty- for help creating this guide.


Stat abbreviations

Ratings that affect players overall the most

Teams with 4-3/3-4 formation

More tips and tricks

Also read our how to play, defense positioning and Money Making Guide for Madden NFL Mobile.

We hope this Madden NFL Mobile Guide helps and thanks for reading. If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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