Ultimate F2P Guide 2018 – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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This guides for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes primary focus in on how to farm and build teams to complete all legendary/heros journey events in 2018. We will also briefly cover other aspects of the game such as arena, ships, mods, and raids. As always each player in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes has different priorities in this game. If you are using this guide and find you need to work on another character/ship for something other than a legendary event, do so. Only you know whats best to work on at a given time. This guide is just hear to help you not waste time on unnecessary characters/ships.

Also try the New Player Guide, the Farm Guide or our Guide to the best Characters and Teams in the game.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Ultimate F2P Guide 2018

Plan Summary

Our focus of the plan is on unlocking the Empire Legendary Characters and the Rebel Legendary Characters. This is simply because they are the easiest to do and you can work on unlocking several characters at the same time and unlocked Empire characters are then used to unlock R2 (rebel), who is then used to unlock Commander Luke (CLS). We did not focus early on our FO team because they could only be used for the BB8 Legendary event. We also didn’t focus on the JTR Event Characters because JTR is impossible until you unlock the last area of catina battles where you have to spend a lengthy time farming Veteran Han/Chewie. This entry level just gives you months of time to work on unlocking other characters.

FAQ/Confusion With this Farming Guide

Q: I’m X levels into the game, does this guide apply to me?

A: While this guide is specifically designed for players just starting out, it can be applied to any person at any point in the game as long as they are still working on legendary/heroic events. You may be lvl 60, 70, or even 85, but you are still trying to organize yourself and create a plan to get R2 and CLS for an example. Most people should be able to at the very least apply this guide to figure out a schedule of characters to farm.

Q: I’ve been playing Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes for a month and I have had no direction on who to farm until now. Should I start over?

A: Depends. Personally we think if you spent money you should stick with your account. However if you are pure free to play a start over only a month or two into the game can be very beneficial. It all depends on how you will feel about abandoning your current account. Starting over will more than likely allow you to rank higher in your Arena and Ship Arena, netting you more crystals, which will allow you to farm faster.

Q: I have been focusing on x, y, and z and I would like to finish. Can I do so with this plan?

A: With any farming guide, what we have created is an outline you can follow, but it is ultimately up to you to decide what is best for you and your team. Timing with event releases will not always work out and you will likely find time to work on mods instead of characters, or characters specifically for Raids, TB, and TW outside of the characters we have listed below and early priority farms. A good example of this is when we were ready to farm Vets Chewy and Han, we knew we would not have them finished in time for the JTR event, so we instead farmed Death Trooper a good character for Raids and TB. You should always work on what you need in other areas of the game and only you will be able to tell when it is a good time to farm other areas and when its a good time to follow this guide.

Q: How come you haven’t talked about x aspect of the game? Its just as/more important that legendary characters?

A: Yes there are other areas of the game that are very important and they need to be focused on. However some of the best teams in TW, TB, Arena, and Raids are build using the characters you receive from these legendary events. Some of the characters you are going to farm for these legendary events are also used in several other areas of the game. By focusing on building these teams you are better building your roster to be successful in several areas of the game.

Q: How come you don’t have new meta character X on your list? They were just released as a marque character two weeks ago.

A: This is first and formost a F2P guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes based around building 7 star teams for legendary events. Marque characters are p2p characters that you won’t be able to get to 7 stars for free for months. On top of that some characters recently released as f2p characters (such as Young Han) are still relatively new and their how they should be used and what they should be used for is not yet entirely known. Since we do not have a good idea of how some of these characters should be best used, and since most of the new characters have no use in legendary events, we have kept them out of this guide. However several of these new scoundrel characters, such as Young Han or Nest when she gets her f2p release, are going to be good toons to have for Heists and raids for sure. Young Han is already showing that he is a monster when it comes to the HAAT.

Early Focus (Phoenix Squad)

The best team in the game to focus on early is the Phoenix Squad. This is because you need them to do Thrawn’s event, and they can also be used to complete Palatine’s event (Quite easily in fact) because they double as rebels. On top of that they are THE best early F2P arena team you can put together. They will likely put and keep you in the top 50 for a while, but eventually you will get pushed out to top 100, and then top 200 as you level up to 60-75. These extra early crystals from a high arena rank are super important as they allow you do do all your cheap refreshes for Normal Energy and Catina Energy. On top of that they work quite well in non hardcore Rancor raids when your team is at 7 stars. You should focus on maxing everyone but Sabine to 7 stars. Sabine at 5 stars is more than enough for her ship to do work.

Mid Game Focus (Empire)

After unlocking phoenix squad and getting them to 7 stars, you should focus on your Empire team and your ships. You should easily be able to obtain Palpatine when your PS is at lvl 75 gear lvl 8 with a full set of mods on them (will cover mods below). Thrawn will be more difficult. Getting him at 5 stars is not difficult, but to get him at 7 stars you will likely need to be at least lvl 82 with each character of PS having their unique and basic attacks omega-ed. You should also focus on farming Darth Vader. This means advancing light/dark side story levels, and catina levels. Check your achievements and see which achievement rewards you with his shards. You should also focus on farming him out of the Ship Arena store. Bad news is he is infrequently in there. Also have at least 400 tokens on you to get him if he pops up in the ship store.

Because you will most likely not be able to get Thrawn to 7 stars until the 2nd time his event rolls around and/or because Vader is a long farm, you will want to work on 1-2 additional empire characters. The ideal early Empire team would be Palp, Vader, Thrawn, Tarkin, and Stormtrooper. Replacements for Thrawn and Vader would be Tie Fighter Pilot (TFP) and Magma Trooper in that order. Once you have Palp and 3 other empire characters at 7 stars, they should take over as your arena team with Palp as lead. Palps leadership ability should be your first Zeta. (A 6 star Vader and 5 star Thrawn are good enough to be put into an arena team). Your mid to end game arena team should be Palp lead, Vadar, Thrawn, Tarkin, and Stormtroop. Replace stormtrooper with Tie Fighter Pilot when you get him to 7 stars. The sooner your transition to this arena team, the better you will do in arena. We will discuss arena teams more below.

Mid Game Focus (Ships)

While working on your empire characters, you should also be focusing on your ships. This is for two reasons. Being in the top 20 in ships nets you an additional 100 crystals a day, which makes farming your other characters/gear/mods much easier. The second reason is you want to be able to do the lvl 3 ship abilities materials challenge soon after reaching lvl 78. This lvl makes it possible to farm additional omegas, but more importantly its the most effective place to farm zetas. You won’t be able to put zetas on characters until lv 82 (most charters until 84). But it can potentially take you several months to get from lvl 78 to 82 and it takes about 3-4 weeks to farm enough zetas to upgrade one attack/unique/leadership ability. This means you have to have five 4 star dark side ships to get Tarkins captial ship to 5 stars. Then you need 6 ships at 5 stars (this includes Tarkins lead ship) to do the lvl 3 SAM challenge. Best thing you can do is focus on getting your 5 dark side ships you got to 4 stars up to 5 stars to save time. We will discuss good ships for ship arena below.

Late Game

This is around lvl 75ish upwards. You should be working on your ships and finishing up your Empire. But you will find you have neither of these things to work on in some stores such as the Arena store that only has Tarkin and Kanan. At this point you should begin to focus on your CLS Event team. One of your 5 characters for this team is R2, who you will get from a legendary event with your Empire team. Your Other 4 characters are Farmboy Luke, Old Ben (Catina Battles) and Leia, Storm Troopers Han (Arena Store). You should focus on farming Han first in the AS because he doubles as a scoundrel for credit heists and Old Ben in CB because he doubles as a Jedi for the Yoda Legendary Event (As does Ezra and Kanan). Once you have these 4 characters, try and get them to gear lvl 9 minimum for the CLS event.

Late Late Game

You are now at the point where you can start working on your First Order team, Jedi Team, and Jedi Training Ray (JTR) team. Kind of simple. You should at this point have 3 Jedi Characters at 7 stars by now anyway. At this point you should also have Jedi Counselor at or close to 7 stars through Hard Node Battles (detailed below) making your forth Jedi character. Your final 7 star should be Qui-Gon Jin who you get from the Catina Store. (We personally put getting the Yoda event done as a low priority EVEN after his recent rework). Your First Order team should be Kylo Ren Unmasked – KRU and Kylo Ren (Catina Battles), First Order Officer (Catina Store), Captain Phasma (Guild War Store) and First Order Tie Pilot – FOTP (Fleet Arena Store/Hard Node Battles). KRU should be your first of the two farmed in CB because you unlock his ship at the same time as his character, (Honestly you can consider farming him after Hera and Ezra because of this fact. You may begin farming FOTP before this point too for this same reason, just prioritize Vader before him in the ship arena store). Finally you have your JTR team. You will need BB8 from his legendary event. This is what your FO team is for. You will also need to farm Scavenger Rey (Guild Store/Hard Mode Battle), Finn (Catina Battle/Guild Store/Hard Node), Veteran Han and Veteran Chewie (CB post lvl 83). Rey, Chewie, and Han will take a while to farm, plus you can’t even work on Chewie and Han until after lvl 83, and even then it can be difficult to defeat their battles and even harder to get the battles to 3 stars so you can auto sim. This is why this is the last team you should work on.

Special Note (Scoundrels and Mercs)

You will want a team of 5 scoundrels and/or mercs to do Credit and Training Droid Heist events when they pop up every 7-10 days. This farming method OBVIOUSLY does not put any importance on farming these characters. However you should work on these characters when you can and at times make them a priority over other characters on the strategy above. Noob Chewie (5 stars), Storm Trooper Han, Boba Fett (CS), Cad Bane (GWS), IG-88 (AS), Lando (CB), and Han Solo OG (HPit Raid) are all good characters to farm.

The order in which you should farm shards in each area are as follows.

What About Mods?

The main focus of this guide is for character shards, but we cannot forget mods. Mods are mostly used to add speed to your characters, but in the short term and early game getting a full set of 5 star lvl 15 mods on your Phoenix Squad team makes a huge difference in arena. Once you unlock mods, spend your catina energy on beating the first 3 levels. Once you have done then focus on beating lvls 1-3 of the health mod challenge. After that you should focus on mods until you have a full set of 5 star health mods on each Phoenix Squad member. Then focus on lvling up each of those mods. After you accomplish this save one day a week to farm mods instead of shards in Catina Battles. We will eventually be getting energy specifically for farming mods. When you get a mod with a secondary speed stat, upgrade it and replace mods without speed stats that are on your characters. Also any arrow with a primary speed stat should be leveled up as well, regardless if it has a secondary speed stat or not. PS characters that have priority for speed arrows or mods with secondary speed stats are Zeb, Ezra, Hera/Chopper, and last is Kanan. This is the best prioritization for the Thrawn event. The priorty for Nightmare teams is to give Vadar all your best speed mods. 95% of the time the team that has Vadar attack first will win.

Mod Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Squad Arena Overview

It is important to rank up as high as possible in your squad arena every day in order to receive the most free crystals you can. These crystals will allow you do do more energy and catina energy refreshes which will allow you to farm characters and gear faster. Here are the current meta teams for F2P players. We’re currently leaving the new Jedi Meta off this list do to the fact the leader required is not yet a F2P character.

Early Game Squad (Phoenix Squad): Hera(L), Ezra, Zeb, Chopper, Kanan.

Mid-Late Game Squad (Nightmare Empire): Palp(L), Vadar, Thrawn, Tarkin, Tie Fighter Pilot or Stormtrooper. Zetas should be given to characters in this order. Palp’s Leadership, Thrawn’s Unique, Palps Unique. Give Vadar all your best speed mods. Whomever has the faster Vadar wins 95% of the time.

Late Late Game Squad (Nightmare Sith Minus Traya): Palp (L), Vadar, Thrawn, Sion, Nihlus. Zetas should be given to characters in this order. Palp’s Leadership, Sion’s Unique, Thrawns Unique, Palps Unique or Nihlus’ Unique. Make sure Vadar is still your fastest character.

Ship Arena Overview

Ships are much more important now after the Ships 2.0 update. Not only do you have a pve table to farm gear and ships/characters from, but placing in the top 50 now rewards you with 50 crystals. When farming characters and ships, most people have to ask themselves one very important question. What do we use this character for other than for this ship? Because of this your earn Ship arena team is going to likely look much different than your late game team.

Early to Late Game Team: Tarkin’s Captial Ship. Biggs X Wing, Tie Fighter, Tie Silencer. Reinforcements: Tie Advanced, Slave 1, First Order Tie Fighter, and if you have the last reinforcement unlocked Sun Fac’s Fighter. Tarkins captial ship give you an attack boost for each debuffed enemy, Biggs gains taunt and regains protection every time you place target lock on an enemy, and When Vadar’s Tie Advance comes in he places DOT and Attack down on all enemies giving you an even bigger attack boost. 95% of the time the match will be over before you can call if your FOTP or Sun Fac reinforcement.

Late Late Game Team: Tarkin’s Captial Ship, Geonosian Solder Fighter, Geonosian Spy Fighter, and Sun Fac’s Fighter. Reinforcements: Tie Advanced, Cassian’s U-Wing, FOTP, and Plo Koon’s Star Fighter. Tarkin’s Capital Ship leadership should be maxed by now giving you 20% turn meter every time a ship is destroyed. The Geonosian trio has AMAZING senergy with each other after the Ships 2.0 update. Vadar’s Tie Advance does what it did in the previous team, but without Slave 1 in the team as well Vadar will always get called out first when on defense. Cassian’s U-Wing will dispell all buffs on enemy ships. You will not have to call in FOTP or Plo Coon 95%+ of the time can they can be replaced with other ships if needed.

Farming Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Below we have broken down who to farm and when you should farm them. As always you can work on farm certain characters ahead of others depending on when certain events are returning. For example OG Lando is a great character for Credit and Droid Heists. If you don’t think you will have Old Ben/Farmboy luke done before the next CLS event, you may want to work on getting Lando to 7 stars instead.

Hard Node Battles

Spend between 100-150 energy on hard node battles a day. More if its hard node day for your guild.

  • Sabine 5* (For Ship)
  • Jedi Counselor 7* (For Ship/Jedi Team)
  • FOTP/Scavenger Ray 5-7* (You want to work on them somewhat here, but may want to finish them off in other locations. Bonus you unlock M. Falcon shards when working on Rey.)
  • General Veers 7* (For IPD Mission in TB)

Stage 9 Light/Dark Hard Node Order

  • Darth Nihilus (Arena/TB/TW)
  • Darth Sion (Arena/TB/TW) *Also farm on stage 4 Hard Node Ship Battles
  • Shore Trooper (TB/TW/Sith Raid)

Catina Battles

  • Hera 3*
  • Ezra 7*
  • Hera 7* (Flip like this to have both unlocked for Arena while still farming)
  • TFP or KRU 7* (Doesn’t matter which is first. KRU helps you do better in Ship Arena earlier, but TFP will have to be ready earlier for R2 event and is good for Pit Raid and Nightmare Empire Team.
  • Old Ben 7*
  • Farmboy Luke 7*
  • Kylo Ren 7*
  • Finn 7*
  • Veteran Han/Chewie 7*
  • Lando 5-7* (You may want to work on him earlier depending on what scoundrels you have available for CH).
  • Captain Han Solo 5* – 7* (ROLO TB Mission)

Raid Store

Prioritize Jyn until she is 7 stars and any gear for your characters that is specific to this store. If you find you have a surplus of tokens, buy Darth Maul and Rex.

  • Jyn 7* (Pit Raid/1 of 3 characters need for a ship)
  • Maul 5-7* (Sith Events/Ship Table)
  • Rex 5-7* (for Clone Trooper Event/Ship)
  • Finn/Rey (If you don’t have them 7 stars and JTR event is coming, you can farm extra shards here)
  • Resistance Trooper (JTR Lead Raid Team/TW/TB)
  • Colonel Stark *7 (IPD Mission in TB)

Catina Battle Store

  • Chopper 7*
  • Boba Fett or Storm Trooper 7* (Do in order depending on when R2 event is coming back)
  • First Order Officer 7* (BB8 Event)
  • Qui-Gon Jinn 7* (Yoda Event)

(At this point farm who/what of the following you think you will need first.)

  • Cassian’s U-Wing (Ship for Jyn, Cassian, and K2S0)
  • Ahsoka Tano (Jedi/Ship)
  • Fives (Clone Trooper/Ship)
  • Hoth Rebel Scout (Territory Battles)
  • Old Daka (Night Sisters Events/Sith Raid)
  • Poe Damerson (Resistance/Ship)

Squad Arena Store

  • Kanan 7*
  • Moff Tarkin 7* (Empire/Lead Ship)
  • Storm Trooper Han 7*(CLS Team/Rebel/ Credit Hiest)
  • Princess Leia 7* (CLS Team/Rebel)
  • IG-88 (Scoundrel/Merc/CH Team)

(At this point farm the following in whatever order)

  • Cassian (Rebel/Ship)
  • Mace Windu (Jedi/Ship Leader)
  • Admiral Ackbar (Rebel/Ship Leader)
  • Darth Sidious (Sith/HPit Raid)
  • Asajj Ventress (Night Sisters/HTank Raid/Sith Raid)
  • Savage Opress (Sith)

Guild War Store

  • Zeb 7*
  • Magma Trooper 7* (ONLY if you think you will need him to get R2 next time his even starts)
  • Biggs 7*/Biggs Ship 5* (Farm at same time)
  • Following Ships until they are 5 stars (Biggs, Jedi Counselor, TFP, FOTP)
  • Captain Phasma 7* (FO/BB8 Team)

(The rest you can farm in whatever order you want)

  • Geonosian Ships
  • K2S0 (Rebel/Ship)
  • Teebo (Ewok/HPit)

Fleet Arena

You will be farming several of these at the same time. Just make sure you always save 400 -800 tokens in case Vader pops up in the store. Once he is up to 7* do the same for FOTP.

  • Vader 7* (Empire/Arena/Ship)

Ships (Always buy Tie Advanced and Slave 1 over Ghost and Phantom. Ghost and Phantom will be in store more often. Boost a star level to Ghost or Phantom then alternate. Again, ALWAYS buy Tie Advanced and Slave 1 over Ghost/Phantom.)

  • FOTP 7* (FO/BB8/Ship)

(Farm the rest in whatever order you want)

  • Darth Maul
  • Fulcrum
  • Sun Fac
  • Rex
  • Clone Seargent
  • Ships above to 7*
  • Any Ships to 7*

Guild Events Store

  • Hermit Yoda (Sith Raid/Jedi Arena Team/Future Legendary Event?)
  • Wompa 7* (HAAT Raid/Arena)

(The above two are very long term farms, but its worth getting them done before other Guild Event store specific characters do to speculative reasons. Farm the rest in whatever order you want.)

  • Director Krennic (Empire)
  • Gar Saxon/Imperial Super Commando (Empire/Ship)
  • Gauntlet Starfighter (Ship for above Characters)
  • Gear 12 scrap

Shard Shop

  • Only use to buy gear. Only buy gear that you need 50 of to craft something. G. Grevious MAY get a rework at some point that will make him great to have, but right now he is the worst character in the game.)

Special Note – We know we do not have Wedge listed above. This is because his farming location (Catina Battles) already has so many characters in them and it already takes quite a while to farm characters there. He has an amazing leader ability, is best paired with Biggs, and has an awesome ship. He is also good in certain areas of different raids, and is used in Territory Wars/Battles. However he is not needed for legendary events and he is no longer arena viable, which is what this farming strategy is build around. We also didn’t want to create a list of who to farm in Catina Battles after you get done with the main list like we did with other farming areas because the list is already so long and there are several characters along with Wedge who you should farm there. If you can’t get Veteran Han/Chewie and have time to farm Wedge, do it.

Special Note 2 – a draw back from using this guide is that you will not be focusing on getting teams made to complete important mod challenge teams. However this will soon be a mute point as when Mods 2.0 are released you will no longer need specific teams to unlock certain mod types.

Big Thanks to user Madpup70 for help creating this F2P guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

We hope you enjoyed this Ultimate F2P Guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and you learned something new. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave a comment below. Find more Guides to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes in our Guide Section.

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