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Here you find the Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Guide for Team Building and Characters. The Game we recently introduced to you in an extensively review. We had a previous guide for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival with tips, tricks and cheats for Android and iOS. More Guides The Walking Dead: Road to Survival will be added soon.


Team Building Guide

  • For the campaign, teams should be built around the enemies you’ll be facing, e.g. use a team of Alert and Fast characters to beat Strong and Tough enemies, respectively.
    • We recommend having at least 2 support characters – One that can heal and one that can buff your team. A third support is good, if you find your team dying too often and you need the extra heals/defense buffs.
  • For raiding, just use your strongest characters. Use the autofill option, (do this in the team builder by clicking one of your character’s portraits. The option should be at the top of the screen) which picks your “best” characters and equips them with your best weapons.
    • The goal of an ideal raid team is to burst down the enemy team as quickly as possible, taking down 1 or 2 zombies in your opening attack. If you can, reduce them down to 4 zombies, then, that usually means you win, if you just keep trading the characters. Pray that you have luck with the random generated attacks, that your characters don’t get any critical hits.

Always built your team around the enemies you’ll be facing in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Characters Guide

  • Prioritize leveling and upgrading 3 stars and up characters. They tend to have the best adrenaline rushes and stats.
  • Usually sell all you 1 Star characters. They’re too weak to use in your teams. It’s debatable whether or not it’d be worth using them to level up your characters, since to get 2 Star characters you have to spend food to train them anyway. Soon we will do the math on efficiency of experience given to food spent.
    • As such, try to only use 2 Star characters to level up your other ones.
  • For each trait, try to have at least 3 characters with different types of adrenaline rushes – one that does damage (single target or Area of Effect), one that can heal the team, and one that can buff the team. This lets you build teams against different types of enemies, while still having enough damage/support to survive.

If you have more tips for Team Building, the Characters or general tips for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, feel free to leave a comment below.

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  1. I go to fight and it says can not equip characters. Why?

  2. Certain missions like on the roadmap only allow you to equip certain traits. Try using only fast and strong.

  3. Can someone tell me what S1 characters are??

    • Very highly trained. Put it this way, I am a C+++ I’m not even ready for boot camp yet. My brother leads a highly rated faction that are all S1. Good luck and have fun!

  4. Karmiethious | June 28, 2016 at 6:12 am | Reply

    Get training ground to level 11 same with worshop allows you to make 3 star random characters and unlocks smelling salts am lvl 18 class A team good luck have fun play hard live long

  5. Why cant i ascend a character? It says he is in a team… is he f**k tho

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