The Path to Luma: Free puzzle adventure game for Android, iPhone and iPad


The Path to Luma by NRG Energy, Inc.

The Path to Luma  is a new game app for Android, iPhone and iPad. This is a puzzle adventure game that is available for free in the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. Not even advertising or in-app purchases are included in the game.

In this app you must solve numerous puzzles on abandoned planets of the galaxy to save Sam, an android. The mission: to make clean energy available.


The Path to Luma: Solve the puzzles


Discover different worlds in the Path of Luma @ NRG Energy, Inc.

The game design is really great implemented, because in The Path to Luma there is a freely rotatable planet, where from one side always the sun shines. With Sam you must now go beyond the planet. The aim is also to recharge batteries to keep doors open. In addition, you can move objects.

Controlled is The Path to Luma with just one finger. With a tap, you can move Sam to a new point. Following the same principle you even turn the planet on which you find yourself.

The most important element in The Path to Luma is probably the sun, because with her solar energy can be collected. At the same time there is also wind power and energy from waste.

Discover over 20 worlds

In total there are over 20 worlds in the App The Path to Luma for Android and iOS, on them always different puzzles must be resolved. The Road to the Luma is enormously varied.

The game was developed for NRG Energy by Phosphor Games, which are characterized in charge of the top game Horn.

Gameplay Video to The Path to Luma

So you can have a better idea about The Path to Luma, we have a gameplay video for the game. This includes the worlds 1 to 4. Here’s the video:

Download the free App

With absolutely no in-app purchases and advertising for Android and iOS, the games The Path to Luma comes along. With a great graphical implementation and a stunning soundtrack, the game totally fascinates.

With the 20 worlds that need to be rescued by means of natural energy, the game is not particularly extensive, but the puzzles to solve are all even better, because not always you find directly the solution. Below the links to download for Android and iOS.

App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store

In the iTunes App Store The Path to Luma is available for free for iPhone, iPad and iPod. To install at least iOS 6 is required.


The Path to Luma for Android in the Google Play Store

In the Google Play Store The Path to Luma has succeeded nicely. With 4.5 stars, the players recommend especially gameplay, graphics and sound. Below you find the link to download the game:


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