The best ways to find iPhone Wallpapers

If you want to change the style or layout of your iPhone or iPad, the options are limited. However, you’re able to choose a background for the lock screen and your overall home screen. In fact, Apple offers some different types of wallpapers to choose: Stills, Dynamic and Live. Stills are just unanimated images that don’t move and Live wallpapers are animated, but only when you 3D touch the display. Because of that, they are only available for the latest iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Dynamic wallpapers are animated backgrounds that slowly change their appearance.  If your iOS device is jailbroken, you can download and install LiveWallEnabler, which will add those wallpapers to older iPhones and iPads. While the iPhone has some wallpapers preinstalled, the variety is rather small. But don’t panic! You can generally use every image on your iPhone as a wallpaper, no matter if it’s a picture, coming from as a download from a website or an app. In the following article we’ll give you the best way to find iPhone or iPadwallpapers.


Do you ever considered looking at good-old Flickr for an iPhone background? Well, we didn’t before we were doing some research in finding the best iPhone wallpapers. This Flickr group comes with over 27.000 images and illustrations, all made for the iPhone or iPad.

Flickr iPhone Wallpapers is hands down the best source for some of the best wallpapers. You can get them with the app or simply by downloading a wallpaper from the website. The app offers many different tags to find the perfect wallpaper, including also the possibility to filter for the most downloaded and top rated backgrounds.



If artistic backgrounds are your favorite, Poolga is an awesome website to get creative and artful backgrounds for your iOS device. While the selection is limited, they have some hand-picked and created from selected illustrator wallpapers. We really prefer the wallpapers and enjoy the styles.

Reddit /r/iPhoneWallpapers

That’s an easy one – reddit is always a great source of inspiration and top wallpapers. You can simply search the subreddit for top  wallpapers or simply ask for what kind of background you’re looking for. You can thing whatever you want about reddit, but the community can make awesome things possible.


Google Image Search

Last but not least, there’s like always Google. You can join the Google Image Search, look for iPhone Wallpapers and find an endless list of possibilities. While they might not be aggregated, sorted or hand-picked, there are all kind of wallpapers.

How to change your Wallpaper

Like we said before, you’re able to pick any picture on your iOS device as your personal wallpaper. To change your background, go to SettingsWallpaperChoose a New Background. In the following menu you can select a picture from the Apple standard wallpapers or from your iPhone or iPad photos. Pick the image, adjust it (you can scale and move it) and confirm with Set. That’s all! Enjoy your new personal background.

More Backgrounds for iOS devices

If you have any other sources for awesome wallpapers, please let us know. Simply post a replay in the comments and we will add your suggestion to the article.

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