Star Wars: Uprising tips, tricks and cheats – Part 3


Star Wars: Uprising by Kabam

Today we present you Part 3 of our tips, tricks and cheats for the App Star Wars: Uprising for Android and iOS. The game is a Free2Play game, so it makes sense to acquire some tips to progress as quickly and good as possible.

In our preview article we had already presented Star Wars: Uprising in detail. So we had already described, that you always have limited moves in the game and thus the gameplay is also limited. You can find Part 1 and 2 of our Star Wars: Uprising Guides below, where we presented notes for the first few levels, how gear works and how you should level in the game.

Star Wars: Uprising Guide Part 3 – Alternative Leveling Strategies

We’ve read a few other guides or comments from people lamenting some decision or reinforcing another one. We’ve heard a few people have backed the idea of basically leveling as fast as you can, upgrading what gear you can, and reaching level 40 as fast as possible. They say that in this way you have access to all the planets and can farm what you want. We strongly, strongly advise against this.


Don’t level and gear up as fast as you can in Star Wars: Uprising.

Once you hit Anoat and finish all the story missions (which, if you do, you’ll miss out on guaranteed trooper pants if you aren’t geared enough, food for thought), you’ll be in green gear, maybe have a blue piece or two, all of your gear will be from different planets, your crew members are going to be level 15 with a few level 30, you might have one blue 4 star crew member if you got lucky on a crane pull or something. Now what?

Exactly. Now. What? Farm Anoat for Guerilla gear? Farm everything to level up your current gear? People have done just fine using this strategy, but we guarantee their armory isn’t as full as our, nor do they have crew members like us, nor will their player rating be as high as our (unless they farm Guerilla gear and it will take them longer to go this route than it did for me to just hit level 40 with all purple gear from the get-go), and, you guessed it, we still messed up royally. It was our first play-through, we knew a little of what we were doing, but inexperience still lent itself to several key mistakes for us. Imagine trying to make that up at level 40. You no longer have good access to low leveled gear for your armory, you won’t want to go to Burnin Konn or Mataou to get these gear sets when you can just do Anoat and get better gear, the list goes on. Just…don’t do it.

Another justification they use is that you’ll have enough credits because you can run 4 daily credits mission. We had trouble with credits for about 5 levels and that’s because we didn’t understand the gains you stand to make by running repeatables and selling the desh. Once you hit the Hoth repeatable level 25 mission and can do tier 3, you have access to a mission that only drops white, green, blue and purple desh, and drops the higher tiers quite often. You don’t need to worry about credits, what you need to worry about is progression, and you will hit walls if you don’t do it properly, because once you have a mixed assortment of anything, be it crew members who can’t be upgraded, gear that’s mismatched or low, trouble with crystals, etc. it’s an uphill climb to get back on par.

Star Wars: Uprising – Advanced Tips

  • You can always “Quit Mission” if you get to the end of the level and you aren’t satisfied with your rewards. Go do a desh repeatable mission (you might as well since you always need desh and credits), and come back to it – this resets the mission and changes the rewards. Just note that if you only see green gear after a few attempts, it’s likely that blue is out of reach for that tier at that level. You probably won’t ever see blue gear until you tier up. Blue is very common, if you can get it. In fact tier 3 only drops blue gear after level 30 or so. Running tier 3 assaults in the 25-39 range I usually got 2-3 pieces of blue gear out of the 4 or 5 possible loot grabs. Every once in a while we didn’t see any and we just restarted the mission. If you notice after quitting and restarting that the same gear is dropping from the same enemies and you are seeing the same level layout over and over, that means you are stuck in the same “seed” for that level. You need to get a victory from a different level, which is why we always suggest going to do a repeatable after quitting.

Farm everything to level up your current gear? We do not recommend that.

  • Quick word on Chromium – Chromium should only be used to expand your inventory, and to buy battle plans in sector battles. Early grabs from the crane will net you green level gear or possibly more but as mentioned above this is very flighty and leaves you with mismatched gear that will gimp your upgrading process, as well as your armory completion for your crew members. You should never resurrect yourself. It’s using premium currency on something that you can just hit “Quit Mission” to do. If you need a blue weapon and one dropped in a story mission but you died to the boss, just keep repeating the mission until a blue weapon drops again, shouldn’t take more than 5 tries, and it’s just not worth using premium currency. At least in our opinion. If you want to create a new character for 150 chromium go ahead, but we would just create a new account. You “share” discoveries on one account which means you can’t get extra chromium for maxing out weapons and armor on your new character. Or scrips from discovering new items. Note that you do not share armories either, thus you still need to fill out your armory on your new character, but you won’t get the rewards already received. Kind of lame. However, your two characters “share” mail. So if you run a sector battle on your main and get all the requisition scrips and say get Lieutenant, you can open all that mail on your ALT account, which would be fantastic for early leveling as well as give a nice boost of crystals for later, if your main doesn’t need the event crystals or set piece awarded.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. People can get obsessed with “gearing up” and that ruins the fun of the game. Our guide is here to help keep it from being frustrating, try not to take these concepts too far. (Yes, this is an advanced tip. No, we don’t care that you don’t think it’s advanced.)
  • One more tip: We almost didn’t share this because we don’t want it fixed for a long time. If you want to do the next tier in an assault mission or repeatable, but you’re 100 or so PR away from qualifying, you can add some random friend to the mission and then just start without them, though this will probably be fixed in the future. It will “up” your player score by roughly 10% we believe, and the friend doesn’t have to invest the time if he’s level 40 and you’re level 20 (or waste an assault mission), nor is this impeded by a level 5 that doesn’t qualify, he’ll “join” and be ineligible, so you just start without him. Pretty cool exploit.

More tips and tricks for Star Wars: Uprising

Do you know more tricks in this role-playing game, to progress more quickly? Then post your Star Wars: Uprising tips and tricks simply in the comments. We will then steadily expand this guide. Don’t forget to visit our first part and second part of guides for Star Wars: Uprising.

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