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Star Wars: Uprising by Kabam

Below you’ll find lots of tips, tricks and cheats for the App Star Wars: Uprising for Android and iOS. Because this game is a Free2Play game, it makes sense to acquire some tips to progress as quickly and good as possible.

In our preview we had already presented Star Wars: Uprising in detail. So we had already described that you always have a limited moves in the game and thus the gameplay is limited. Star Wars: Uprising was pulished world-wide a few weeks ago, which is why we can now share our tips for the game. This is Part 1 on our Star Wars: Uprising series, which we will continue in the next few weeks, so make sure you check back frequently.

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Star Wars: Uprising Guide

Star Wars: Uprising is, in our opinion, a mobile MMO done correctly. They’ve left plenty of room for expansion, they respond (at least in our experience) to the player base, and do quick bugfixes. Perhaps people have a bad taste in their mouths with Kabam, we don’t know, but our experience with them has been positive. Maybe they have internal pressure because of the “Star Wars” brand, we’re not sure.

Anyway, for someone unfamiliar with how these types of games work, the leveling up process can be quite a pain. The main issue is the tiered reward system, which is floored off by your total “player score.” In other words, if your gear isn’t good enough, you can’t get better rewards. To top that off, everything except story missions and repeatable level with you, which means the requirements raise as you get higher in level. If you get behind in your gear, you tend to stay behind because you have to “settle” for worse rewards. This can be frustrating. This guide for Star Wars: Uprising is intended to keep you on the right track, or, if your current situation sounds familiar to the example above, how to get out of that situation.

Make no mistake about it, Kabam is trying to make money, which is why they’ve structured the reward system like they have. It encourages you to pay for chromium for the chance at the crane for better gear to “catch up.” You can beat this system, though. You can even catch up if you’re behind – We did, and we’ll show you how.

Notes for the first few Levels in Star Wars: Uprising

From Level 1 until around level 8, you’re sort of forced to do the storyline missions, which is fine. A couple of things to be aware of – only spend credits when it forces you to spend them, such as buying the “crowd control” ability. You do not need a level 1 ability to obtain its level 2 or 3 counterpart, so you can skip the credit-costing, level 1 abilities and just wait to purchase your abilities with commendations if you wish to do so. If you reallywant an ability but it costs something like 25 commendations for the level 2 version, then go ahead and purchase the level 1 for credits, just be aware that your Gear is more important than your abilities, always. You can get away with the “stock” abilities until level 40. You can’t do the same with gear.

Also, note that your first few missions give you a hefty amount of credits, and you won’t see this again until the very last few at level 40. You’ll get around 2,000-4,000 credits per mission for the first five, and it totals to around 15,000-20,000. You also won’t see those numbers again until after level 30 for your daily credit missions, so hold on to them and use them to upgrade your gear early on.


You do not need a level 1 ability to obtain its level 2 or 3 counterpart, so you can skip the credit-costing.

You may want to purchase lvl 1 abilities to “test them out” before using your commendations on the higher levels, once credits aren’t too much of an issue. This allows you to find what’s comfortable for you without feeling “committed” to the build. We would recommend to wait until you feel comfortable with the game and can easily run desh repeatables for credits before doing this, though. The first 10-15 levels should be focused on gear.

How the Gear works in Star Wars: Uprising

An important thing to understand while leveling is how gear works, and how drops work. You only get gear drops from story missions and assault missions. Assault missions are limited to 5 a day and story missions pretty much stop at level 40 – at least if and until Kabam adds new content. This means your main source of gear comes from assault missions.

There are four types of gear – Offensive, Defensive, “Utility”, and Balanced. There is “starter” gear that doesn’t go beyond “Green” level (Street Punk, Hutt Guard, Survivalist, and Scavenger), these all drop at Grey or White, only upgrade once, and only complete one set in the armory. To me the Grey drops are more worthwhile because they’re easier to upgrade to get the set completion, and they should be treated as such, don’t waste your time upgrading a white to green max if you already have the gray counterpart. You’ll just be replacing it in a few levels anyway (the exception to this is if you need the green crystal that the gear piece provides, it’s cheaper to use the white crystals to upgrade the gear and then salvage it, than it is to “upgrade” the crystals to the next tier. Upgrading crystals gets exponentially harder to do, so if you can upgrade a piece of gear to obtain the crystal, opt for this always).


There are four types of gear in Star Wars: Uprising – Offensive, Defensive, “Utility”, and Balanced.

Then there is set gear which can drop at higher and higher tiers, allowing it to be upgraded further. These sets can be upgraded twice, therefore a green (3 star) “Enforcer Bracers” can be upgraded to 5 stars, or purple, making it more valuable than a white Enforcer Bracers, which can only be taken to 4 stars, or blue. Note that upgrading the white bracers to green will give it the exact same stats as the “dropped” green, but the dropped green is more valuable to you because it can be upgraded further. Both of these complete different “sets” in the armory, however, and are both worth upgrading to max level and max stars, if you have the crystals for it. You’ll notice they’ll have a different prefix (“Weathered” is white, and “Stock” is green at the “first” level, for instance), and that is a good indicator as well.

Further complicating this whole concept is that the four types of gear give different total player score stats. Defensive is the lowest, then Offensive, then Utility, then Balanced. Stormtrooper gear is its own beast and is technically defensive, but gives the highest because it is so rare, and is not included in this guide beyond this paragraph. You can only farm it in sector battles on “Imperial Opportunities.” In 4 sector battles that we’ve participated in we’ve seen the Imperial Opportunity officer appear three times. Twice during the same sector battle we where farming like crazy at level 25 and obtained Captain, and then once more randomly during another one. They’re quick, they’re easy, and they give you insanely good, guaranteed rewards. Always take these opportunities, they cost 10 battle plans but are very worth it, even if you only get the Havod crystals they sell for something like 35k credits each.

Are there cheat codes in Star Wars: Uprising?

Let us now briefly talk about Star Wars: Uprising cheats. We are often asked whether there are cheat codes for the app. This does not exist, unfortunately, because Star Wars: Uprising is a Free2Play game, so you have to use real money to buy the premium currency.

From time to time available on the Internet, are so-called hacks, with which one you should get unlimited premium items. These are not only illegal, but often hide viruses and Trojans that can do much damage to your phone or tablet. For this reason we do not recommend the use of so-called Star Wars: Uprising hacks or cheats.

More tips and tricks

Do you know more tricks in this role-playing game, to progress more quickly? Then post your Star Wars: Uprising tips and tricks simply in the comments. We will then steadily expand this article.

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