SpongeBob Moves In Review for Android and iOS


SpongeBob Moves In by Nickelodeon

SpongeBob Moves In is very similar to the The Simpsons™: Tapped Out and is available for Android and iOS. Today we provide you a first look into the game, which is currently the app of the week in the app store. With this review for SpongeBob Moves In you will get a good overview what you can do in the game and what are the key facts. At the End of this SpongeBob Moves in review you will find a trailer video for the game and also the download links to the App Store and the Play Store.



SpongeBob Moves In Review for Android and iOS


Spongebob himself introduces you to the game, right after the start.


At the beginning in SpongeBob Moves In you need to complete some simple quests like building the Pineapple House.


Once you complete a quest in SpongeBob Moves In, you will get rewards like this little stars. These stars count as experience or like the game calls it Happiness. The first steps you make in the game are guided in a little tutorial, where you learn the most important things about the game.


One main task in SpongeBob Moves In is to grow vegetables, which are need for food which is cooked in the Krusty Krab.


The inhabitants in Spongebob Moves In have some particular food wishes from time to time. Theses wishes appear in a list one the right or you can see them directly over a resident. If you fulfill their wishes you will earn experience and money.


You will not only earn rewards by feeding you inhabitants, the game will also give you some specific quests in the quest log.


Like in the The Simpsons™: Tapped Out you can send inhabitants to do specific stuff to get experience and money, which is needed to unlock new buildings and quests.


Once you reach a new level, new items and buildings will be unlocked. Besides that you will also unlock new characters in the Spongebob Moves In app, which will come to your town.


As the game continues, new inhabitants want to join your town in Spongebob Moves In. First of all you need to build their houses, after that they also want to have some wishes fulfilled from time to time.


With the money you earn in the game you can build new houses, decorations and other stuff. Some stuff can only be built with Jelly, which is available through in app purchases.


Spongebob Moves In is financed through in-game purchases. With the help of Jelly, which you can buy from real money things can be speed up in the game.

SpongeBob Moves In funny and motivating

SpongeBob Moves In is really like The Simpsons™: Tapped Out, if you liked this game you will also like this one. It’s really funny and very simple, you can build your own little under water town as you wish you like. You want to expand more and more, build more interesting houses and collect more residents. Don’t worry about the in app purchases, you don’t need the Jelly you will progress very good even with out it. You can run tasks and build new constructions over night and they will be completed the next morning. We really recommend SpongeBob Moves In for you, if you like city-building apps or you just love SpongeBob and his friends.

Trailer for Spongebob Moves In

In order to give you a better impression of the app Spongebob Move In, we have a trailer for the game for you. Here’s the video:

Download SpongeBob Moves In for iOS at the Apple App Store



Download SpongeBob Moves In for Android in the Google Play Store



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