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Sling Kong by Protostar

Rarely in the recent past, an app like Sling Kong for Android, iPhone and iPad has pleased us that much. As it is now, of course, it is not surprising that Sling Kong is also just become today’s App of the Day. Previously the app Mountain Goat Mountain was our favorite. The gameplay may now not be new, but the implementation is really successful.

Sling Kong was published by Protostar which are yet relatively unknown. But that should certainly change with this app. What is your task in Sling Kong and where you can download the game, you will experience in the following App Review.

Sling Kong: Sling the monkey and other characters up


Sling Kong Screenshot – © Protostar

You start with a monkey in the jungle. Your task is to go as far as possible to reach the top. You have to simply pull down and thereby define the direction with the finger. Here you have to make it to the next point where you can stay a certain amount of time.

However, there are many difficulties like obstacles and dangers in Sling Kong . So platforms go up and into each other. Boaters block the way and last but not least there are also branches in the way up. “The monkey will go crazy in the jungle.”

Coins, bonus and more

What we really like about Sling Kong. Even the menus are peppered through the numerous characters of Sling Kong. Overall, you can unlock 35 additional characters in the course, including pandas or crabs. Collect coins that you can use as a bonus in the game. In any case you will get another character and with a little luck, numerous coins back this way .

Sling Kong scores not only with its simple but challenging gameplay, but also by a great graphical implementation.

Gameplay video for Sling Kong

So you can make you a better impression of Sling Kong, we have below the official gameplay trailer for the game. In the video, several scenes from the game are included. Here’s the video:

Download Sling Kong

Anyone who prefers apps that are challenging should definitely download Sling Kong for Android, iPhone and iPad. In the jungle lurk numerous obstacles and dangers and yet you have to go as high as possible.

The numerous other characters, which you can unlock in Sling Kong, are also not boring. Financed g is the game via in-app purchases, but they are optional because you can get the coins by playing.

App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store

In the iTunes App Store Sling Kong is available for free. Here the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be downloaded, but iOS 7 or later must be installed on your device.


Sling Kong for Android in the Google Play Store

Not only we liked Sling Kong. Currently the app manages an outstanding 4.7 star rating in the Google Play Store. To install it Android 2.3.3 or higher is required. To the Google Play store:


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