Resistance Trooper Review – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Like Anakin and Hoth Rebel Scout, the Resistance Trooper in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes fits in the mid range attacker category doing damage between 2-4k and 4-6k on crits. In a synergy group, paired with debuffers and resistance characters (specifically Poe and Resistance Pilot, also Zam, Mace or any character that exposes), Resistance Trooper will gain an additional damage boost since he gains TM whenever an enemy becomes exposed.

Resistance Trooper Stats

Resistance Trooper Stats:

Our Resistance Trooper in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is at his gear max with no missing pieces. All of his abilities are at level 7, with no omegas fitted. Omegas on his basic would provide for a 65% expose chance on his basic and on his special an additional 15% damage which would make this a very heavy hitting shot (up to 10k).

Resistance Trooper in the Arena

In Arena, the Resistance Trooper is a solid if unexceptional addition in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. If expose landed more often (even with an Omega the chance is only 65% before you even get to a resistance roll) he might be a marginal meta character, but even then he would be a liability on defense as the AI never plays into his strengths by using his special on characters with debuffs, or chasing characters with expose on them. So read that as, on defense, Resistance Trooper’s DPS will be 10-20% lower than if a human is playing him.

Given his mid-range damage, unreliability of his debuff, and bad play by the AI on defense, Resistance Trooper is not recommended for arena unless you are planning to run a full resistance synergy team.

Resistance Trooper in Raids

Thanks to his low potency of 65%, the Resistance Trooper is useful only in sub heroic raids and being marginally usable in T6. The game does not calculate the final damage screen properly in respect to expose damage so Resistance Trooper’s contribution in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is somewhat hidden if he does land an expose on the Rancor.

Thanks to his high health and protection because of his ability to get to gear eleven, he is at the top of the mid range attacker list, but ultimately he’s going to be in your trash groups in heroics and probably sub heroics as well.

Resistance Trooper in Events and Missions

In events and missions, the Resistance Trooper in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a solid mid-range attacker that you would probably use over the current Anakin (pre-rework). His expose will land more often against these opponents and thus increase the DPS of his squad. In a synergy group with resistance and other expose characters such as Mace and Zam, Resistance Trooper will be a very solid DPS addition.


The Resistance Tropper in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is an Opportunistic Resistance attacker that can deal heavy damage to debuffed enemies.


Thanks to his ability to get to gear 11 with only a few fusion furnaces, he was easy to break his gear block while fusion furnaces were in shipments, and harder now that they aren’t. At gear eleven, his survivability is higher than most attackers in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, but his DPS and utility still do not make him Arena Meta. In raids, Resistance Trooper’s expose is useful and helpful in non-heroic raids, but at 65% potency he will not be helpful in heroics.

If you are making a resistance group, Resistance Trooper for sure has a place in it. He will benefit from Poe’s offense up leader ability and every expose will speed him up and his expose gives a damage boost to other resistance characters (like Rey needs it).

Outside a resistance group, the Resistance Tropper struggles to find a place in the game and will likely be relegated to a slot on daily challenges and the occasional GW suicide team.

This doesn’t make Resistance Trooper broken in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Like Anakin, he’s just an average attacker that doesn’t have the skill set to stand out in any area of the game. But when you do use him, he’s going to be a solid addition, just not an exceptional one that will make you rush out to get him.

Section Score
Arena 5.0
Missions 7.0
Raids 5.0
Galactic War 7.0
Challenges 5.0

* In a resistance synergy group add 2 points to all scores.

Thanks to user pcx99 for creating this review for the Resistance Trooper.

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