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In Paradise Bay, coins are the main currency, which is why we have summarized below numerous tips for more coins. General information and a beginner’s guide for the app, check out our Paradise Bay Tips and Tricks article.

Now it should go entirely about how to get more coins, because with coins you can not only buy new buildings and decorations in the shop, but you can also trade at the market as well as unlock new areas.

Paradise Bay: How to get more coins – Tips

Below we present all known methods with which you can generate coins. For what you can use coins in Paradise Bay, we have already stated in the introduction.

As a tip we can give, is necessarily not to unlock all areas, but only those that lead to a new building. Otherwise do not have enough coins available for the production building and etc.

Tips for more coins from the Trade Post

The Trade Post is the wall of your islanders. Here coming back orders, with some advance you in the storyline and, accordingly, can not be removed. Other jobs you can complete, but do not have to. Here are a few tips:

  • If you can not in any case produce a good in Paradise Bay, then remove the job
  • Always look at the wall, to see which orders bring the most coins and what goods you need for it. Produce them preferably.
  • If you’re missing too many goods for an order, decide whether you want to do it later, or if you want to have an entirely new order.

If you are doing the tasks at the Trade Post of Paradise Bay, then are not only coins, but also experience and hearts for each islander. When this bar is full, there is a golden chest. It is therefore advisable preferable to do these jobs.

Sell your goods in Paradise Bay for more coins

At a certain level you can sell your goods at Wesley’s Export in Paradise Bay. For this purpose, moreover, a new islander will be unlocked. Also for selling goods at Wesley’s Export we have some tips, which can generate more coins in Paradise Bay:

  • Sell mainly produced goods, as there will be achieved a higher selling price as with field products
  • If your warehouse is full, decide what products you just have in abundance and are not needed for other jobs. As a rule, these are wood and pineapples, from which you have an abundance, and should therefore be sold.
  • Demand in the app Paradise Bay at Wesley’s Export always the maximum price, because after less than 24 hours, even these goods will be bought by NPCs.
  • For 25 gems get more slots, to sell more goods at the same time.

At the Market in Paradise Bay you can buy materials for a cheap price

Paradise Bay take care of your Docks

Again later in Paradise Bay, the Docks are available for you. It is advisable to develop the Docks once again, so that more ships can dock at the same time. This then remain for a certain time in the harbor. Your job is to get the goods, and then to confirm the order. For this, you get coins and experience, also rare items and other goods that are otherwise not available for produce.

When the time has expired, then the ship drives off and simultaneously a new one drives in. The same is true, if you’ve done a job successfully. If you should not have certain products you need, you do not always produce them yourself. You can also buy these. This of course makes only sense, if the purchase price is less than the coins that you will receive in return.


AT the dock of Paradise Bay you can get rare goods, but also earn coins

Discover other islands

During the game you can unlock more islands in Paradise Bay. The first is the fishing island where you meet Norbert. On the right side you’ll find a wooden wall with goods. Here you can not only sell goods with bonus, but also buy goods for a reduced price.
Once you have accepted an offer, the next follows in an hour.

More Paradise Bay tips for more coins

These are three ways we know, on how to get more coins. Of course, you can also use your gemstones in exchange for coins, but it has not known that you will not own that much and would thus pick up the in-app purchase.

Another possibility would of course still buy goods cheap and then sell high. But this tip we introduced above.

This article is part of the Paradise Bay Guide series for Android and iOS.

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    I agree with the comment regarding the price of land. Far to expensive, please consider reducing the price. Cheers, Terry.

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  5. How to get rainbow fruit and so on

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