Paradise Bay for Android and iOS: It may not always be a farm


Paradise Bay by King

Finally Paradise Bay is also available download for iPhone and iPad, the Android version will follow shortly. For several months the game was out in other countries, including Canada, in the test phase. Now players all over the world can download the new building simulation.

However, the gameplay is very familiar, eventually King could not invent the wheel from scratch. But we note: It may not always be a farm that you build. Of course there is much in common to games like Farmville 2 or Hay Day.

The game was developed by King, which are expected to be known throughout the world, among other things through the Candy Crush franchise. For Paradise Bay, the studio in Seattle was in charge.

Paradise Bay: Build your paradise


Paradise Bay Screenshot – © King

Paradise Bay is a classic building game. Here you find yourself on a tropical island, which can be described well as a paradise for many. In the first step you will become familiar with the gameplay. If you already know games like FarmVille 2, you should have no problems.

So you have goods to cultivate on fields, which are then processed in the production further. From Cotton, for example you get fishing nets, which you can then give your turtles, they hunt for fish or shrimp in the water.

With the fish, in turn, you can have a barbecue. Your goal in Paradise Bay is not only to expand the island, but also to fulfill the requirements and wishes of the islanders. Just so you progress faster, because only with a Level Up new buildings, plants and more will be unlocked.



Much new to be discovered in Paradise Bay

What impressed us is especially the graphical implementation at Paradise Bay. The game is designed in a 3D look and is very detailed. Thus the whole island can be explored, it can be zoomed in and out.

In Paradise Bay of course other buildings will be unlocked. So you can sell your goods or buy some, you can send boatloads and much more.

Financing via in-app purchases at Paradise Bay

The funding of Paradise Bay is the same as usual in games of King via in-app purchases. With these you are allowed to buy the premium currency gemstones. With these, in turn, you can skip waiting periods or purchase goods, if you do not own them. Mandatory they are not necessary, but they speed up the game very much.

In addition, you can buy more land in the App Paradise Bay or procure more coins.

Gameplay Trailer for Paradise Bay

In order to give you a better impression of Paradise Bay, we have below a gameplay trailer for the game, which shows content to the Android and iOS app. Here’s the video:

Download the Paradise Bay App

It does not always have to be a farm – So we have chosen to enter our App Review for Paradise Bay. And that makes it I think very well, because although many things are the same, so the atmosphere of tropical island allows a whole new look at the game.

Graphically Paradise Bay is more than successful and designed to be a good intermission. While it precedes even fast at the beginning, longer waiting times are added later. Since only a small number of fields are available at the beginning, it is here also quickly becomes to a bottleneck, which can be eliminated only through the trading platform in of Paradise Bay. However, it then comes also to the problem that you don’t have enough coins. Nevertheless, Paradise Bay is a lot of fun. Available is the game for iPhone and iPad is (iOS) and soon there will be a app for Android in the Google Play Store.

When Will Paradise Bay available for Android in the Google Play Store?

According to the official statement Paradise Bay will be released soon for Android. When exactly the game will be available for Android and which Android version is assumed, we unfortunately do not know at the current time. We also keep you up to date on the Paradise Bay Android implementation.

App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch on the iTunes App Store

You can already download Paradise Bay in the iTunes App Store. An iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 7 or higher is required. However, there are some players have problems with the connection, which will probably because of the big players rush. That should hopefully be resolved soon. To the download for Paradise Bay on iOS:


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  7. For days it isn’t possible to open the game. If I connect after a few minutes it closes. It’s terrible!

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