On the hunt for the Highscore: Three Apps for in between

Today we introduce you to three highscore games for Android, iPhone and iPad. In all of them, you are on the hunt for the high score, each game has a little differently implemented. One app is here only for the iPhone and iPad, two for both platforms.

Highscore games are very popular under Android and iOS they always get the highest ratings, because they are perfectly suited for in between, if you need some short action. Finally, the whole thing is also good, to compete with your friends.

Highscore Games of the Week: The top 3 for Android, iPhone and iPad

Below we have three Highscore Games of the week picked out for you, that you should definitely take a look at. This time its Pop the Lock, Slowdown,  and Fishy Bits. All apps have appeared in the recent week in the iTunes App Store and / or the Google Play Store.

Pop the Lock: Full concentration and reaction speed


Pop the Lock Screenshot © Simple Machine, LLC

Extremely popular is currently the game Pop the Lock. Here, it is mainly due to concentration and reaction speed. Whenever the yellow dot is at the red line, the screen must be tapped. If you have done this, the counter increases by 1. Now, it is for example not only necessary to tap three times in a row at the right time on the screen, but four times also. This then goes on forever. Exciting it is then especially in higher levels of Pop the Lock when you have, for example, tap 30 or 40 times in a row, at the right time.

Below is the link to download Pop the Lock for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.


As developer Simple Machine released Pop the Lock for iPhone and iPad only, there’s are several different versions from people in the Google Play Store. Subsequently, therefore, a possible variant of Pop the Lock for Android:


Slow Down: Addictive highscore game


Slow Down Screenshot © Ketchapp

Next up, we have Slow Down for you. The game was released by the Highscore games specialists Ketchapp. Unlike other apps, you have here by tapping and holding on the screen slow the game. This means that the white ball does not advanced himself as far.

This makes sense, because many dangers and obstacles lurking on the way. At the same time, you must then also how you can see on the left screenshot, collect stars in Slow Down. Here you have to avoid many obstacles on the way and you’re not allowed to touch them, because otherwise it’s game over.

In addition, there are still opening and closing gates, moving objects, and more, so you have to watch carefully. According to Slow Down is a really addictive highscore game, which is available for free to download for Android, iPhone and iPad.



Fishy Bits: Free App for iPhone and iPad

Unlike Pop the Lock and Slow Down, Fishy Bits is already considerably larger. Even here, the controls are manged only with just one finger, but the figures can be leveled up and there is a better game depth.

The aim of Fishy Bits is it to eat smaller fish, while larger ones left sidelined at the beginning. Furthermore, you don’t have to touch the numerous obstacles under water. If you tap on the screen, so our fish swims down. If you release your finger from your device, he automatically swims upwards.

Fishy Bits is currently only available for free in the iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod.


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