Min Max Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Min Max Guide - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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Today we want to give you guys a guide on what min maxing in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is, and how it can affect your game play choices in particular ways. This Guide is for new players aswell as for advanced players in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, who will maybe find answers to the questions about min maxing in the game. If you have any feedback for us or you think we missing an important point that needs to be in here, feel free to leave a comment below the article.

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Min Max Guide – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

“Min-maxing” in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a phrase that’s used a lot around gaming to describe the process of getting the most out of your game, by making sure the decisions you make are optimal ones. It actually originates from coaching practices, which dictate that lots of minor, positive changes to your routine make for a big difference in performance. This is especially applicable to the long term world of this game, where small differences absolutely add up to a big difference. It is a well known fact for example, that if you start of badly on a shard during a re-roll that the guys ahead of you will keep getting further and further ahead as they accumulate more and more.

One place where min maxing was used to great success is the British Cycling team. Now, the guy who runs the teams now was a massive believer in this philosophy and essentially in 2008 he came on board with the goal to make UK cyclists highly competitive. The changes he brought in included:

  • Riders bringing their own beds to events so they got a proper nights sleep.
  • Bringing in the nurse who trains medical staff how to wash their hands properly (a surgical scrub), so they could reduce the amount of sickness.
  • Making sure the wheels on the bikes were as round as possible (when the bikes go fast, slow mo cameras showed the wheels actually going slightly oval, so they got engineers in and created rounder wheels).
  • Getting a proper dietitian and food team in to keep everyone supplied according to completely individual eating plans.
  • Hiring a world class sprint coach and scientist to research and develop a program for high burst training.
  • Funding massive RnD on aerodynamics using F1 wind tunnels to develop the most effective riding profile for each cyclist.

and many, many more things that have all added up to create this massive amount of success that we’ve been seeing over the last decade.

How does this apply to your game in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? We hear you ask. Well! What you should do, is each day try to make one positive change to the way you play the game. Go for the next tier in arena (50 more crystals per day is 350 more per week, which is enough for another item of gear, 3 more resets, mods, etc etc), go for the next tier in ship arena (50 more currency = one more piece of raid gear every 2 weeks / chars starred up faster etc), push your GW to completion or as close as you can. Every single thing you move up by even just one notch will add up to you having more resources; more characters; more everything.

It’s very easy to think “oh well top 100 is only 50 more resources than top 200 and i’m not really bothered”. Min maxing can go the other way as well in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, so you do less well, have less to spend, can’t push up more, losing out on that piece of gear by 100 shards, etc. What i’m saying is don’t get complacent!

We hope this has been useful for you and thanks to user Mildcorma for help creating this guide.

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What do you think of this min maxing guide for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Do you have any suggestions or feedback? Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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