iPhone 6c and iPhone 7: The last insider predictions 2015

In the coming year, reports from suppliers circles sighted us for around four months to the heart, that we can count on two iPhone releases. In addition to the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus, which will probably also again presented in 2016 as part of the traditional autumn events, is the iPhone 5c already be inherited in March by the iPhone 6c. A 4-inch device with metal housing and A9 processor.


And at that very “iPhone for little hands” we got new information from China. Accordingly, the iPhone 5c successor should be equipped with a larger battery than the last 4-inch device from Cupertino and bring a capacity of at least 1642mAh on the scale. Compared with the 1570mAh battery of the iPhone 5c, an increase of nearly 5 percent.
The chinese website MyDrivers also underscores known Forecasts: According to the iPhone 6c it is put back on the small flash memory equipment of only 16GB, 2GB RAM and integrate the fingerprint scanner “Touch ID”.
Even Apple will increase its efforts to make the upcoming device generations more water-resistant than before. Relying on the Chinese “Commercial Times” reported the industry portal Digitimes:

The upcoming new iPhone products are rumored to be water-proof and use new compound materials to hide the antenna […]


Water resistant: meshed grills on the speaker

Apple already optimized the iPhone 6s for increased water resistance and covers the current flagship with many seals and silicone, which is to protect the unit against liquid damage obviously.

Every cable connector on the board—from the battery and display, to the Lightning port and buttons—is surrounded by what appears to be a tiny silicon seal. […] while it’s not necessarily “waterproof,” the added water resistance means you’re less likely to have to repair it in the first place. We call that a win.

Finally, Reuters notes, that Apple is said to have agreed with the display pavers LG Display and Samsung Display on two contracts and has now issued the first orders for OLED displays, which should reach the iPhone 2018.

South Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd and the panel-making unit of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd will supply organic light emitting diode (OLED) screens for Apple Inc’s iPhones, the Electronic Times reported on Wednesday citing unnamed sources. The report comes after years of speculation that Apple will start using the next-generation technology in its phones. OLED screens are thinner and offer better picture quality than the mainstay liquid crystal display screens.

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