Invincible TOAH team for problem stages – Summoners War

Summoners War by Com2uS Corp.

Hello summoners, this is a small “guide” for guys who have the following specific mobs and struggle with some TOAH waves. To be truthful: This idea or team is absolutely nothing new. A year ago we watched a video with this team, so its not our idea. But we always struggled with TOAH 93 (Leo Ragdoll stage) on Lilith rota and always beated it with a semi-suicide dot team. And with our past teams we always ended up getting beated by RNG a view times. We tried camules and Neal but both teams where a bit RNG-based (Or we were just to dump to play them right, tbh). So we yesterday tried the following team:

  • Baretta, Chloe, Ransheed (Dark EP), Michelle, Mihyang

Summoners War – Invincible TOAH team for problem stages

How does this work?

The whole team works around Chloes invincible buff. Chloe must be the fastest, casts her third skill and gives the buff. After that Michelle, Ransheed and Mihyang use there second/third skill to extend the invincible buff. From there on Baretta uses his third skill to clear the waves. Now your invincibility is up all time on all units. You don’t need to cast it again with Chloe.

Important notes:

  1. This team is only useable against teams that can’t strip!
  2. You don’t want to bring that team against healers. Trust us you don’t want it…
  3. Speed tuning! Because of the tick mechanic its possible for your mobs to get there turn order lost after x turn. To prevent losing the buff at some point you want to have the turn order: Chloe – Buff extender x3 – Baretta. Try to get the speed close. We ourself have Baretta as third but we think as last one its better
  4. If you want to use your team against Leo-Ragdoll stage give Mihyang a will set. Do it.
  5. All buff extender need to have there buff-extend skill maxed!
  6. You need to get chloes buff skill + all extending skills up each beginning of the floor. Yes, this is harder than expected… Try to get some stats on your team to maybe get the last opponent down with default attacks. Mihyangs second skill also does okayish damage.


Q: Does this team work with Mav instead of a buff extender?

A: We didnt tried it, but we think yes. Just dont forget he gives spd buff, which COULD ruin your turn order… Also we believe Jamire works too.

Q: Is this team 100% winrate against like Leo-Ragdoll?

A: Yes and no. Yes because if you do everything right you wont loose. No because… well you play 15-20 minutes on manual and its hard to concentrade. You need to select all skills when they are up and therefore if you missclick you loose the buff and you are dead. We needed to do it twice, because the first time we missclicked when the first Ragdoll was dead… And it was over.

Q: What are your stats?

A: Well, the only thing that matters is spd tune here, so:

  • Chloe: 191 SPD
  • Barretta: 182 SPD
  • Rasheed: 167 SPD
  • Michelle: 187 SPD
  • Mihyang: 168 SPD (+Will runes, 20k HP, 1000 def to witstand leos hit)

We hope this may help someone, enjoy trying this team.

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Thanks to user Urathil for help creating this summoners war guide. We hope you enjoyed this Summoners War Guide about a TOAH team. If you have any question, feedback or ideas, for this guide or Summoners War in general, please feel free to leave a comment below.

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