How to play Pokemon Go right! Cheats?

Now now, hold on. We get what you’re thinking. “Right? What are you talking about? My Pokemon are high CP and I can take gyms!” Even if you disagree with literally everything we say, maybe reading the following thoughts will help you understand some things in Pokemon Go about other parts of the player base. We also answer the question, if there are any cheats in Pokemon Go.

CP is Worthless in Pokemon Go?

We get what you’re thinking “CP is worthless?! That’s everything I work for in the game!”, but hold on for a second. Ask yourself, what purpose does CP have?

There is really only one purpose for it, and it’s in the name. Combat Power. It’s the Pokemon’s power in battle. That is it. Outside of battle, a 10 CP Rattata is just as valuable as a 2000 CP Dragonite. Both are just nice characters.

So where in the game does CP come into play? Gyms. So you work for CP to get more power to have an easier time at gyms to take control of them. That makes sense. However;

Gyms are very easy to have control over

We all have this complaint. All defenders have it. Even attackers do. Having a team of 6 mobile, non-AI controlled Pokemon vs 1 AI controlled immobile Pokemon is not in the Gym’s favor. Sure, gyms can have far more Pokemon, even more than 5, however, that is 1 Pokemon per defender player, yet each attacking player has access to 6. You do the math.

If 5 Mystics hold a gym, they have 5 defenders to draw into. If 5 Valors come by, they have 30 attackers to draw into, and they can even dodge attacks and choose to play on typing.

Make gym fights even EASIER. This means that while sure, using a CP10 Spearow to take down a gym of 6 1k Dragonairs may be a bit of a tall order, but once you get some 500CP-600CP Pokemon, the Pokemon have enough inherent power to take down 1500 CPs, all that’s left is player skill (read: use guide, hope game doesn’t freeze.) and playing on typing (with such a tiny movepool and moveset in the game, having a good typing vs an opponent is sort of like having 2x CP added to your Pokemon.) will win you the rest. Also, having friendlies helps.

So okay, now we all know gyms aren’t very hard to take and a few guides and knowing the type chart can make things even more trivial, but still, CP makes gyms easier, and with so few things in this game, if I wanna focus on that, why is it wrong?


Gyms are (sort of) worthless

Now don’t take this the wrong way. If you wanna play Pokemon Go to knock out as many gyms as possible to spread the BIRBOFDANORF power around, that’s 100% fine. However, unless that is specifically your goal (and again, that goal is more about learning the type chart, fight mechanics, etc. than grinding for +25 CP), then gyms are kinda crapola.

What are the rewards for holding a gym?

-10 coins/21 hr on collect

-A nice amount of stardust (which only benefits CP which we already covered)

-Bragging rights

10 coins/21hr is crap. You could literally cut someones lawn in 20 minutes and make far more coins than this. If what you want most in the game is coins, you’re not doing an efficient job.

Stardust only benefits CP, which again we’ve been over. If you really want the dust to power up that Machop to 500-600 CP so it isn’t completely ass useless against a 1000 CP Onix, then okay yes, you’re doing it completely correctly.

Bragging rights are sick. This is pretty legit. However, the rights only stay as long as the gym does, which gyms trade hands INCREDIBLY often.

So, unless you’re trying to power up a few certain Pokemon for coverage, gyms do not offer a lot.

Player level is sort of worthless after a certain point

Now this is rightfully confounding as it’s often said to be THE most important facet of the game, but hear us out.

Getting to the level 6 is useful since you unlock the lure module (we may be wrong on the level. It may be 8. Apologies we don’t remember exactly when we unlocked ours. Getting to maybe level 10 also matters as you can now feasibly get 500-600 CP Pokemon to use at gyms. Anything far past that is not useful and even detrimental.

Many folk have expressed experiences of having extremely hard times catching even 10 CP fodder at 20+ levels, and have found their resources to be extremely strained to keep up their level lifestyle. This means as you level you, in a way, get weaker, and while sure you’ll now see higher CP Pokemon more often, it may only save you an extra few seconds in a gym for all the work you slogged in getting to that higher level.

Putting in work to get super high trainer levels to get higher CP Pokemon is inefficient since gyms are now, in a way, skill and knowledge based after a certain CP point.

This is again tied to the whole “CP is kinda worthless outside gyms, which are impossible to keep and easy to conquer”.


Candy is literal gold after a certain point

Okay, so now for the “ideal” player in this “case” we’re trying to make, you’re mid-level (er… over 10, below 20? Games only been out for a week but the EXP spike at 20 is murder so yeah), have a few 500 CP pokemon of varying types with nice movesets. What now?

Well by now you probably have all the Pokemon you could evolve evolved, and all the pokemon you want to evolve are gonna be a real challenge to do so. Once you have enough coverage in your attacking team for your area and maybe a not-totally-useless defender (but let’s be real, defenders are kinda crap as anyone with more than a few 300 CP pokemon and a brain will take down even a 1500 CP poke if they can read a type chart and flick their wrist), you now are in a position of “what do I want to get?”

You now would want more coverage Pokemon to make gyms easier, or luxury Pokemon that you’ve always wanted to have like Charizard or Golem. Now, besides being super lucky and seeing these guys in the wild, you’re gonna need a LOT of candy to get one of these Pokemon, and if you’re in an area like me, these Pokemon do NOT show up much.

This means their candy is equivalent to gold. This means the most valuable resource in the game is not CP (after a certain point) or player level (after a certain point), it’s rare-Pokemon candy to get those good coverage picks or luxury pokemon. Cherish your candy. I’m just saying. Iight?

Eggs are super undervalued and advantage rural players

Okay, now there’s two phrases that aren’t said much but:

Eggs are the key to getting those super nifty “luxury” and “coverage” picks, and often hatch with a TON of candy and useable CP. Now, almost everyone bags on players who are urban and don’t walk much and just sit at Pokestops spinning and winning, but you know what rural players get to do? Walk. Like a lot. Like a lot a lot. And they get to hatch far more eggs that urban players don’t often have the opportunity to do (well, they do, but most don’t take it.)

Eggs are already valued a lot, but too much value is placed on CP. Getting a 10 CP Chansey isn’t bad. It’s a chansey! It’s a great luxury Pokemon that most folk can’t catch because they don’t walk with their egg much. It’s a bragging right that stays! You can even give it a funny name and make a meme of it! It’s awesome!


Many of us haven’t been behaving appropriately at lures

Now we’re not saying some of us are being disrespectable or yelling or being obnoxious (we mean, some are), but we mean the exact opposite of that. 90% of Pokemon Go players see each other and do what?

Nothing. They look at each other, then look down at transferring Pidgey’s into a meat grinder. Pokemon Go got your butt outside with folk, now talk! If the game gave you more pidgey candy for talking, you’d never shut your mouth around people! But unfortunately the technology isn’t there yet for that (maybe one day.)

The game is meant to bring folk together. TALK! Talk about your eggs, your catches, your team, whatever, make friends!

Pokestops and Lures are king

Not for the excessive resources and EXP they drop or the fodder they attract, but for the fact they can bring people together and give a fair supplement of resources to play. Lure parties are meant to be FUN, talking to folk, walking around, etc. NOT having 20 nerds packed like sardines in a park to get more pidgey fodder.

Lures are amazing. It’s your ticket to saying “I want a party of like-minded folk and I want it here.” Paying coin for it or grinding gyms for them makes sense. They’re REALLY valuable. They can literally attract people to you to give you friends. Friendships, acquaintances, connections and conversations are worth infinitely more than a Lucky Egg. Seriously.


Pokemon Go is meant to make you do things in balance, not powerhouse

Okay that doesn’t make much sense. What the hell are we spouting out right now?

Let us explain. Know those urban players who live on Pokestops everyone bags on? Well all they get is player level, excessive resources, more fodder AND they probably don’t even leave their house or work because they’re located on a lured spot. That actually kinda sucks. All it means is your spending DAYS of time grinding for CP to take down gyms you could learn to take down and get a team for in HOURS and use the extra time for the following:

  • Exercise. Like seriously, that’s what the game is for partially…
  • Exploration. Sure, getting a 2000 CP Snorlax is great, but if you just stay in your area, all you’ll get is the same fodder. Go to a different part of town. Get a different drop pool.
  • Friends. Staying on the same lure in your cubicle doesn’t make you meet many folk.
  • Luxury Pokemon. C’mon, we all know you want a Flareon named 420Bl4zeIt. If your town isn’t Eevee infested, sitting in a Spot won’t get you that.
  • Egg hatches. Look at the drop table for these things. The stuff is bananas.

The game is designed to make you be more active, social and exploring your region, and it’s got the stuff to do that (though admittedly, the PERCEPTION of CP is a bit high and the game could do better to show you typing and skill make up for CP in a multiplicative way.), it’s just grind-heavy folk don’t. Be balanced. Do actual stuff. Don’t waste days for CP numbers, waste days for exercise, meeting folk and seeing more of your town. This stuff is MUCH more fun, trust me, and it gives you lasting benefits. Even if you’re antisocial, can’t exercise due to conditions or can’t travel much, you can dip into the other two aspects.

Pokeballs are overvalued, revives and potions are undervalued

Now here’s the argument;

“Pokeballs let me catch more Pokemon to get stronger Pokemon via candy or finding a better Pokemon. Revives+Potions just let me fight gyms more.”

If you’re running out of Pokeballs, you either live in a very rural region (rip :() or have passed the point where you probably already have combat-useful Pokemon. If you’re trying to get strong enough Pokemon to capture gyms, you probably already have them. You do not need 1:1 CP to take a gym. You are better than an AI, can dodge, and can choose Pokemon to make up bad typing. If you still need 1:1 CP to combat that well uh… c’mon man. Go get fighting and researching. Use those revives and pots learning and fighting. You may just make friends at a gym with those disgusting Valour/Mystic boys you’re fighting with for lightning birb.


So in conclusion

Dont worry about CP. Dont worry about Pidgey fodder. Dont worry those urban players who live on Stops can get more resources than you.

Worry about learning to fight in the game, learn the type chart, learn move sets, get some decent coverage Pokemon with a fair CP you can multiply with your skills+knowledge to win gyms, and don’t worry about losing gyms. You don’t need to take it for very long to get the defender bonus.

Worry about exercise, exploration and the people you see.

Those people you see? They can help you take a gym. 2-3 people with fair Pokemon can topple basically any gym except the most ridiculously well defended.

That exercise you’re getting in? That’ll help you later in life, as well as help you hatch eggs better.

That part of town you’ve never been in? There’s probably a cute Dratini there.

Okay, so how could Pokemon Go be enhanced?

We all have it. That list of improvements. We have one. You have one. Your mom has one. Your fish has one. Heck, even Team Valour people have one.

Here’s our:

  • Ability to put caught Pokemon back into AR.

This would allow you to connect with Pokemon WAY more. Instead of only getting lucky and only being able to get a Pokemon who you’re about to catch in a cool place, you can now do it ON DEMAND. This seems kinda gimicky, and it honestly is, but it’s a fun gimmick that could do a lot of work. You have a rare Dragonite and you see a cute girl playing GO? What better pickup line than “hey boy u wan pic with me dragonit?” (okay maybe it could use some work.)?

Either way, this would allow for funny series to be made about silly stuff like “Gary the Golem” who is a hypothetical golem who lives in NYC and whose owner takes pictures of him on his commute to Golem-work. It seems silly, but right now there’s a plastic hippo on Instagram or Twitter (can’t remember which) with thousands of followers and it’s just a series of pictures with this plastic hippo in places like a bus stop with a funny caption.

This stuff seems novel, but it has longevity and gives social depth and lets you bond with a character you loved as a kid and still do now. It’s not a hard feature to add, and it needs to be done.

  • TMs/HMs. Even if it’s gated by candy.

This is for those competitives. Hypno with Shadowball is a little ridiculous in our  neighbourhood full of Hypnos. He can take Hypnos with 300-400 more CP, even without dodging at all simply because the typing is so strong.

Paying 20 Pidgey Candy for your Pidget to have Steel Wing instead of Wing Attack may be useful depending on what is in your local area. It adds depth and is very fair.

  • Trading. Because what better way to offer an ultimatum for a date than “Go to coffee with me or I won’t trade you my Rhyhorn.”

This one is confirmed coming and doesn’t need much explanation.

  • True PvP.

And please, keep the real-time battle system. We understand, this system is kinda silly, and would need balancing in a PvP scenario, but we already have the standard Pokemon game, don’t repeat this. This real-time format could make you need a different set of skills to play well than the main series.

Now trust me, I’m not saying the main series doesn’t take skill. We play VGC16. We know the pain of Origin Pulse missing. We also know the HP Water Thundurus memes. The main format takes a LOT of tactical skill, but we don’t need that in GO. We just need something real time and fun that could help those more competitively-inclined to bond.

  • A system to “train” Pokemon, even if only slow and narrow.

We don’t need a way to hyper-grind our Pokemon to hell and back. We just need a way to make low CP ones into fair CP ones and get their candy.

We’ve seen the idea of having a designated “walker” Pokemon and having every km you do with this Pokemon strengthen it, and we like it. Maybe something like 1CP/100m (up to 500 CP, then it’s like 1CP/200m, and then scales off properly.) and 1candy/500m (and ofc scaling the more evolved it is.)

This would let you evolve Pokemon you can’t find repeats of and strengthen those who are weak, and of course, become more attached to your Pokemon.

  • Make gyms more meaningful

You don’t need to do TOO much. Just make rewards scale with how long a gym is kept or how many battles it wins before being taken, or how many times it’s retaken. No need for crazy scaling, just make taking the damn things worth doing, because in their current state, outside of vanity, there’s really no point once you have your defender bonus on CD.

  • Make candy less specific

You don’t need to do this if we get the whole “training for CP and candy slowly” thing, but otherwise, if you want a Charizard and don’t live in a Charmander-rich area or a place that spawns Charizard, you’re screwed, especially since trading isn’t a thing just yet.

  • Friends list.

No explanation needed.

So yeah, we think that’d cover most issues and make the game pretty sustainable. It’d definitely shift the focus off of CP grinding.

Are there cheat codes for Pokemon Go?

Now we want to talk about cheats in Pokemon GO. The developers themselves have not integrated cheats into Pokemon Go. However, we have found cheat-like tricks for you, that are currently in circulation. So you should be able to fake your GPS location and there is a trick for a rapid hatching of eggs in Pokemon GO.

Can I fake my GPS location in Pokemon Go?

In the Google Play Store for Android and also for iOS, there are numerous apps that can fake your GPS location. Your smart phone will be put-on a completely different location. However, developer Niantic knows this trick and has installed security mechanisms. Who is accessing such funds whose account can be closed. Many apps that fake GPS locations anyway, not work with Pokemon GO.

This trick will hatch eggs faster

You hatch eggs by just walking around. To arrange this, you need to walk 2, 5 or 10 km. Who’s in the car, on the bus or on a bike, its kilometers are not counted. So you have to actually walk. Some resourceful Pokemon GO players have therefore considered something. You secured the smart phone in the bicycle spoke and the turn the wheels, so you simulate the movement. Pokemon GO has to run, of course.

In the following video this trick is shown again, to hatch eggs faster and not having to walk.

More Pokemon GO Tips and Tricks

If you are looking for more tips and tricks for Pokemon Go, you’ll find them on our Guides-Section. Feel free to post your tips in the comments below.

Thanks to user ‘elemein’ for help creating this Pokemon Go Guide on how to play Pokemon Go right.

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