How to play Fallout Shelter on PC


Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Softworks

Play Fallout Shelter on the PC? The emulator BlueStacks makes it possible. During installation of the emulator you easily allow access to the AppStore. Then you’re looking for Fallout Shelter in the Google Play Store, download the game and start the app. Now the game should run on your PC.

Play Fallout Shelter on the PC? In this guide, we tell you how its possible to play the mobile phone and tablet game, comfortably on your home PC. Since mid-August 2015 Fallout Shelter is also available for Android smartphones and tablets. Therefore, you can simply use an emulator to download the free game yourselves. A pure PC version of Fallout Shelter has not yet been scheduled, which is why you have to find another solution. We hereby recommend the Android emulator BlueStacks. In addition, you still need a Google Account in order to sign up in the Google Play Store and use this.

Download Fallout Shelter on the PC Emulator

At first you download the emulator on your PC. During installation, you are allowing to access the App Store from Google Play, where you then download Fallout Shelter later. The access to the Google Play Store will only be activated as soon as you have logged in with your Google account or create a new Google Account. Then you’re looking for Fallout Shelter and simply download the 141 megabyte app. During the launch of the App BlueStacks the status of the Apps “Google Play Store” and “Google Play Games” will be checked. The emulator is incidentally to download on the BlueStacks-homepage. Attention! BlueStacks uses the English keyboard, if you are normally use a different keyboard.


The emulator “BlueStacks” offers you the opportunity to play Fallout Shelter on the PC.

Prepare the Start of the App Fallout Shelter on the PC

If both apps are not up-to-date, you just do an update before you continue. For this you simply follow all the instructions on the screen. If everything is done, you close all unneeded apps easily. To get rid of open tabs quickly, use on the bottom left the first icon to the right. Then pull down with the mouse the closing down apps. Let only fallout shelter opened, and then click on it. With the keyboard icon below you also should specify even buttons for zooming in and out.

You can find Fallout Shelter on the Google Play Store in the BlueStacks App to play it on PC.

Then you can start and you play Fallout Shelter easily on your home PC. For beginners we offer you some entry guides for Fallout Shelter. There we explain to you the basics to the mobile Fallout spin-off. If you have you played a bit, use our 10 awesome Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter. There we give you valuable tips on vault construction and the intricacies of the game. Do you have other tips for the mobile Fallout? Then leave us a comment at the end of this article.


If you’re done with setting up the game, just click the green “Open” button to start the game!

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