How to Download Android Apps with all IAP unlocked at Amazon Underground

Many of the best apps nowadays are available for free. However, most of them come with purchasable in-app content – so called IAP (in-app-purchase). While many users are not using IAP and also not big fans of IAP, it’s a different way for developers to finance their product. Amazon just launched “Amazon Underground”, a different Android app store that offers thousands of apps for free with all IAP unlocked. Well, not really for free if you’re thinking about paying for the app. You’re not paying with money for the apps, but with your personal data the apps track how much you use them. With Amazon investing more money into gaming, this seems to be a source of gathering data about Android gamers, aswell as getting new gamers from other devices.

Amazon says that Underground is financed by a special deal in which they pay the developers on a per-minute basis. Free games include, the Angry Birds series, the Goat Simulator or even the OfficeSuite Professional 8 which is not a game, but brings many good features with all IAP unlocked. In the following we will explain how to download Amazon Underground and get free Android apps with all IAP content unlocked quickly.

How to Install Amazon Underground in 5 Steps

  1. Open Settings and then switch to Security
  2. Activate this
  3. Go to by using your Android device
  4. Simply download and install the app
  5. You now find the new free games in the underground tab. That’s it, enjoy.

With the launch of Underground, Amazon closed down the daily free app program. Overall Underground seems like a nice deal, if you can live with the fact that Amazon is asking for many access rights and now tracking your phone and your personal data.

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