How to create a Guardian level GWO – Summoners War

How to create a Guardian level GWO - Summoners War

Summoners War: Sky Arena by Com2uS

We often hear people complain about how they get screwed by procs in GWO but when we look at their monster box, they often don’t have the optimal monsters built for GWO purposes in Summoners War. We understand that not many people have access to super nat 5s and therefore, the following guide will help you optimise some nat 3 and nat 4 monsters that can help you have greater success in GWO.

The format of this guide for Summoners War will be to provide you with a list of MUST BUILD (and sometimes underated) monsters. Once we have elaborated on these monsters, we will show how they can be used to battle GWD that you see on a frequent basis.

How to create a Guardian level GWO – Summoners War

1. Chloe

Chloe has fallen off in popularity in being used on AD due to the vast amount of strippers that have been introduced. However, many people fail to recognise that Chloe is actually an insane monster to use on GWO. With the abundance of Orions on GWD, Chloe alone mitigates the risk of the lil clown turd messing you over. She provides 2 buffs and prevents your units from dying from a flurry of procs. Throw a shield set on one of your monsters and you now have 3 buffs while Orion can only randomly remove 1.

Rune build: Swift, as fast as you can but go for tanky stats too

2. Copper

If we had a dollar for each time someone said they got rekt by a Ritesh proc’ing em to death. Copper is the star of the show in one-shotting Ritesh. 70% cr is a must if you are pairing him with Imesety but if you can build a 100% cr one that can dish out 50k damage (with def buffs), you will be set for life. A 100% cr Copper can be paired with better support units like Emma, Delphoi and Olivia.

Rune build: Rage and Guard recommended but any combination is fine as long as it is def/cd/def. Broken sets can be used to bring him to optimal stats

3. Bulldozer

We personally feel that Bulldozer takes the cake for a must have monster for GWO. We would strongly recommend building yours with a 100% cr. This way, you don’t tie him down to just being paired with Imesety. 100% cr should be achievable as he awakens to 15% cr. Will runes are recommended but not mandatory.

Rune build: Same as Copper but strive for 100% cr

4. Olivia

We think Olivia is one of the most underated units in SW. Com2uS was nice enough to give her to us as a HoH monster and if you have yours in storage, shame on you. We maxed skill our Olivia using actual Devilmons and have not regretted this since day 1. She can single-handedly lock down a Theo with glancing and atb decrease, cleansing people who get armor brokened and defense buffing your units to mitigate large chunks of damage.

Rune build: Vio but Swift actually works well on her too. Go for speedy stats (Spd slot 2) and tanky build.

5. Kahli

A self buffing, defense ignoring unit and only a 3 star? Sign me up. Build her with 77% cr so you get full crits when using her as a lead.

Rune build: Standard attacker att/cd/att

6. Galleon

We truly sympathise with the people who have yet to pull him. Another place this nat 5 trapped in a nat 4 unit shines is in GWO. We personally have 2 Galleons (sorry) and built a 2nd one with shield/will strictly for GWO. You can pair him with 2 other Will’ed attackers. Throw as many shield runes as you can and voila you have a go to team when all else fails. Let your opponents move first and then you rekt them with your wombo-combo. The tankier the partners the better. E.g. Zinc and Akhamamir work well.

Rune build: Shield/Shield/Will spd/hp/acc

7. Katarina

She is the main reason why everyone needs at least a stripper on their GWD. 100% cr is recommended otherwise 85% is fine if 100% is not achievable.

Rune build: Standard attacker att/cd/att

How to create a Guardian level GWO - Summoners War

Now that we have covered the monsters, lets look at popular GWD we can deal with.

Seara, Orion, Fire bruiser

Bring Galleon/Theo/Chloe. Assuming equal rune quality, Chloe will always outspeed Orion given her higher base speed (most Orions tend to be built Will too which makes it easier to outspeed). With a set of Shield, there will be 3 buffs and a high likelihood that Orion will not strip immunity. Let the opponent move first, Galleon does T2L and Theo smashes Seara. You are then left with a 2 vs 3 situation with immunity up and you should be able to pull a win.

Khmun, Theo + wind healer / Elad, Chasun, Theo

Bring Olivia/Bulldozer/Chloe. It is a test of endurance here with you having the immense upper hand with defense buff and immunity. Use Bulldozer and other attacks to whittle down their Wind tank and with Olivia’s boost, you should be able to get a follow up nuke (from Bulldozer) often bringing the total damage to about 50k which most wind tanks can’t handle. After that its 3 vs 2 or an easy clean up for you.

Feng Yan, Orion, Rakan

We refer to these sort of comps as Katarinable. There will be other variance of comps like these so we will leave it to your judgement to identify them. Bring Kahli/Kata/Chloe (try to throw in a set of shield to prevent Orion stripping Kat). As long as Kata doesn’t derp 3 swords onto their fire tank, Kahli should be able to snipe him off for a quick and easy victory.

Theo, Velajuel, Chasun

This one is your standard Bulldozer, Copper comp. Copper eliminates Chasun, Bulldozer elimates Vela and smooth sailing from there.

Some GWD may appear daunting at times but if we strategise properly we should be able to take them out. Take an example the following comp:

Verad, Perna, Ritesh

Bring Delphoi, Imesety, Copper. Pop Ritesh first and they now no longer have an armor breaker leaving your 3 units to battle their remaining 2 and you have defense buff to boot.

Given the large pool of monsters, we’re unable to provide a detailed explanation of how to deal with all the GWDs out there but hopefully this guide provides you with some insight on how you can improve your GWO and bringing your win percentages up.

Do feel free to drop a reply on other monsters you find useful or if you need suggestions in dealing with difficult GWD comps.

Conclusion: Build the monsters in bold on the first list and see your win percentages increase in GWO.

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