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Today we present to you how beat rallies in Mobile Strike. All info here will be coming from our experience in Mobile Strike. If you know more good facts on how to beat rallies that should be added to the list, please feel free to leave a comment below. You should also take a look at our other Mobile Strike Guides in our Guide-Section.
We’re only 5b power with 50m troops but we beat advance T4 rallies with commanders wearing Wolf and capture them. We’ve beaten 8 rallies so far once this was setup right.

How to beat rallies – Mobile Strike

The counter to wolf is the hammerhead set, and with a mix of health, and defense mod sets (troop Defense Mod Set, and Troop Health Mod Set) in it to get your Def and Health over 1000% each.

The secret to surviving a rally is not having any T1 and T2 troops. Even if you haven’t hit nerf levels of having too many of them, a Wolf backed T4 Adv rally will chew through T1/2 troops and beat you on kills no matter how many T3/4 troops you have. Our current troops are an even Reg/Adv 25m T3, and 25M T4. With an overall power score of 30. You want your power score high, preferable over 20 or you’ll run the risk of losing too many T3 troops and burning. We are still experimenting with adding T2 troops back in, but honestly the risk isn’t worth the reward of having cheap troops vs being popped. The goal is to survive, not beat them in power loss. However losing 2mil T3 vs 3m T4 you’ll get the power and kill win anyways.

Next up traps, build about 90k sand bags and then spread the rest evenly across T3 Reg and Adv traps. Don’t bother making T4 traps, they will never get through your T3 troops to hit them. If someone does burn through your T3 troops your T4 traps won’t do anything to slow them down anyways at that point. If you want to experiment with having T2 troops then make T2 traps instead of T3 or the T3 taps won’t trigger unless all your T2 troops are dead.

As for training you’ll want the following:

Building Development

Open the tree down to get Death Row bonus to level 1, after that it starts to get expensive. Come back to this once you’ve maxed out Combat/Advance Combat trees.

Set Bonus

At least level 5 all the way down to the bottom. This gives your gear set a 21% boost. You’ll also get a Preset in this tree which you’ll want two.

Mod Set Bonus

Is very VERY expensive, but get Infantry/Tactical/Armored nodes to 1 for a bare minimum Mod Set Bonus. After that work on the rest before coming back to go further down this tree.

Battle Tactics

Another expensive tree, but it’s worth it to make it down to Troop Defense III, Troop Health II and Troop Attack II level. Get them to level 5 for a 5% boost from each. You’ll pick up a preset and deployment slot on the way, and you’ll need TWO presets at a minimum.

Advanced Combat

If you’ve unlocked T3/T4 Adv troops you’ll want to get all the Attack/Defense/Health Troop nodes to at least level 15. This is the best bang for your buck for RSS. At level 15 that’s a 150% boost for every stat for your advanced troops.

Advanced Traps

Get the Def/Attack nodes over level 15. It’s cheap to do so, and at level 18 it’s close to a 150% boost.


You will want to complete this whole tree to get the 3rd accessory with a 4th mod. The 4th mod is what’s required to activate the Mod Set bonus. It gets a little expensive towards the end, so stop at Accessory Slot 2 if you haven’t reached level 15 in Combat and Commander training yet. Come back for Slot 3 before pushing too far into Battle Tactics and Building Development. The 4th mod slot on the 3rd Accessory can put in a 25% Mod boost.



Same as Advanced Combat. Get all the Defense/Attack/Health nodes to at least level 15 for a 150% boost. Skip Artillery nodes, as Artillery is useless.


Same as Advanced Traps. Get the Defense/Attack nodes to 18 for the 150% boost.


Somewhat expensive tree but worth the investment. You’ll want to get Trap Attack/Defense to 18 for another 150% boost. Troop Attack/Defense is lackluster for this tree, but at level 18 it’s a 40% boost.

Setting up your base: I go with the philosophy of defense over beds and health. 14 training grounds, 2 hospitals, 1 bank. Then on every interior building that allows a boost get the boost over 10% at a minimum. It took us roughly 8mil building boosts to get them all over 15% with a few over 20%. If you haven’t boosted your buildings yet, do so immediately. Take in steps, get them all over 5% then 10%, then 15% etc.

So why two presets? You’ll need a preset for your hammerhead gear with 1 min rallies flying around now you can’t dick around fumbling for defense gear. Make a preset, and survive.

For Hammerhead/Defense gear commander Skill tree get Rally Attack Bonus to 10 since you’ll often be in defensive gear during a rally except for the rally leader. Get Set Bonus Boost, Death Row Def/Health boost to 10. Rest go into Troop Health/Defense nodes and trap attack nodes.

Your other preset is useful to create an attacking set, with Wolf or your best attack gear set.


If your goal is surviving T4 rallies then read on. If you want to build a trap for the sole purpose of killing troops then make a level 14 base, dump about 30m T2 troops into it with some def gear on the commander and sit back and watch the fireworks.

We hope this little guide on how to beat rallies in Mobile Strike was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Right now with current gear out I have 20 bill of each t2, 10 bill each t4, and 2 bill each t5 I can win a rally and only hospitalize 2500 t2 troops

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