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The Hoth Rebel Soldier is a hard node farm character and a particularly hard farm since he has only one node. Like other Hard Node farms, he tends to be a better than average character, this despite the fact that, as of this writing he is currently bugged. The Hoth Rebel Soldier is supposed to recover 20% of his max health if he has a defense up effect, however as you can clearly see in all of the provided videos, this effect does not happen. Regardless, he is still an otherwise powerful, useful, and fun character.


Hoth Rebel Soldier’s Stats:

Our Hoth Rebel Soldier is gear 9, lacking a security scanner to get to gear 10, his max. Our Hoth Rebel Soldier has abilities at level 7. An omega on his basic would offer a 100% chance to attempt to apply offense down on a crit, vs a 55% on a non-crit. An Omega on his special would extend his taunt to three turns. And an omega on his unique would raise his counter chance to 40%, and of course an offense down chance on those counters.

Also note that affixing a scanner to get him to gear level 10 also increases his total potency to just above 100% which means even in a T7 raid he will be able to land offense down somewhat reliably.


The Hoth Rebel Soldier in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes is a support character that debuffs, taunts, and defensively buffs, with Rebel and anti-Empire synergies.

Hoth Rebel Soldier in Raids

In the T6, P4 Raid video provided below, the Hoth Rebel Soldier did pretty poor damage, scoring just above Akbar. However since the Hoth Rebel Soldier was able to land offense down its likely he contributed at least an extra turn or two to the raid party by allowing them to survive the damage. His taunt as well contributed to the party’s survivability.

In all raid tiers the Hoth Rebel Soldier is a viable character, particularly when in a rebel synergy team. Because of the Rancor’s Roar, fixing his bugged healing would not make that much of a difference so even bugged he is capable of being a solid raid member, despite his low damage.

Hoth Rebel Soldier in Arena

In Arena, even bugged, even without max gear and omega abilities, Hoth Rebel Soldier was a solid addition to our arena team. Although we fared a little worse off than with Sun Fac, Hoth Rebel Soldier is still a solid FTP alternative that could be considered on par with the premium Sun Fac given max gear and abilities (and a bug fix).

And for those of you (an you know who you are) who will inevitably say we could drop an ugnaught into that team and still win — well, no, no you really, really can’t

Hoth Rebel Soldier in Challenges

In challenges the Hoth Rebel Soldier is considered support and would be used in the Healer Challenge (with Savage). You would probably not want to use him here, favoring a healer or stunner. Offense down likely will not interfere with savage’s attack that reduces everyone’s health to 1.

Hoth Rebel Soldier in Galactic War

In Galactic War, the Hoth Rebel Soldier is a solid addition to any team and can be used any place you use a normal taunting tank. He will be the weakest of your taunting options until his bug is fixed but again, this is somewhat counterbalanced by his offense down.


Although bugged, Hoth Rebel Soldier remains a very powerful and useful toon in Arena, Galactic War, and Raids. Although a long farm, even for whales since he tends to be rare in chromiums, he can be considered worth the effort after Rey, and possibly First Order Tie Pilot.

Section Score
Arena 8.0
Missions 8.0
Raids 8.0
Galactic War 8.0
Challenges 3.0

Thanks to user pcx99 for creating this review for the Hoth Rebel Soldier.

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