HomeKit in action: first photos and videos to show Apple’s Home Automation


This week the first information’s about Apples new HomeKit are revealed.


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So Apple has not only the first official support document, in which you find the configuration of products for home automation, under the reference number HT204903, now also available is a list of previously licensed HomeKit products.
In the US, the first test units of the new product category, are also pitched to be in this country probably delivered until early July. The blogger Serenity Caldwell is one of the early recipients and has its first test run with Apples Home Automation here documented.

The five main points

A summary HomeKit App lacking: So far, the HomeKit products must be all set on their respective apps. Apple itself does not provide a centralized configuration interface. After all: Each HomeKit product has direct access to Siri. Here you can connect several products at (virtual) summarized rooms and then share the control.

Multi-user option is available: While the HomeKit products are attached to an Apple ID are attached, as the owner however you can appoint additional Apple IDs to obtain a control access for the device.

Rooms and zones: In addition to rooms, the equipment zones can be summarized, to be created room-independently.


Picture: imore

Siri relies on a rigid vocabulary: rooms can be named as desired, but fixed set of constructs must “put on the living room light 65%” like or “off the living room” to interact with the HomeKit devices are troubled.

Geofencing, yes and no! Of the HomeKit devices available to date some called geofencing option support actions when leaving or reaching a specified location. Siri itself comes with geofencing commands like “off the living room, when I leave the house,” but not yet cope.

HomeKit: Siri control example

Picture: imore


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