Her Story: Extraordinary thriller video game for iOS


Her Story by Sam Barlow

The video game “Her Story” is available since last week for iOS, Windows and the Mac. The title brings a remarkable concept: Based on the recordings of a camera you have to examine the case of a missing man called Simon.

Her story is different. A game, yes, but not an ordinary. Here you do not shoot. You do not speak, collect, or jump. You just sit in front of a virtual screen.her-story

The wife of the disappeared was interrogated by the police seven times. For your virtual inquiries, you have access to the records of these interrogations and you can browse through the videos targeted to individual keywords. Each movie shows the same woman. A British woman, in her late 20s, sometimes shy, sometimes impulsive – she sits in an interrogation room, and is asked about the murder case occurred in 1994. The statements and also the facial expressions of the woman help you going to solve the mystery. The director of the game “Her Story” is Sam Barlow, the developer of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories and Aisle.
Important: The game is only available in English. Check out the video trailer below, so that you can evaluate whether your English language skills for the “evaluation” of the video are sufficient – otherwise you won’t have that much fun.

The unknown wife is played by the British actress and singer Viva Seifert – a multi-faceted and pleasant unemotional representation, which waived on theatricality, without ever getting bored.

The game has some cool old school graphic effects, which give you the feeling that you play on a 90’s CRT monitor. There are light reflections on the screen and the resolution is set to the old 4:3 format for example. If you don’t like this style in ‘Her Story’, you can still turn this function off and the game will look normal.


Old School 90’s feeling in ‘Her Story’

There are overall 271 records to watch, all only a few seconds long. If you landed a special hit, the game will signal the success to you, with a small music record, a flicker or a reflection that shows your virtual self on the tube screen. Besides that, you can highlight clips for future reference and provide them with notes.
‘Her story’ can be solved in a very short time, but even after several hours, there are still some video snippets, that you may not have been found – and as long as you have not seen all of them the game is still fun.

Her story can not and will capture the spirit of the masses. On the other hand the game is available for only a few dollars – and the exciting video experiment was worth to me anyway.

Due to the numerous video sequences the game requires quite a bit of space. For the price of 4.99$ you can download the iOS version, which is 1.76 GB in size, the currently available for a reduced price of 4.59$ versions for Windows and Mac are 1.4 GB in size.

Download the game “Her Story” in the App Store for iOS:

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