Hearthstone – Worst Cards in the Grand Tournament

The Grand Tournament is Hearthstone next expansion and is bringing with it 132 new cards as well as a new mechanic call Inspire, which encourages the use of your hero power. There will certainly some great cards coming out but there have been some massive ones does announced already. Here are our fire worst cards announced for the grand tournament so far.

Kings-Defender-HearthstoneKing’s Defender

We start off with King’s Defender as one of the worst cards for the Grand Tournament in Hearthstone. A new warrior weapon with three damage two durability, it will also gain one more durability, if you have one taunt on the board. So basically, its a more expensive Fiery War Axe, that comes a turn later but might give you an extra durability.

The War Axe is a great card, one of the best in the Warriors Arsenal and getting the same damage with one more durability might seem great. However, the problem is what makes the Fiery War Axe so good, it is, it’s only a 2 mana cost, it takes care of early minions until turn 4, when Death’s Bite can take over. The Kings defender lands between these two weapons, in a spot that really doesn’t need filling and it’s essentially made redundant by the Warriors current choices.


Justicar-Trueheart-HearthstoneJusticar Trueheart

The next card worst card is the legendary Justicar Trueheart, which while it’s really cool it’s still pretty terrible. The minion replaces your starting Hero Power with a better one. For the most part it doubles it so a mage now deals 2 damage for example.

The problem is that for the majority of classes this change isn’t really that great. The minion itself is very weak and to get great value out of using it you really need to use your Hero Power more than 3 times over the rest of the game.
As a Control Warrior it’s not bad as for 4 armor each turn is nice as long as you drop the game out. For Druids its ok, as it’s a 4 stat point swing and on a Mage it might help you to get more good trades. However, on a Hunter it only gives you one more damage on your Hero Power, making it way to slow for them. Paladins get 2 Recruits of the Silver Hand, which is good if you have a quartermaster in your hand. But filling the board with 1/1’s is going to cause you problems otherwise.
With Priests it is good, if you can heal for the full 4 health, but how often will you able to heal minions for that much without over healing  and wasting some of the bonus. Rogue will get a 2/2 weapon instead of a 1/2 weapon which isn’t much more of use. Shamans can now pick their totem rather than getting a random one, which probably the most useful of all these powers. And the Warlock no longer takes 2 damage, which really isn’t a big deal in the first place.

Lowly-Squire-HearthstoneLowly Squire

Lowly Squire is in at number 3 for the worst card you can get in Hearthstones Grand Tournament. While we assume he was put in to teach the players about the Inspire mechanic, he’s just awful.

He is probably best compared to the Undertaker, same cost and stat line and fairly similar mechanic. The difference is the Undertaker lets you make a strong turn 2 play, with some something like a Mad Scientist. The Lowly Squire however wants you to use your hero power, which for 90% of the decks out there is a very weak turn 2 play. And in decks where you want to use your Hero Power on turn 2, the Lowly Squire has no place.

Poisoned-Blade-HearthstonePoisoned Blade

A second weapon takes the next spot for the worst card, this time in the shape of the Rogues Poisoned Blade. The Rogue gets a bit of a tough time in this expansion, as its hero power isn’t really supposed to be used at every turn, meaning the will struggle to get value from its Inspire mechanic.

The Poisoned Blade was designed to let them use the hero power every turn and boost the blades damage rather than replacing it. However at 4 mana it only one less than Assassin’s Blade, which offers two more damage and one more durability as standard. By the time the Poisoned Blade reached 3 attack damage, it would have cost you 8 mana and had taken 3 turns. Perhaps, the Rogue will get some very overpowered Inspire cards to make the Poisoned Blade worthwhile, but at the current moment it’s very weak choice with to high mana costs.

North-Sea-Kraken-HearthstoneNorth Sea Kraken

The North Sea Kraken is the last card in our top 5 worst cards for the Grand Tournament. North Sea Kraken is a nice card, this they added to the game as it’s high mana common, which is in an area of cardpool that currently is very small. Unfortunately it’s just not that great of a card and although its nice to get at little game common.

When it comes to construction and we need to compare it to other minions around the same cost. Stacked up against Ragnaros or Alextrasza, it falls very short and wont be finding its way into to any top tier decks.


Those are just our 5 worst cards coming with the new expansion. Agree or disagree? Let us know what you think down below in the comments.

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  1. Are you crazy? No Bolf Ramshield?! No Acidmaw?! And Justicar is insane in many decks in constructed! North Sea Kraken is really good in arena! Whoever made this list is definitely not a hearthstone expert. -_-

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