Guide to the Top – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Guide to the Top - Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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Hey everyone. we see a lot of people struggling to go up in rank in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, both in our own guild, but also a lot of our friends. This guide is not about who to farm or specifically about f2p, though big time spenders won’t gain much from this.

We ourself been ranking top 3 for months now, before that we had a Droid squad that got us rank 2 a couple of times, before sliding off to rank 25 ish every day.

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Guide to the Top

There are 3 important things you need to do to get to the top in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes and stay there.

  1. Don’t chase the meta. The biggest mistake people make is chasing the meta. Right now a zeta’d Maul is all the hype, super strong team and by far the nr 1 leader at rank 1. So that means you should go farm that team and collect gear for them right? No you shouldn’t. That team is really strong now, but will he be strongest in 1-2 months, doubt it, CG after all wants you to keep changing teams. So instead of working really hard for that Maul team, it’s better to just hold onto your gear and zeta’s and way for that next team to take off and be able to instantly gear them. This will help you get higher ranks, get you more crystals and will switch you from chasing the meta to being prepared for the meta.
  2. Farming characters. Obviously waiting for the meta is nice, but farming certain characters can take quite a while. There is no perfect solution for this, but you can at least partially prepare for it. Basically farm strong individual characters. Some characters need lots of synergy to work, others are good in nearly every team. We got Rex at nearly 7* and Kylo at 7, we’re not using either, but if you got gear saved up, they can turn g10/g11 characters very quickly. If nothing seems worth it, try saving up enough currency to 7 a character. An Arena character can be 7* in 2,5 weeks, so that’s still quite doable.
  3. Farming mods. Farming mods suck, you can go days with getting only crappy mods, and it feels pointless. But it isn’t, eventually you will luck out and it will get you ahead. We stay at the top with 3 g10 characters, but our mods make up for it. None are overly impressive (fastest is +86), but they are much better than anyone on our shard. This is obviously not the case for each shard, but that shouldn’t influence your plans. So why farm mods and not characters? Obviously characters you need should be farmed, and some are so solid that they should get preference, but look through your inventory and see how many of them are stuck under g9. Were they really worth farming? Quality mods will help you get the top, 7* g8 characters won’t, so think smart there.

2 more Tips

And we got 2 more tips. Always keep 4+ million on hand, you do NOT want to miss a high quality mod from shipments. The other one is about AAT which is to only farm what your guild needs. We’re in a HAAT guild and we’re doing average in the guild, we could work on our p1 and p3 teams, but they are going super quick, so we focus on our fArena team. Of course you can always put some effort in getting better results, but weight those outcomes. For us gearing a full Jedi team is not worth it right now.

We hope this helps some of you in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, if you have any questions regarding farming strategy, let us know in the comments.

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