Guide to Infinite Streak – Marvel Contest of Champions

Here is our guide to infinite streak in MARVEL Contest of Champions. We used to search everywhere on how to get and experimented a lot, until we realized that the only reliable way to get it done is to have at least 1x 4* 3/30 team and the rest max 3. We won’t claim this is the only way but it works for us and works reliably 100% of the time in the last 3-4 months. We don’t count PI or synergies or use apps to build team. We stop sandbagging when we realized that it was counterproductive and left the fight to chance. Our advice work on your roster and max as many 3 as you can as it will make your job so much easier.

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Infinite Streak Guide

We grind with 10 4* and bunch of max 3* (4 teams) and get it easily with 12 hours to spare. Here is how we do it:

1-4 Use our max 3* 4/40 (Usually that is around 1k per match plus multiplier). 12 matches ~ 12-15k

5,6,7-Use our 4* 4/40 (just two) and 4* 3/30. That is 9 matches ( 2k plus multiplier) ~ 20-25k+

8,9,10,11,12- Back to max 3* 3/30. We used to sandbag but found it left too much to chance as we could easily slip and lose two out of three if not careful

13 Use our highest 4* to trigger Thanos or Kang team (~24k)

14 Next 4* team (~20k) not less than 3 x 3/30 (~20k)

15 Next 4* team, same as above (~20K). but this stage we are around 100k+ on the arena

16,17,18- Repeat the above process. You can refresh or wait 4 hours (two 2 hour periods or less if in active alliance)

On hero arena you can go back to your max 3* from fight 18+. On t4b and alpha cat arena, go to 20+ to be safe.

18-20+ infinite streak if you keep your reflexes sharp.

Once we reach infinite streak we just cycle through our max 3& 4 (6-7 teams). We usually end up around 15k per round which equals to 100k+/2hrs run. So you need around 10 runs (20 hours) + initial 100k+ to get to infinite streak (8 hours) to a total of 28 hours out of 48 hours arena.


7 important steps

  1.  YMMV. This works for us for past 3-4 months. We don’t guarantee it would work for everyone. We don’t have any suicide masteries and we do have WP, 1 point in Glass Cannon, max parry and dext etc. Pretty much a standard build as per Ronin or Maverick guide.
  2.  We occasionally run into some weird teams in cat arenas where 5* are allowed like 19k+ PI (you can use units to refresh until you get a medium). Lately it been happening on fight #14 in T4B arena for some reason even after we trigger Kang/Thanos team on fight #13.
  3. Fights 10,11,12 are usually marked Hard so you need to be sharp (often we rely on sp2 or 3 to end fight instead of grinding down). IMPORTANT: To use your SP2/3 effectively you wait for Ai to charge and just before he reaches you and where you normally parry, you unleash your special. It’s usually 100% proof and often kill those pesky champs like Unstoppable Colossus.
  4. Occasionally now we get AI from 20+ to sandbag you back (one weak champ <1000, two strong champs). You have to be extra sharp as the AI seems to determined to f%ck you up with them (Up yours Kabam!!!!).
  5. Try and avoid teams with same faction unless its strong synergies. We find we lose more, if we stick two of the same faction vs three different factions.
  6. DON’T USE anyone who triggers WILLPOWER readily like our 4* duped BP or Antman. Worst champs ever for arena closely followed by our Ultron that causes bleeds when we least want it. Makes our job twice as hard. The AI also seems to heal much better compared to our team (perhaps it also has maximum Coagulate).
  7. From 20+ ignore enemies PI. It seems that some champs are on steroids even with low PI. maximize faction bonus as much as you can. Also try to avoid faction penalties. We often will cycle around our champs even, if we have a bonus in one fight and penalty in another. We had AI with 1800 PI destroy our 3500 DS or IM when it never happens in AQ or AW. Often it depends on timing and if you are not careful and you timing is off its easy to suffer a few 5 hit combos and find yourself down <50% HP even against lower rank PI adversary.
  8. Being a lazy kind we always go for easiest team from #8 on, simply, because we want to make fights easier and we are not interested to grind past 1.1mil mark needed for T4b. Risking it with harder fight is just a PIA (pain-in-ass).

Otherwise have fun and best of luck getting those T4 and alpha cats.

More Tips for Contest Champions

If you find this helpful and would like to say thanks do it in the comments. If you have any more ideas for guides for Marvel’s Contest of Champions, let us also know this in the comments and we will add this. Don’t miss our other Contest of Champions Guides in the Guide-Section.


2 Comments on "Guide to Infinite Streak – Marvel Contest of Champions"

  1. Hi Furyfox!

    I sandbagged till 14 using my two 3* 4/40s and 1*. Now it shows 14x on my screen. Is it advisable to try for the kanos teams using 3 3/30 4*s (i dont have a 4* 4/40 yet) or continue sandbagging till 15?

    My top 3/30 are
    Duped hulkbuster – 2464 pi
    Duped Gamora – 2399 pi
    Duped abomination – 2352 pi

  2. I continued to sandbag with my 3* max till streak 15 and it worked for me!!

    I would like to post a guide for guys (like me) who don’t have 4* 4/40 yet.

    1-10 doesn’t matter
    11-15 – use 2 3*max and 1*
    16-20 – use 4* 3/30
    21+ – use teams of 5000+ pi and try not to mix 3*s with 4*s….u might end up getting death matches, but still we can spend units to change matchups in such cases.

    Most of the times we get tough/death matches btw 11-15…..even if it seems a bit tough change the match ups using 5 units…THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT AS WE ARE SANDBAGGING AND CANNOT RISK TOUGH MATCHUPS.

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