Game of Thrones: Conquest – Beginners Guide

Game of Thrones: Conquest – Beginners Guide
Game of Thrones: Conquest – Beginners Guide

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We have been around in Game of Thrones: Conquest since the start. And one of the reasons for our success is the knowledge we’ve gained and shared with our clan and other players.
There is a basic set of knowledge that we feel everyone who picks up this game should know. And we thought we would share that with the Game of Thrones: Conquest Community! This counts for every type of player, totally beginner or advanced player. Please feel free to share this information for Game of Thrones: Conquest in 2019. Constructive feedback is certainly welcome. But we just hope it helps a whole lot of players to improve their earnings and the quality of their kingdom!

Beginners Guide – Game of Thrones: Conquest

Our advice/ recommendations:

1. Don’t spend money in Game of Thrones: Conquest until you know how it works. (We just replaced our phone and we didn’t save our game so we’re starting over. HA Ha.)Or at least set a budget of in app purchases for the month.

2. Join an Alliance. (You get free gifts but some people take this game super seriously so sometimes a mixed blessing.) You will never know how serious your allegiance is until you join. They may ask you to participate in the Discord app. Again, you don’t know until you try. Personally, we didn’t take this game that seriously and work full time…, some people who play…, we don’t know how they expect people to participate like its a job.

3. Do the daily tasks in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Collect daily rewards. Train your troops. Upgrade your buildings. Do research. Do the challenges. (Quests)

4. Hunt creatures as much as possible. See what the maximum level you can attack and defeat with your troops. If you have a lot of troops reinforce someone on your allegiance with half of them. You will constantly get attcked so be ready for all your troops to die.

5. Check in and get your free gifts. (Look at the messages.) A couple months ago they gave away 10,000 gold, because it is such a glitchy game.

6. Depending on your level, march size and gear in general will allow you to kill creatures of a certain level in Game of Thrones: Conquest. Find what troop type you use predominantly and craft that gear. Look through the smithy and find the best gear for what you need. As far as location, the lower SoPs have weaker creatures.

7. Also, note that for older special gear sets, the creatures no longer drop those crafting materials all the time — you have to wait for special events to get the “Advanced Crafting Materials” for those sets. This only applies to the special sets named after people/houses from the series (examples: Stark, Dothraki, Faith Militant, etc) but does not apply to the regular gear that doesn’t use “advanced crafting materials” (Examples: Straw Hat, Bronze Ring, etc). These use only regular crafting materials and you can farm any creature type at any time for regular crafting materials.

8. We’d focus on upgrading our keep and whatever the keep requires you to upgrade for each keep level. Get to k19 and you’ll be fine.

9. You should invest your skillpoints for the dragon, just focus on Hatchling stage in Game of Thrones: Conquest! Hatchling stage has the best(starter) buffs in the game. They affect all your troops not just your dragon march. Save your dragon lore and focus on combat stats. Ignore all the dragon-gathering nonsense.

10. For your city the saw mills and farms are self explanatory, we have the max amount built of each. They’ll come in super handy down the line when you need wood and food to train or heal. War camps are great as they increase your training capacity so you should build as many as you can and upgrade them as you go. Medic tents super useful, the higher your wounded capacity the better, so again we’d recomend building the max around you can and upgrading them as you go.

11. In the video below, you get some more good Tips and Tricks for the Game:

More tips and tricks for Game of Thrones: Conquest

Do you have more Tips and Tricks for Game of Thrones: Conquest? Then please get in touch in the comments. We will then steadily expand this article, to offer a comprehensive guide to the game.

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