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This Free Player Guide is especially for level up Tournaments and will require a moderate understanding of the Walking Dead: Road to Survival. For new players, we highly recommend first establishing a solid footing in the game before making the attempt at Level Up Tournaments. You can check out our other Guides to The Walking Dead: Road to Survival in the Guide-Section. Additionally, a successful level-up will require (at least) a small handful of five-star characters. These can be achieved by working your way into a good faction and earning war rewards or by means of saving points towards the Supply Depot and catching an “extreme sale”. Enjoy!

Free Player Guide to Level Up Tournaments – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

Patience / Character Tokens, Persona Crates, War Crates

In order to be successful in preparing for a Level Up Tournament, a high-level of personal patience is required. Characters will unfortunately sit at lower levels & tiers in order to be readily available for tournament use, and a large portion of game supplies will be preserved for later use as well.

Again, the main component in preparing for these is saving. Character Tokens (both Elite and Basic), Persona Crates, War Crates, etc. are most efficient if kept for use during the tournament as they will not take up space in your character roster.

Farming in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

There are select areas to farm most in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, based on specific needs. It is highly recommended that you complete levels with a medium/small drop bonus character as to achieve maximum results.

Rare Gear (Silver Radio) Roadmap – This roadmap drops a significant amount of high-priced gear. We farm this once daily in order to receive the additional completion bonuses. This gear serves very well in both leveling up characters and being sold for food.

Gear Hunt (Hard) Stage 6 Roadmap – This is the bread and butter for both work gloves and wrinkled shirts. Farm these roadmaps as much as possible when they are available. These post weekly, every Thursday (U.S.).

Stage 7.1 on the World Map – This stage offers the best ratio for energy cost to survivor drop. Additionally, you will receive a small amount of work gloves and wrinkled shirts.

Stage 13.3 on the World Map – This stage is a personal preference for variety-farming. Drops include minimal characters, rare+ weapons, and sometimes rare+ characters.

Elite/Ultra Rare Gear Events – These roadmaps are spontaneous, but we have found often appear shortly after level up tournaments. This is the best place to stock up on the necessary gear needed in order to upgrade tiers of four and five star characters.

Supply Depot

While generally the Supply Depot is full of items which cost much outweighs need, the refills serve as a great sale. Purchase refills, both raid and world energy on a weekly basis as these will serve for additional farming (and can be saved for raid tournaments as well). This will however of course hinder the opportunity at a depot five-star character, which similar to preparing for level-up, may take months to achieve.


Training Grounds / Storage

It is recommended that all training grounds (4) be at a minimum of Level 13, with one at least 14, before delving into an attempt at the Level Up Tournament. This will ensure that you are able to train any of the uncommon character traits at each grounds.

In order to store survivors and food to be used for later training, it is best to start on Level 14 Training Grounds. Each training is a requirement of 70 survivors and 216k food which takes a 48-hour time towards completion. While you will lose one of these to completion every two days, these grounds fill up at a much faster rate than that which they are depleted.

A few days, depending on your character count, before the tournament you must transition the items in your Level 14 Training Grounds to those of Uncommon Persona Training. Which specific persona would depend on your roster (most importantly, the five star characters) however we have found that most often objectives require level completion of hunters, peacekeepers, rebels, and soldiers. Additionally, basic tokens most often grant characters with the citizen persona, so this should be take into consideration.

NOTE: Up to the point of creating this guide for The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, the leader persona for some reason has not been needed towards level up objective completion

You are of course able to move units around accordingly, so long as you leave one of the four training grounds as either level 14 or empty.

Food / Storage in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

It is highly beneficial to have each of your Farms at level 20 in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, but however not necessary. These should be your priority when upgrading buildings in your town.

If utilizing Level 14 Training Grounds correctly, most of your food should be stored there. For instances where additional food which exceeds your storage capacity is receivable, craft High Replenishes in the Workshop. These require no ingredients and will give you a 50% return when sold. This tactic is necessary when transitioning your Level 14 Training Grounds to Uncommon Persona Training Grounds.

Pre-Tournament Leveling / Characters

Five Star Character
It is best to leave these at tier 1, level 1 until the start of the tournament, while also ensuring you have the supplies necessary in upgrading the tiers of these characters. This is where it is most difficult to be patient. We personally upgrade these characters to their second tier by leveling them through the first tier during Faction Level Up Tournaments. This is the best way to contribute to your faction while also still keeping yourself well prepared for the individual tournament.

Four Star Characters
Keep most all of these! It is best to upgrade these characters to their 4th tier, ONLY if it is NOT at the expense of utilizing gear which would be necessary to upgrade your five-star characters (typically wool beanies and flak jackets).It is also beneficial to leave a few of these at tier 1, level 1 in order to require the least demand of characters and food when aiming at objectives which require the leveling of Ultra Rare or better characters.


Three Star Characters
Keep these only if to expand the variety of traits and personas in your roster. It is important, during level up tournaments, to have a variety of characters as to meet the standards necessary in achieving objectives. When these do remain in your roster, it is best to have these characters already upgraded to tier 2, prior to the start of the tournament.

Five, Four, & Three Star Trainers
Keep all of these. You will find that the leveling of characters is highly demanding of a large number of uncommon characters and a surplus of food. Trainers help in aiding.

Two Star Trainers
Oh Burt! It is recommended to sell these to the supply depot or use them in preparation of the level up tournament. Two Star Trainers in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival appear very often when utilizing Training Grounds as well as weekly roadmaps and their numbers will begin to overrun the rest of your roster if always kept.

Personal Trainers
Keep all of these. It may sound counter-productive, but it is beneficial to avoid leveling up characters Adrenaline Rush prior to level up tournaments. Adrenaline Rush objectives during the tournament are the fastest and easiest to achieve.

Scavenger Camps

Convert all Material Posts (4) to Scavenger Camps as soon as possible. Scavenges allow for the opportunity to receive food, level up items, and other valuable equipment at a much faster rate while at the expense of losing your Material Posts. However, when running these regularly and utilizing raids on a routine basis, you still have more than enough supplies to continue upgrading your town’s units.

NOTE: Do not run five star characters or those which you do not want inadvertently receiving experience in your scavengers. Often these missions will provide a BONUS upon completion, sometimes experience points towards each of the utilized characters.

Tournament Objectives in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival

These are the most underrated aspect of level up tournaments in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival, especially in regards to free players. As stated earlier, if saving the correct items, you should be able to sprint through Adrenaline Rush objectives at the immediate start of the tournament. While it will sometimes be difficult, it is best to level up characters which meet two or more requirements of your current objectives. This is where the variety of the characters within your roster comes to great use.


We have found that even after all of this, no matter the preparation, it will be very difficult to receiver the “top prize” as a free player. Big pocket players simply have a large advantage as it is much easier to spit out large points in a very short time when you have a grand amount of five star characters. When utilized correctly, this guide will however allow for you to place into the top 10 which receives a lesser five star character.

Lastly, we highly recommend the use of the google doc available which aids in running the numbers on food, necessary 2* characters, and projected points during the tournament for this The Walking Dead: Road to Survival Guide.

Here is an example for this:

Thanks to user ‘yepitsmeAndy!’ for help creating this guide.

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We hope this Free Player Guide – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival was helpful for you. If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment.

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