FAQ 2 for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

FAQ 2 for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

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Still haven’t found all your answer to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes? Try out our new FAQ for the game but don’t forget to read our first FAQ for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. This Guide is for new players aswell as for advanced players in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, who will maybe find answers for question the ever wanted to be answered. If you have any feeback for us or you think we missing an important question in this FAQ that needs to be in here, feel free to leave a comment below the article.

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FAQ 2 for Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

Q: What battles should I use my sim tickets on?

A: That’s really up to you and how much time you have to play. There’s no set rule. You get quite a few of them from the daily and your refills, so just use them however works best for you. If you are not doing many refreshes you might spend more than you generate, meaning you’ll either have to restrict their use or buy them from shipments.

Q: Do I need to focus on what stats are on the gear pieces I give to each hero?

A: All of the gear for each hero is completely predetermined with no variance. All you need to do is complete each piece for each slot. You do not need to worry about what you’re equipping on whom.

Q: Do the stats and attributes gained from gear pieces disappear or reset every time I level up my hero’s gear level?

A: No. All stats and attributes gained from gear are permanently applied to the hero once you “equip” the piece. When a gear level is increased, the character gains some amount of protection. To add to this, there is currently no reason to delay upgrading the gear level of a hero. If you have enough pieces unlocked to do it, then go ahead and do it.

Q: Do higher nodes yield better drop rates?

A: For the most part, no. Every piece of gear or shard has the same drop rate in every node. There is a higher drop rate for ability mats in higher nodes however. Higher nodes also yield a better ratio of energy:credits and in the case of Cantina Battles a very slightly better energy:currency ratio. Which node you should do depends on your priorities.

Q: Is there a difference in rewards depending on how many stars you get?

A: No, stars only give you the ability to sim and a sense of achievement.

Q: Why does my target sometimes change randomly when I’m autoing during a battle?

A: If a character taunts, the auto targeting will switch to him as the exclusive character that can be attacked.

Q: Why does a red number appear over my characters button and/or over individual heroes when there’s nothing more I can do for them?

A: This number appears not only when you can level/promote/equip a character, but also when you can craft any component within an equipable item on a hero. This means, that even if you can only “craft” one component on a piece, but can’t finish it, this number will appear. So, you’ll either have to go through each hero piece by piece, or learn to live with that number there. You will eventually start ignoring it anyway, because at a certain point, you’ll have things you can do to the lower heroes that you never use. So it’s not a bad idea to just start getting used to that now.


Q: Is there a difference between simming battles, playing them manually, and playing them on auto?

A: No, the RNG is the same.

Q: I just got a Darth Vader shard from Galactic War, when was that made possible?

A: It’s been possible since the start of the game, just has a very low chance of appearing.

Q: What does promoting a hero do?

A: Promoting a hero increases their star level. Star level affects the primary stat (Strength, Agility, and Intelligence) gains per level of the character. So for example, if Hero A gains 1 Agility per level at 1*, they might get 1.5 Agility per level-up at 2* (hypothetical example). These gains are retroactively applied when you promote a leveled character. So, in the example, if Hero A is level 21 when you promote him from 1* to 2*, he would get the increased stat gain for all 20 of the levels you’ve gained with him retroactively applied on promotion, or 10 Agility, PLUS, an additional .5 agility for every future level-up.

Q: Is the AI given better and boosted RNG?

A: Developers have confirmed they do not, and receive the same chances as any player.

Q: What happens when I get shards for a hero I’ve already maxed at 7*?

A: You will unlock the Shard Shop. This will give you 15 currency per shard. You can use this to purchase shards for certain characters or gear. The ratio for General Grievous is a 1:15 and for other characters a 1:10.


Q: Who is Mol Eliza and why is he everywhere?

A: Mol Eliza used to be the only default name the game gives you if you didn’t change it. Now they have a wide array of names available, but it’s become a running joke. It’s not the same person, it’s just any given person who didn’t set their own name.

Q: Does promoting a character after leveling them up affect their final stats?

A: No. All stat gains from promoting are retroactively applied the second you promote. There is no advantage to waiting. To add to this, barring resource limitations, there is no reason to wait to do any upgrade to a hero. The end result will always be the same. Whether it’s gear upgrades, hero level upgrades, star promotions, whatever. Order does not matter.

Q: One of my final Galactic War nodes had a very low geared team, why is that?

A: The game searches for other teams at a certain percentage higher or low than your own power. If it finds none because your power is high enough, it will generate one of those nodes.

Q: What are the total amount of shards at each star level?

  • 1*: 10 shards
  • 2*: 25 shards
  • 3*: 50 shards
  • 4*: 80 shards
  • 5*: 145 shards
  • 6*: 230 shards
  • 7*: 330 shards

Q: What is the difference of shards between each star level?

  • 0* – 1*: 10 shards
  • 1* – 2*: 15 shards
  • 2* – 3*: 25 shards
  • 3* – 4*: 30 shards
  • 4* – 5*: 65 shards
  • 5* – 6*: 85 shards
  • 6* – 7*: 100 shards

Q: How many shards do I get from a character pull in a pack?

A: This depends on what star the character unlocks at, and if you have it unlocked. If you do not, you’ll get the amount of shards of the star that the character unlocks at. If you do, you’ll get the following amount of shards also depending on the star level it unlocks at.

  • Unlocks at 1*: 7 shards
  • Unlocks at 2*: 15 shards
  • Unlocks at 3*: 25 shards
  • Unlocks at 4*: 32 shards


Q: When will the Emperor Palpatine (Emperor’s Demise) event return?

A: There’s been no official announcements on its return, range, or possible dates. It was labeled as being a rare event, so it’s unlikely to come back soon.

Q: Do drop rates change over time or by player?

A: Developers have confirmed this is not the case. Drop rates remain constant and do not change based on time or on spending habits.

Q: When looking at a character’s stats, is the stat inside the parenthesis meant to be added to the number next to it?

A: No, the stat in the parenthesis is already included. It simply denotes how much mods are contributing to the total.

Q: I see people playing this game on PC. How do they do this?

A: Through Android emulators for PC like Droid4x and Bluestacks.

Q: Can I migrate my account to another device with the same OS?

A: Yes, just make sure your account is linked with a Google Play or Game Center account.

Q: Can I migrate my account to another device with a different OS?

A: No, there is no cross-platform support available.

Q: I loaded the app and all my progress is lost! It takes me back to the tutorial. What do I do?

A: Finish the tutorial, and you will be able to log into your Google Play or Game Center account once you’ve finished it. Essentially, every time you lose your progress, the solution is to simply log back into Game Center or Google Play. Make sure you log in initially when you start, so your progress gets saved.

Q: I upgraded to iOS 10 and lost my progress. Game Center is gone, what can I do?

A: Log in to Game Center through the device settings.

Q: My achievement for allies isn’t working correctly. I cannot invite any more, but it says I only have this many allies. What do I do?

A: Go to your allies list, tap “Request Status” in the bottom right, and delete all expired requests which count towards your maximum. This will free up slots for you to send/receive more ally requests.

Q: How is the character my allies can borrow determined?

A: It is the leader you last used in each section of the game. That means you can have a different leader each in Cantina Battles, Light Side Battles, Dark Side Battles, etcetera.

Q: Why am I seeing the option to borrow an ally with a character that isn’t yet obtainable?

A: The game offers computer-generated allies that are not real players. Real players will give an option to add them to your ally list.

Q: How is my Squad Arena defensive team chosen?

A: It is the team that you last used offensively in Squad Arena. The last team that you brought.


Q: I’ve pulled some 4-star heroes from Bronziums! Is this a bug?

A: No, it is not a bug but you are very lucky, since those have low drop rates. Many farmable heroes are available to be pulled from a Bronzium Pack. Additionally, a 4* character is the maximum you can pull from a pack. How many stars depends on the unlock requirement of each character.

Q: I have enough mats to upgrade this ability, but the game won’t let me upgrade it. What gives?

*A: *Scroll down in the required materials portion of that window. You likely are missing a higher-tiered mat for that ability.

Q: Barriss’s heal goes through Healing Immunity. Is this a bug?

A: No, it is not a bug, and is fully intended.

Q: Do passives like Geo’s Hive Tactics also apply to that hero, or just other allies?

A: While there is no official confirmation, it’s fairly certain these passives apply to that hero as well as all other allies of that type. It all depends on the wording.

Q: Is there anything other than Bronzium packs to spend ally points on?

A: Not currently. There was a time when they were used to refresh events, but developers have been reluctant to use them again for that. Spend them all on Bronziums for now.

Q: Is it worth it to buy hero shards from regular shipments?

A: Eh, probably not unless you’re within 1 or 2 shards of a promotion and absolutely don’t have the patience to wait out the farm. If you are doing a hard mode farm and went to get it done quicker, they can have good value as well. If not, just buy the gear items with credits to complete the daily.

Q: Why do some heroes I see have different colored borders around their name?

A: The border color is based on gear level. At gear level II, they get a green border, at gear level IV, they get a blue border, and at gear level VII, they get a purple border.

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