Fallout Shelter – The Best Tips And Tricks

This is a Guide with the best Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter for your Dwellers, how to get more Dwellers, the Rooms, the Vault Layout, how to use the Equipment and how to go on Exploration more effectively.

General Tips

  • The game slows down immensly after 12 outside Dwellers join your vault. It picks up again once you unlock the Radio Studio.
  • Complete your objectives as soon as possible in Fallout Shelter. Your objectives consist around 50% of your income, the other half coming from bonus bottle caps on resource room completion based on the Luck of the Dwellers in that room.
  • Use RUSH up until 40% incident rate.
  • If you have a quest that says something like ‘send 5 dwellers into the wasteland’, most of the time you can cheese it by sending a guy and instantly let him go back, then send him again, etc. For some quests it needs to be a different dweller (i.e. for the increasing SPECIAL stat ones), but it’s worth trying the cheesy way.
  • You can click on the Happy Face/Happiness % to see your Happiness Bonus. At 91% happiness you will get a +10% bonus to your resources.
  • If you click on the resource bars at the top you can see their values.
  • There’s a Daily Report tab in the Objectives menu. If you play for 7 days you will get a lunchbox.



  • You can increase your Dwellers S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats with the rooms you unlock after the Radio Studio. One room for each skill.
  • Your Dwellers start becoming irradiated once the water purification supply is too low.
  • Rare and Legendary Dwellers are the best cards to get out of your starter lunch boxes in Fallout Shelter. Try to create a new vault until you have at least 1 rare and 1 legendary.
  • Try to have your resource gathering Dwellers have at least level 2 in the corresponding skill to increase efficiency.
  • You don’t have to waste millions of RadAway, if you encounter a problem in your water supply. Once you get it out of the red, people seem to recover the ‘red health bar’ thing automatically.
  • When checking your Dwellers list you can sort them by clicking on the headers. You can sort by the specific SPECIAL skills. You can also do this in the Assign job menu in specific rooms.


Get More Dwellers

  • Keep your women impregnated.
  • Don’t use the same guy to impregnate all the women, or else the kids will have the same stats.
  • Pregnant women and kids cannot fight. Pregnant women can work. Kids do nothing.
  • Breed what you need. The babies usually have a high stat from one of their parents.
  • Having a high charisma Dweller in the Radio Studio will attract more Dwellers.
  • The higher the charisma between a couple will lower impregnation time.
  • If you’re having trouble getting Dwellers with your Radio Station try having the game opened and running when the timer runs out. You should see a level-up type icon if there’s someone to recruit.
  • Brother and sister won’t reproduce,  same goes for father and daughter.



  • Don’t expand too fast, or you will find yourself not being able to sustain the new rooms.
  • Having large resource rooms increases them efficiency for each block once combined. (1 large 3 unit room with same Dweller Stats > 3 single unit rooms with same Dweller Stats.) This will also save space and will be easier for your Dwellers to fight raiders in a large room rather than having to move the weapon around 3 small rooms.
  • To join units together, they must be the same kind of unit and the same level.
  • Upgrade units before building more! Building more units will cost more power.
  • Contain random outbreaks of fire and radroaches as soon as possible, or they will spread to nearby rooms. This is done by having a Dweller who can fight(non-pregnant adult) in the room.
  • You can have a maximum of 15 stimpaks and 15 rad kits PER BAY/LAB.
  • The option to delete a room is in the upgrade menu for that room. Deleting a room does not cost caps and will refund you a little bit. Keep in mind your rooms need access to an elevator.
  • This ist the best Vault Layout for Fallout Shelter to maximize efficieny, ensures easy transport and leaves a single unit space for units that are sufficient as a single unit like training rooms, storage rooms or quarters.



  • Get 1-2 Wastelanders with 3+ E and 3+ L. Their will make them stay alive longer and good Luck will give them more item drops.
  • Click on the wasteland to bring up your wandering Dwellers. If they are low HP, recall them.
  • Weapons are essential to fight off raiders. Send an armed Dweller to the Vault room before the raiders break in. Once the raiders move to another room, un-equip the weapon from him and give it to a Dweller in the new room.



  • Don’t sell your equipment in Fallout Shelter. A +3 I lab coat is only worth 10 CAPS. Instead equip on Dwellers in the appropriate room.
  • Common outfits give 3 bonus points, rare gear give 5 points, legendary gives 6-7 points.


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