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This is a little Fallout Shelter FAQ, which should help you to start in the game. This Fallout Shelter Guide provides some useful information’s and the best hints for new and advanced players.
More information’s to this Fallout Shelter FAQ will be added soon.

Q: How can I increase my bottle caps?
A: Make sure you complete the given quests, this will earn you a lot of bottle caps. Once in a while you will get a lunch box, which is a great post you can earn bottle caps, weapons, armor, resources and special dwellers.


Q: How do I place my rooms?
A: When it comes to rooms that focus on producing food, water and electricity, make sure you build up two or three of them at any point in time. That way, you can place more Dwellers inside a combined building and increase the production. Consider that bigger rooms require more electricity and make sure to destroy and boulders in the way.

Q: How do I know where my dwellers should work?
A: Open the construction menu, below every building you will wind a letter + the personality that is required for this building. For example the diner required agility, choose a dweller with high agility to work there and his satisfaction will increase.


Q: Which room requires what personality?
Power Generator – S Strength
Nuclear Reactor – S Strength
Water Treatment – P Perception
Water Purification – P Perception
Storage Room – E Endurance
Nuka-Cola Station – E Endurance
Living Quarters – C Charisma
Radio Studio – C Charisma
Medbay – I Intelligence
Science Lab – I Intelligence
Diner – A Agility
Garden – A Agility

Q: What rooms should I build at first?
A: The order is really important, Power is the most important. Without power, all other rooms are shut down. Power Generators must have your strongest dwellers. Water and Food are the next priority. Water helps to keep the radiation away, and people aren’t thirsty.

Q: How can I protect my vault against raiders?
A: Equip your dwellers with weapons if possible and upgrade your Vault Door, so you have more time to react. Place your dwellers behind your Vault Door and they will stop the raiders to rush in your base.

Q: One of my dwellers died, what now?
A: That’s no problem, click on the grave and you find a button to reanimate him for paying bottle caps. The higher the level of the dead dweller, the higher the cost for his reanimation.

Q: What should I know about the dwellers I send outside?
A: Make sure any Dweller you send outside the Vault is properly equipped with armor and weapons. You should always check your outside dwellers, they can die too! If the health of a dweller is getting low, send him back and receive the bottle caps he looted. Once done, you can send him back with better gear. Explorers should have high Endurance and Luck to find gear outside.


Q: How are baby’s born?
A: Once you have a female and a male dweller in the barracks the may attract each other and disappear behind the wall for a second. Once done the female comes back pregnant, after a few hours about 3-4 in real-time you will have a baby.

Q: Can I send a pregnant woman to work?
A: Yes, you can. But keep in mind, they don’t do is fight in case of a raider attack, they will run away in fear. A pregnant woman will also run away if there is another incident like fire.

Q: I’ve got a new child and now?
A: Children can’t work, you have to wait 3 hours real-time until it is grown up and can set for work.

Q: I am low on resources, what should I do?
A: Try to upgrade your rooms to produce more resources in less time. Always make sure that the dwellers with the best special characteristics work at the right place. If it’s really hard for you, try to rush your facilities but take care of the incident chance!


Q: Can I move my constructions?
A: No, you can’t. You can only destroy them and place a new one. Destroy a room will give you back some bottle caps.

Q: How often can I upgrade my rooms?
A: 2 times, costs 250 and 750 bottle caps for a single room. The output will be increased from 8 to 10 to 12 and the storage from 50 to 75 to 100.


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