Fallout Shelter FAQ – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the Fallout Shelter FAQ, which should help you to start in the game. This Fallout Shelter Guide provides some useful information’s and the best hints for new and advanced players.
More information’s to this Fallout Shelter FAQ will be added soon.


Q: How can I improve the stats of my dwellers?
A: By equipping items or train them in the following rooms:

Weight Room – Strength

Athletics Room – Agility

Armory – Perception

Classroom – Intelligence

Fitness Room – Endurance

Lounge – Charisma

Game Room – Luck




Q: Which dwellers should I put at the Vault Door?
A: Put dwellers with high Strength to the Vault Door, to defend your base against raiders. You can put maximum 2 dwellers to the Vault Door and upgrade it 2 times.


Q: How many rooms are in the game?
A: There are 20 rooms overall, including the elevator.

Q: How can I increase Happiness?
A: Put the dwellers on spots where they like to work and keep your resoures in the green area.

Q: How do I combine 2 rooms?
A: Place two equal rooms next to each other and upgrade one of them, this will transform the two into a big connected one.

A: Q: Can I rename my dwellers?
Yes, by clicking on a dweller, then tab on his name and the keyboard pops up to change the name.

Q: What is Luck good for?
A: Luck increases the chance that rushes don’t fail and the chance of getting extra bottle caps when collecting resources.

Q: What is the Nuka-Cola Station good for?
A: This is a combined food and water producer. If you build it, you still need a normal water production to keep away radiation.

Q: How do I get more dwellers?
1. Make baby’s in the barracks.
2. Build a radio room.
3. Buy and collect Lunchboxes.
4. You may lucky and random people appear in front of your Vault Door.

Q: How do I gain more gear?
A: First way is to send out dwellers to the outside, in time the will loot items for you, but don’t forget to send them back to base to collect them. The second way is to collect lunchboxes through quest or real money purchases.


Q: I have a quest that says equip 5 weapons, but I don’t even own 5 weapons?
You can complete this quest even with only one weapon just equip and then take off the weapon on a dweller, it will count each time for the quest.


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