Fallout Shelter available for Android


Fallout Shelter by Bethesda Softworks LLC

Fallout Shelter is finally available for Android devices. The game is made by Bethesda Softworks LLC and is available for iOS since June this year.

Bethesda has presented a surprise to bridge the time until the release of Fallout 4: In Fallout Shelter for smartphones and tablets players must build bunkers – and pay attention to many things, that usually are not so important in the Fallout universe.

Anyone who hoped Bethesda Softworks would bring fallout shelter a typical game of the series on smart phones and tablets, is indeed disappointed. It is a mix of Tiny Towers and The Sims, but has lots of charm and depth. In addition, for a freemium title it holds amazing back with solicitation.

Want to know more about Fallout Shelter? Read the complete Fallout Shelter Review here. This Review was done for the iOS Version of the game, but works also fine for the Android Version.

Download Fallout Shelter for Android or iOS

Not only we liked Fallout Shelter. Currently the app manages an outstanding 4.9 star rating in the Google Play Store. To install it, Android 4.1 or higher is required. To the Google Play store:


In the iTunes App Store Fallout Shelter is available for free. Here the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch can be downloaded, but iOS 7 or later must be installed on your device.


Fallout Shelter Guides

We have collected several guides for Fallout Shelter since the release. The FAQ’s answers your questions, if you’re a beginner in Fallout Shelter and also provide some tips and tricks for the game. If you are an advanced Fallout Shelter Player or an absolute beginner now playing on an Android devices, you should check out this guides listed below:

Fallout Shelter FAQ Part 1

Fallout Shelter FAQ Part 2

Fallout Shelter – the Best Tips and Tricks

10 awesome Tips and Tricks for Fallout Shelter

Fallout Shelter – How to defend against Raider Attacks


Fallout Shelter now available for Android Devices

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